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  1. You'll not want to go streight up and then burn horizontally, any benefit you might gain from this would be tiny compared to the extra delta v you would need. The best method is a smooth turn as you go up, if you are using FAR.
  2. For the asteroid spinning problem , did you try to use time warp to halt it's rotation? It's a bit cheaty but it should work. For your point about the flags on the cockpits, you can right click on the part in the VAB/SPH then click the toggle flag option which will remove the flag.
  3. I usually make it up as I go along, however I have some thoughts in my head as to exactly what I want on it, or I stop and look at it half way through and think: what am I missing?
  4. Deadly reentry is now maintained by Nathankell, you can find the most recent version here. Module manager can be found here. Don'tuse the spaceport, it is shutting down soon. Search using google instead.
  5. Unless I missed it to, no you didn't. I have No idea when it's going to happen.
  6. I don't think he does precise node anymore. I believe he gave it up to someone else.
  7. You could have a look at this mod, which seems to be an ISS parts mod. It does however seem very old and I have no idea whether it would work. Otherwise you could have a look at some of the other station mod packs available, such as the FusTek station parts mod, I think there are other station part mods out there as well.
  8. You could also look at this Scott Manley Video. It may be old but the concept is the same.
  9. What are we supposed to be looking at in the picture?
  10. I don't believe there is another plugin that does this except for the aforementioned real solar system. This look like it should be a fun extra challenge for the game, nice idea.
  11. There was a person that tried to build a straight craft, docking one long part to another, in a long line. They gave up before they got close to the 2.5 km range. I have no idea what would happen if you tried to do it, however I guess that it probably does the distance from the center of mass and so would just unload the craft as you moved 2.5 km from that point. The lazor systems mod, among others has or had a feature that extends the physics range up to 100 km, however I don't know the feasibility of creating a craft that big, the insane amount of parts would probably stop your computer.
  12. The smallest planetry body that you are able to orbit is Gilly, which has an equatorial radius of 13000m, meaning that the craft would still go outside of physics range. None of the asteroids that have been added to the game have their own gravity, and so are impossible to orbit.
  13. The physics range in the game is only 2.5 km, nothing can be built bigger that this size. This challenge is unfortunately impossible. Besides imagine the part count on a craft that big.
  14. If you move your mouse to the top of the screen, in the middle, you will get the option to disable different classes of vessel, or in this case asteroids much like you would in the tracking station.
  15. Shouldn't matter, if you use the same pod for both, both measurements would be shifted up slightly.
  16. Are you talking about the launch escape system? If you are then it is to be more realistic in that you can get your kerbals away from the rocket in case of a massive failure. They are also used on real rockets.
  17. There was an update released for the game today that has many things in it, among them asteroids. More information is here.
  18. I too survived the forum wipe, just. I also didn't lose many posts due to not really having a posting mentality.
  19. I'm on my phone so I can't find it now but harvestr posted somewhere that they were doing that until they found that it ended up taking slightly less time to release a lot less stuff, because the bug fixing took a similar amount of time regardless of the content.
  20. Not my contest, but some sort of youtube channel artwork for his channel about cars and bikes.
  21. I went for Columbia, mostly because Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis look virtually the same while Columbia has the cool looking black parts near the top of its wings.
  22. Although the crew of the mission that would have been called STS-13 had an unofficial mission patch created, on top of that they ended up landing on Friday the thirteenth. As to the Apollo 13 question, The crew were saved by duct tape, in the whole square peg and round hole issue.
  23. Are you using struts? You also say that you have no radial decouplers, so how have you attached the radial tanks to the rocket.
  24. 168 = 4! * 4 * √4 - 4!
  25. The icon is chosen mostly by which pod you are using. A ship will be any of the standard cockpits, a lander will have the lander can as its root part, a probe will be unmanned.
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