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  1. Why not? If you can make simple template files to start from, a user could do whatever they want with them. Even if you just have a standard format you tend to use for a typical note you want to create, like logs, templates could help. (Calling them templates is a bit silly since I'm really just suggesting essentially a copy/paste into a new note, but for lack of a better word...)
  2. I was thinking along the lines of templates for mission details, mission steps, parameters, rendezvous parameters, that sort of thing. Ideally it'd just follow a similar style to how snippets work in text editors like Atom. Not the format but the idea; let the user make their own and just look for those. Could simply be a folder called "templates" inside the mod's GameData directory, holding text files which when in the root directory are single-file templates, but if put in a sub-folder serve as a group template (treat the folder as a single template and let the user generate an entire folder
  3. Sorry. As I stated in my OP, I explicitly waived that privilege. If moderators here want to do such a temp lock, that's for them to decide. I won't request it. Edit: I will add, the response from the CKAN team has been good, as has the mod authors' to their response. Hell, even @RoverDude and I aren't slinging mud at each other on GitHub. I think cooler heads will prevail. Even if those heads were on fire a day ago. Maybe sleeping on it helped temper everyone's mood. Hell if I know.
  4. I do see what you mean, but I still don't think anyone will be served by such enforcement. If it were strictly opt-in, then your own stance on CKAN would be invalid. No option to keep "hands-off", as it were. With all due respect, I still don't think splitting-up the KSP community like that will help. The CKAN people aren't monsters. I think @politas's extension of good will here is showing that.
  5. So they'd just post it somewhere else. Anywhere else, and it could spread by word-of-mouth. A heavy-handed forum rule about this is probably the worst solution. If you build it, they will come. If it's good enough, people will use it. You could even end-up in a situation where everyone knows about CKAN, so they keep using it, even if it's been ejected from the forums, and then there's no where even semi-neutral to even talk about improving it. All the same problems with no hope of fixing it. I definitely disagree with you on that.
  6. I think that might actually be the best post in both threads so far. I doubt any of us want to see a significant portion of mods all go with extremely restrictive licensing. It'd be better to aim for a bit of reformation to help CKAN be less of a burden, and hopefully seen as being useful instead.
  7. I figured this would be the response when I said that. My point was that people are going to use the tools that save them time and effort when installing mods. This is not something easily changed, even if we just killed CKAN entirely. Someone else will make a new tool that does the same thing. Saying "Well, just don't use mods" is equivalent to me just saying to you "Well, if you don't like the time modding takes, just stop modding." It shows absolutely no respect for the concerns of others. Do you see how this gets us absolutely nowhere? Just more animosity to go around, and no r
  8. And on the notion of "Well my time is valuable", fine. You guys realize other people's time is valuable too, right? Just take myself as an example. I work split shifts 5-6 days a week (so twelve hour days not counting time spent sitting around at work, transit, or anything else), on top of taking programming and math classes so I can apply to a tech school. If you're going to play the "my time is valuable" card, you have to extend that to users too and understand that some, perhaps a lot, of them also don't particularly like wasting their own time because they only have so much of it to go aro
  9. @Kobymaru Basically this. I think this point is getting entirely missed in the discussion.
  10. Continuation of discussion here: And to any moderators: I'm waiving my privilege to ask for this thread to be locked. This obviously needs to be hashed-out and some sort of solution reached.
  11. I can't speak for ferram but I think he was getting at that the preferred situation would be that the mod author would, like RoverDude, have their metadata files on their own repo where they are in control of them. The repo that CKAN pulls its metadata from would then just have that stubby .netkan that tells it to get the actual file from somewhere else (the .netkan on the author's repo). Obviously that doesn't cover the case of mod authors who want their mod listed but don't want to bother with the metadata spec or other cases, which I was trying to get at in my previous posts.
  12. Please, let's try to be civil. I'm not trying to "wilfully obstruct" anything. I'm just not seeing how this is a direct parallel. A lot of the hardware and legal issues in mod support on consoles are de facto not solvable. There's only so much you can do when the hardware is grossly inferior to mid-range PCs of today on top of the legal constraints put on everyone because of the nature of licensing on consoles. When there's no script extension, no possibility of ever having that script extension without Bethesda's intervention (which could very well be much worse than a non-trivial effort on t
  13. That's the only real corollary I see here. A huge part of the problems with the Fallout modding community right now stem from limitations of consoles, and there are a lot of those limitations to go around. The fundamental problem ends-up being the same, in that you end-up with users who are belligerent in part because they don't understand the problem. (Bethesda can't be blamed directly for a lot of the problems either. Consoles are more restrictive in what they let in than the Apple App Store. There's reams of legal agreements and understandings and licenses controlling every single microcosm
  14. Sorry for the bold text but I think it's important to make this clear: Keep in mind I'm not a CKAN team member, just someone who added and updated some metadata files. I just want to get a handle on what might be an amicable solution for everyone here so no-one gets burned (or continues to get burned...or we all get burned equally...whatever you probably get the gist of it). I'm mostly doing this because I really want to see a good outcome from this where everyone gets to have their cake. Or eat it. Can't do both. I'm getting distracted again. Most of that I would get
  15. O.o No it hasn't. They're all still there. It's not about what I or anyone else "wants to hear", it's about what is a reasonable solution. A purely opt-in system is just going end-up with moving the problem back a step. Instead of a centralized repo of CKAN metadata files, there will be a mess of CKAN files distributed between users and there simply won't be a single authoritative copy unless the mod author makes one. That'll go for any mod author who doesn't opt-in. And then you're going to end-up with mod authors being angry at users for helping distribute their mods to other CKAN us
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