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  1. Thanks. I was not sure if I had enough fuel to get home but I did!
  2. Hi guys, so yesterday I successfully land on the mun and decide to plant a flag. Today I go and load in to the mun via the flag and to my horror I witness the lander's leg jumbling around which soon causes it to launch up in the air and land on its side luckily intact. The video shows how I escaped certain doom on the mun! Best viewed in 720p I need to figure out why 320p looks worse then usual. Lesson learned: keep mun visits short
  3. I included the base texture, so if you want, make a texture and I will try to get it in the release.
  4. I got bored today, and since the model was sitting at 904 polygons, I decided to reduce it by remaking everything. Currently sits at 425 ish polygons, textured, unnoded but ready to go. Oh and it has a AO map in it so I should probably slap that on here as well. To be honest, the texture on this is mediocre, here is a plain looking one if you want to do better. AO MAP
  5. Interesting, I suppose because of limited jumps you will have to have them dock-able. Good thing we have two mods that replicate docking I have linux multimedia studio so let me see what I can come up with.
  6. Wow, that looks better then anything I could ever do However I was talking about the second version that me and Emilio are working on
  7. What would be very helpful is if someone was to texture it, as I am very crude when it comes to that. The model itself I am thinking of scrapping and redoing, not sure at this point.
  8. Take your time, I have an essay to finish, then I will be able to do some work. Good to hear from you also
  9. Hey guys, Work on this has slowed down but is not forgotten (Mainly since the texture is on my desktop ) I have not heard from so I don't know the fate of this on the coding end. Might go ahead and release a version without the coding even though there is the other person who has a warp drive. I don't know if my "fire" has been swooped up with the plugin powered one :\.
  10. Heading off to a wedding, It got lost my on my defunc hard drive so I'll have to re make it some day if there is demand.
  11. Sorry I have not been posting, I was away from my work laptop last week, so I could not do anything. Just a heads up that this will require you to own the paid version since I have decided to use the .mu format.
  12. That's great to hear! This mod pack is my number 1 download whenever I install a fresh copy of KSP.
  13. Hey guys, Don't worry I am not dead!