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  1. I finally figured out how to make working planes in KSP, decided to download B9, but had to uninstall it because my game crashes after the loading screen exactly like some other people have said. Disappointing.
  2. My favorite part of each update is getting to start over. I get my dead Kerbonauts back with a fresh opportunity to build better things in an improved game system.
  3. Then make sure your payload is properly shielded. Some of you are just afraid of being forced to think, I think.
  4. I'd like the VAB floor to be solid, so it's easier to build things level.
  5. I put a little too much juice into the launch phase of my new space station, and ended up with an interplanetary ship core instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. That's definitely a shady area.
  7. Whoever compiled that list didn't wade into Laythe's oceans or lakes. There are separate descriptions for that on EVA and surface samples.
  8. Has anybody taken one of these cannons into orbit and fired them at the great nothing? Without air resistance, and with a prograde boost in low Kerbol orbit, you might really get something apocalyptic.
  9. (Not the creamy stuff inside, but the order the game fills craft with.) I had to send Jeb, Bill and Bob on a Kerbin roving mission to keep them safe because, no matter what, my game always puts them in my <strike>suicide booths</strike> space ships first. I never noticed it before .22 because I have zero regard for Kerbalkind in sandbox, and I was just wondering if anybody else has had this issue. I hadn't seen it come up in this forum since the update, and I would like to let them hang out in the astronaut complex instead of keeping them in hiding in the mountains. As a thanks for responding, my first working rover on another planet: Never bothered with them before SCIENCE.
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