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  1. I remember when Hale bop came through several years ago, that was just awesome! Would like to see another one like that.
  2. I think that after 17.1, we need to have just some simple house keeping. Keep in mind, we are still in alpha, and are a long long way from any time of release version. I say work on fixing errors, getting the program itself to working as intended with as few as possible bugs ( It is not possible to fix all) once we have a .18 that is cleaned up, with all of the known issues fixed, then 19 can be looked at with some more content being brought in... With all new content comes issues, so there would likely be a 19.1, and then 20.0 can be house keeping, then 21 can be new content. The problem that a lot of people do not understand that game development is not easy, as it looks. Every time new content is added the number of bug goes up exponentially. The more content, the more complex the game gets, which mean sand boxed wont work forever. There are a lot more pressing issues than just Docking. I say Clean up what we have before we make it an even bigger mess by adding more to it. I know I am new around here, but that just seems like the logical step for me.
  3. Lets see here is me... https://dl.dropbox.com/u/76490085/meparrot.jpg List of accomplishments. I hold B.S. Degrees In Applied Physics and Organic Chemistry, and a MBA In Business Administration and Finance. A+ Certified Net+ Certified Licensed Paramedic United States Army Honorably Discharged Airborne Ranger Airborne Jump wings Air Assault Wings Expert Combat Infantry Badge Bronze Star With Combat *v* Device for valor in combat. Purple Heart 5 Army Commendation Medals Afghanistan Campaign Medal Iraq Campaign Medal Distinguished service Award Do I need to Continue?
  4. I personally use Drop box for everything, but google is good to. I just do alot of my stuff at work and i cant get to File sharing sites at work due to teh web sense filter.
  5. Quick question, could you possibly add down load links that arent media fire?
  6. I would liek to add that It would be a good idea for everyone to post the mods that they are using to accomplish this... As I did not have two of the mods that were needed to load all of the Persistence file... I found them so no worries... Ill see what I can do with it to night and maybe sign up.
  7. I like all aspects of the game so far. What I am really wanting to get into Colonization.... I just simply have not found out how to successfully launch a space station... The nest thing i want to do is get a communications network going and have controllable rovers on the mun, minimus, and duna (Maybe even more, but those seem to be the easiest to accomplish.. Again, I am still in the successful landing on the moon stage of my space journey, so I am not here yet, but as KSP develops, I hope to be able to develop my space program with it.
  8. Another thing to note, and I failed to get a screen shot of it, is that when i went to the ship view (Not the view showing the orbit path) Kerbin, wasn't textured in its usual textures, it was like looking at a giant sphere , that was textured in the space textures (The far off stars and such) it was the strangest thing, and I didn't think to get a shot of it, and that is just irritating... Also, Kerbin, changed to the Mun textures, and what i am assuming is the large green planet textures as well.... but both of those were so fast I couldn't grab a screen of it. hasn't done it since.... But that's why its still in Alpha! Happy Blasting!
  9. I am in orbit around Kerbin, just messing around, and all of a sudden, the game gets really laggy, and now it is doing this.... (I do not know how to add pics to the forum, so I a m adding link to my Drop box account. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/76490085/planet%201.jpg https://dl.dropbox.com/u/76490085/planet%202.jpg After wards the game was very glitchy and my ship was jumping around everywhere... Then it froze for about 3 minutes, and then it seems to have corrected itself...
  10. I gotta say, Finally got it this installed, and playing..... I LOVE it.... Gotta wait for some of my mods to be on the update, but otherwise, THIS IS FANTASTIC
  11. So far it has been a blast (pardon my bad pun)! Still tinkering with the parts... Building my perfect multi stage mun rocket. Ill have some success eventually!
  12. just posting to say Hello! Started playing just a week or so ago, and I am completely addicted... I hold a BS In Applied Physics, and a good friend of my is a orbital engineer for a telecom company, so we are really enjoying this game!!!
  13. I am looking for a lander module. I have looked all through the forums, and I have utilized the search feature(before someone gets smart) I have also tried google to no avail, I am looking for the 1m(I guess) lunar lander mods, If someone can link me to a few of those, I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks!
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