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  1. Another "this topic is very old" post but I think its better to keep this information contained in one post because I feel that not many people are affected by this issue or typically use 3D mice for KSP (but they should it mimics real life translation controls in spacecraft for RCS controls for docking). This issue is still present in the most recent update. Also, I find that the settings for 6DOF controllers are rather lacking. One request I have for the devs to look into is allowing us to configure the axis for controls. For example switching which axis controls rotation/translation. As well as disabling certain axis all together. My preferred use case is to disable the pitch and yaw (possibly roll too) and only use translation controls for RCS manuvers. However, I would still like to use the full 6DOF when using camera mode. The only workaround I have currently is to disable p/y/r in the 3Dconnecxion settings for "KSP_64.exe" completely, which does not allow me to use those rotational controls for camera mode. Again sorry for somewhat necro hope you understand given the circumstances.
  2. This so much. The Mk1 Inline is so versatile in aesthetically pleasing planes/ships so adding functional use to it with the ASET iva would be incredible.
  3. Well I had never used this mod before so for the first week or so of my game I just assumed it used the default docking ports. But they obviously weren't working. At first I installed with CKAN but then I manually installed however they still don't seem to be showing up. Not in the construction tab, nor the USI tab or searching for ports.
  4. No idea what is going on, but the construction ports don't even appear in my parts list anywhere.
  5. But Christmas isn't even for like 17 more days! Incredible. Thank you so much. Edit: Any word on Real Fuels? Or can anyone recommend another mod like it?
  6. http://puu.sh/licXN/6bd285fda4.png I keep spawning on some invisible hill or something above every runway. Whats the deal? Terrain detail is set to high and scatters is off.
  7. A shame. Hopefully we can get an updated version soon, RT2 is one of my favorite mods. This is always the hardest part about updates lol. Yeah, new features and everything but some of our favorite features from the community get messed up along the way. The first world struggle is real.
  8. Point being, if Science can be a seperate game mode, this should too. If you want to play Science mode why not just give yourself unlimited funds in career mode?
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure if that is a bug or not. The Sun does look like that in space more or less, but it can be pretty distracting.
  10. Really looking forward to the future of this mod! Keep up the good work!
  11. Just found this thread and... WOW! That is so awesome. I would love to do something like this myself. I am especially digging that little composite monitor.
  12. New episode with Duna mission is up. Left me with a cliffhanger though
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