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  1. I never realized how long this thing was. I guess that's what happens when it gets spread out over 30 forum pages...
  2. Y'know, now that I think about it, I reckon that they may be able to find a job for Camwise. Flinging asteroids at Earth has been one of his considered career paths after all. I can at least dream that Sidke might be successful enough in his revolution to find some records of that in time. Or hey, maybe Steledith will spot a new moon of Jupiter. Probably not though, it is just a spaceship after all. And the Board may not even have been monitoring Y13-H03 since they probably had bigger issues at the time. Either way the proximity detectors are probably not going to be major a sto
  3. Oh dear... I wonder where this leaves our poor Camwise, since we now know he intends to visit computers who full well intend to kill him. The biggest question I want answered is whether or not the Board received any pings from the proximity sensors on Y13-H03. If they were, then maybe Camwise could be warned about the new and improved danger Colonization Mission Seven poses. Or hey, maybe Steledith will discover a new moon of Jupiter. Also, the Creators are the Combine from Half-Life 2 1. stops the reproduction of a species they dislike 2. spreads reach across space 3. conscripts sp
  4. Definitely Camwise saving Cernin. It may just be because it was the first moment in that vein in the story, or maybe because it felt like there was more build up to it.
  5. So I've been rereading this, and saw the incident in which Kerski-Not-Camwise nearly died when the RLV stopped flying straight and the eject failed to work properly. What would you actually do if one of our intrepid narrators died to a right and proper accident?
  6. Hey @gagarinekerman! I was trying to minmax my playthrough by recording the prices of every station but, to be honest, it turned into something tantamount to schoolwork quickly. By any chance, could you provide us with one? Anyways, the mod looks amazing and I can see so much potential! I hope we see bases on every planet (except maybe Eve and Tylo) to mix things up and give you new places to search. Have fun working on the mod! (I guess.) My work contained within the spoiler. Warning: It's lonnnnnnnng.
  7. Alright, time for me to continue my theory about the thing that caused the spacetime degradation. For convenience, we will call it "Mold." Inside the spoiler is the page I'm using. Artie calls the Mold "someone," so it should be an individual. However, there could be more Mold that has entered the Kappaverse since then. Artie-Jeb referred to what I presume is the Mold as "They." I've seen "They" used as a he/she pronoun before, but according to www.dictionary.com the relevant definition of "They" is "nominative plural of he, she, and it." Therefore, there must be more Mold that has entere
  8. Alright, time for me to stop lurking and toss this out there. In my opinion, the thing Artie/whatever is warning about is far more important. It's obvious some entity is coming, but what could be that entity? You can probably see where I am going with this, but I have to say it's whatever Artie said caused the spacetime degradation in the Kerbin system back in chapter 12. (I've been gone for a while so excuse me if the link doesn't work)
  9. I travel back into 2000 B.C/B.C.E, and plant my flag on the hill. My hill.
  10. 135: The PC has less than one hundred percent marketshare. Oh... wait a second. Well then, the universe is dying!
  11. I am in an anti-man-eating snake suit, and punch through the snake. The user below me has every nuclear missile and bomb in the world 1 second from hitting them.
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