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  1. @SuicidalInsanity yes there is friendly fire. Did you experiment with creatinh your own AI? It's the main point of the project. I will be creating a thread for my project later today to stop cluttering in here.
  2. Hey guys, since we love battling AIs so much I have started developing a game especially for that! This one is not about airplanes, but I think you are going to enjoy. In fact, I may end up making one about airplanes in the future, I just need to validate this concept and learn with this project to get the most of it first The game is still very early alpha, but I'm aiming to get it polish enough on every iteration. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s6KJZnRspEiQfDMtmz1XBj2P2vn-oj9l I packed 3 example AI setups and 5 compiled AI fighters The compiled versions don't have the AI representation, this way you can share your AIs without actually showing how they are built, I hope it adds to the fun. Try and win against two "Smart Defensive" on the corners and one "Smart Aggro" on the center. The default AIs there are not super smart, I need to balance my time between playing it and developing you know... For now we have those dumb cubes, but I already have a base 3d character model and will start going deeper into the gameplay, that's why I need your help! I am still figuring out where to keep a dev log and post the updates, totally open for suggestions. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Found the issue, it's using ScreenMessages which was probably either moved or deprecated, should be an easy fix.
  4. That is so very weird, will look into that later, a recompile probably fixes it.
  5. Indeed! Nice one, it's not every day that you see such a short craft fly well on FAR.
  6. That's no excuse! You should use your gaming time and also throw your personal life away to work on the mod! Jokes aside, this is kind of what some people think when mods stop updating... This one still works though and there are custom update packages. There are tournaments as well, maybe you can still apply
  7. @Gr@y While your jet is interesting, the thread is for sharing FAR aircraft, which use a more advanced aerodynamic simulation, you should try it out!
  8. https://www.blender.org/ Nothing that you cannot fix with a few weeks of effort!
  9. Damn, making these aircraft take a lot more effort than I remember. Not sure if I can get something done for today.
  10. This thread was created specially for that!
  11. Oh my god it's due today???? Let me see what I've got here...
  12. It's not dead, I will always continue doing the bare minimum to keep it working (which is often doing nothing at all). There are plenty of third party patches you can apply to it to get it balanced again with new versions of BDArmory too! The only code it contains is the jericho trumpet, but it never required more than a recompile.
  13. I have reviewed your pull request, we can continue discussing over there
  14. Yes, you probably have very short wings, which makes your airplane very roll-happy. Glad that you figured out a way to adapt your aircraft to use MAF
  15. You have way too much control, much more than you need. Also, try using FAR, will work much better with it.
  16. Nope, just like I mentioned earlier, if it needs a recompile or anything just let me know and I'll keep it working
  17. Isso é coisa do kerbal, é assim mesmo, infelizmente. Se vc sair de um foguete ele mantém o SAS travado normal, mas não o do alvo.
  18. Now it makes more sense, but I don't believe it's a good balancing strategy.
  19. I have some doubts about your points system, does it mean that if I have a 2.0 multiplier on my wings I will have 2 times the maximum points? What if I have all wing psrts as 2.0 and one single part at a much lower rate? Or if I use proc wings as fuselage?
  20. This is simply awesome. And the fact that BAD-T continues to live is even more awesome! I am only sad that the "tank" boi didn't make it to the tournament. @SuicidalInsanity if you wan to make something very different next year don't hesitate in calling me! I cannot run the battles but surely could help making rules and stuff.
  21. Is it not working or something? People often post ModuleManager packs when the other mods update, you should try them just search the last few pages
  22. No problem, just checking if it "actually works at all". In case it does not I will do at least the bare minimum to keep it alive, that's for sure.
  23. Is it not working at all or is it not working "well"? Because that may be more about your craft. If the mouse flight works, its working as it should. If it simply does not work then it needs a recompile.