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  1. These are wise words. Unfortunately, wisdom comes with the years, so for the younger ones it always has to be bigger, better, stronger, faster. Than you get older, you get a life, a job, depressed, a spouse, kids and before you know it, your gaming time is reduced from 24/7 to 0.24/7, and you don't even miss it a bit. And if you find your own wisdom, you'll find real happiness. And until than: You can't always get what you want.
  2. Well Kasper, good luck with your exams and the thesis writing stuff. And if you're reading this, then get back to work, and stop being distracted! Ah, the update anticipation. The useless waiting, not starting a new save game, because what if it released tomorrow? Me, not anymore. Nowadays I've got things to do. Many things. Wife, kid, work, responsethingummies. Cowhammit...
  3. Yay! I didn't win! Just as I expected (no I'm not autistic, only very much so). Too bad for the winners though, now they have to ask the spouse where they can hang the poster, and need to socialize with other virtual rocket enthusiasts with enough spare time to play a quite addictive and time consuming game in order to find a friend to give the game to. Poor fellas. So good luck to the winners.
  4. When I enter such a competition, I know I never win. Never won anything ever with contests like these or anything other contest with more than 10 participants. So I always get what I expect, and I like that. No stress from thinking "Would I win this time?". I already won. I had a blast discovering how spiral arms in galaxies remain stable and about that something something resonance something density in saturns rings (well, at least it looked impressive) while googling the answers. Took me six hours to fill in the form.
  5. Yay! Succes! This just might save you a lot of frustration, bottles of booze and a broken keyboard. And even the problem was solved as well! I'm happy I was able to help a bit, it was my pleasure.
  6. Unrhetorical answer;): Hmmm... Steam... That's unfortunate. Uhm... Go to the game directory, copy the entire folder, paste it somewhere else should do it, and launch by doubleclicking ksp.exe, that should do the trick. But does the problem still occur when using only vanilla parts? When something stinky hits the fan, and the cause is unknown, reduce the problem to the core, so we can fix it. Something you should take a look at is to make sure that parts aren't clipping into each other. Even if it isn't visible, the (invisible) collision boxes might overlap, causing annoying problems like decouplers not detaching correctly, or parts exploding randomly. So when you attach parts keep clearance from other parts, and pay extra attention when attachment nodes are close to each other, like with decouplers, beams, panels, radial elements, etc. The first thing I would look at in your case, would be a decoupler clipping into the engines. Let us know when you've found something. I look forward to hearing how it went.
  7. Okay, I might have helped by recreating the circumstances and using the craft file, but I rather play KSP than wasting a few hours installing mods, so many that things are doomed to fail. So spare me the trouble and go figure it out yourself. Sure you don't want to break your save file, so try this until the problem doesn't occur anymore: - reduce your rocket by making your part count as low as possible, with as little number of mods necessary. Does the problem still occur? - install a second ksp (for testing purposes) in a different directory. Drop your craft file there. Install necessary mods for the craft file. Does the problem still occur? - reduce your rocket to a completely vanilla state, and uninstall all mods. If the problem still occurs, than we can surely help you with your craft file. So I guess we'll see you back in a few hours?
  8. Same thing here. I wanted to use the launcher to change settings, because settings in the main menu won't load. Argh! Now I have to edit the settings text file grumble grumble grumble...
  9. That part "DevideByZero: 54" reminds me of ye good ol' SimCity, when you shift+click on a statue "number of pigeons pooped upon: 1054". So it made me kinda lol.
  10. Well, that's quite a a logical, convincing and well-substantiated argument. However, you surely did not take this in consideration: Yuh-huh!
  11. Yeah, that sounds like something. But how about stupidity and courage, after badass the most kerbal traits? Will, for example, a panicking kerbal (a kerbal without courage who has been exposed to large G-forces during the current flight) mess up the controls, so every input will result in exaggerated movement, causing more sweat under our armpits than it already does? And will a overexited kerbal (a kerbal with high stupidity who has not experienced any significant G-loads during the current flight) at moments mess up translation by excessive use of RCS, exaggerating the players input? Or will a stupid kerbal get bored and mess up thrust controls, and secretly increase thrust if it has been too long in any position between 0% and 100%? And will he randomly jump in eva? I can see a lot of potential here. If not for stock, it would even make a hilarious mod. Especially in combination with the Dang it! mod. Imagine, a stupid kerbal in eva repairing the ship with a huge sledgehammer, and a nerdy kerbal scientist in panic floating around in space like a fish out of the water, flopping around. 0.26 will be an update full of kerbalness, I suspect.
  12. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/90612-0-25-Discussion-thread?p=1428235&viewfull=1#post1428235 He was right after all! I don't know why people have been so very negative about this feature. We've been waiting for this since... like... 0.15? It even got on the planned features page on the wiki. And since aerodynamics has been on it since even longer, since squad has always been very stubborn when the community begged for anything (more parts so we can get past Duna without mods, aerodynamics, interstellar travel, etc). Like they should. It seems like every time when they finish a update, they check the forum if someone suggested it, and announce the feature like "the feature many people asked for! See how much we listen to you awesome fellas?" This time it's actually certain that people asked for this feature (back in 2012), and consequentially they add the feature. And people react ungratefully. First time squad actually does something the community asks for, people don't like it. Now I know why there isn't a new aerodynamic model yet. They will never like the new aerodynamic model if it would come. So let's not ask for female kerbals with big uns
  13. It just might be. It's the best guess I've heared. How many funds will it cost to rebuild it? Mortimer won't be happy about that, I say.
  14. Awesome idea! Devs! Hey devs! Take a look at this fella's idea!
  15. I laugh at that forum Kraken! I've seen it's kind before. It was a gruesome battle, we were a match for each other. Then he pulled me offline for some time, I can't even remember how long... My finger got really tired spamming F5 that long... But I survived. It came back online, and so it became an event no one will ever forget. I've got the scars to prove it: a hiatus in my forum posts. So come on with that Kraken! I eat Krakens for breakfast! Or just release 0.24 already, before I lose more of my mind.
  16. My big toe says 0.24 will be released tomorrow. My big toe is always wrong. I hope it will be released before the day after tomorrow.
  17. Nah, probably sulking because of mexico's loss at the cup, and is modelling (out of frustration) a magic boulder-ish moonlet with a cheese like appearance named "Gaal", orbiting Pol (like dr. Jan), to remind the dutch that we are just cheese-heads lucky enough to have one good player, who coincidentally happens to remind me of a kerbal: not mother's prettiest, little to no hair, and goes fast as hell.
  18. I agree. I laughed. But I have to work in an hour, so sorry for not laughing out loud, but it was funny.
  19. We will obey. Jeb wants a snack. We will obey. Jeb wants a snack. We will obey. Jeb wants a snack. Push the red button. We want to obey.
  20. Hey, didn't see this thread before. Magnificent! Looks like ksp has a new B9! Nice work. Too bad it all looks a bit too real, like the anvil pack, but more realistic. I rather like the stock look. So please forgive my bad taste. Stubbles, just an idea. With talents like yours, wouldn't it be more satisfying to create something innovating? Something that get people from A to B on the surface, but without chutes, skycranes or airbags. Base building is fun too. And everyone likes large IVA's with lots of blinking lights and a big red button for Jeb. I'm quite curious what some one with your skills would come up with.
  21. So do I by now. Saw too many of them. They're quite long, and the music starts to sound dull. Don't get me wrong, I don't criticize his cinematographic skills. Au contraire, I am still amazed by the camera angles, timing, et cetera, but it doesn't feel very original anymore. Oh and what Destroyer said; those frogs were hilarious!
  22. I did science on mun. It said basalt.
  23. It this was 0.23, my first reaction would be: "Hey, they've put back the old launch tower!".
  24. Every time I click next page, two new pages are added! Argh! The madness!
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