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  1. I need some assistance trying to get the legacy cleverbobcat.dll working with RT again. I can't seem to figure out how to access the correct properties in RT. The cart just says there's no crew and the cart controls are disabled. { public bool controllable; public float mass; public bool onRemoteControl; public bool hasRemoteControlRoute; public double remoteControlDelay; public string menuHint; public void Update(Part part) { mass = 0; onRemoteControl = false; hasRemoteControlRoute = false; remoteControlDelay = 0; controllable = false; if (!part) return; bool hasMechJeb = false, hasCommandPod = false, needsCrew = false, hasCrew = false; // Look for CommandPods, MechJebs, and RemoteTech. // I use Reflection here 'cause I don't want to know does a // player have those plugins installed (and I don't want to // link with that plugin libraries either). if (part.vessel) foreach (Part p in { bool mechJeb = false, remoteTech = false; Type t = p.GetType(), t1 = t; // Mono doesn't know how to compare System.Type with null. // LOL what a ..... )) while ((System.Object)t1 != null) { if (t1.Name == "Part") // stop searching break; if (t1.Name.StartsWith("MuMechJeb")) mechJeb = true; else if (t1.Name == "RemoteTech") remoteTech = true; t1 = t1.BaseType; } if (mechJeb) hasMechJeb = true; if (p.protoModuleCrew.Count > 0) hasCrew = true; if (p.CrewCapacity > 0) needsCrew = true; if (p is CommandPod) hasCommandPod = true; if (remoteTech) { // Once again, I use Reflection to get properties' values. // I do not have a class prototype at this point. BindingFlags b = BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance; PropertyInfo inRadioContact = t.GetProperty("hasConnection", , localControl = t.GetProperty("vessel.hasLocalControl", , controlDelay = t.GetProperty("delayBetween", ; try { if (((System.Object)inRadioContact != null) && ((System.Object)localControl != null) && ((System.Object)controlDelay != null)) { onRemoteControl = !(bool)localControl.GetValue(p, null); hasRemoteControlRoute = (bool)inRadioContact.GetValue(p, null); remoteControlDelay = (double)controlDelay.GetValue(p, null); } } catch { } } // Vessel mass... mass += p.mass; } if (hasMechJeb) // disable RemoteTech if the vessel has MechJeb. onRemoteControl = false; if (onRemoteControl) // crew don't count there. Just disable controls if the vessel // needs crew, but does not have one (KSP issue: it blocks control // axes in such a case). controllable = hasRemoteControlRoute && (hasCrew || !needsCrew); else // vessel's under local control, if there is // - either crew on-board, // - or no need in crew, and // - either MechJeb, // - or unmanned command pod. controllable = hasCrew || ((hasMechJeb || hasCommandPod) && !needsCrew); controllable = controllable && part.vessel && part.vessel.isActiveVessel; if (controllable) { if (onRemoteControl) menuHint = String.Format("RC delay {0:0.0}s", remoteControlDelay); else menuHint = ""; } else { if (!part.vessel) menuHint = "No vessel"; else if (!part.vessel.isActiveVessel) menuHint = "It's not an active vessel"; else if (needsCrew && !hasCrew) menuHint = "No crew"; else if (onRemoteControl && !hasRemoteControlRoute) menuHint = "Out of RC"; else menuHint = "No control"; } } } public class CartVesselState If anyone has an idea please let me know. Thanks!
  2. I, too, love to live dangerously! I'll make sure to get some sacrifices volunteers to try the features out.
  3. Right, forgot to mention! Works great. Smooth like honey butter. I'll make sure to put it through rigorous testing. Going to load up the cryo3000 full of Kerbals soon, then off to Duna for a month or so cryo snooze.
  4. I love bees! Ow, stop! Ouch! Oh, honey! Mmmmmm... I appreciate your quick response. I'll mess around with the DEV build for now and will make sure not to pester you about it.
  5. You can download and install the required files and then create a cfg file and copy/paste that code for module manager. You can save the config in your TAC folder (ex: MM_TACL_Declutter.cfg) so module manager can apply the necessary adjustments.
  6. I have two vessels that are in Kerbin orbit. One vessel has two crew and no DF parts and another vessel has four crew with the largest cryo part. If I switch to the tracking station from either vessel and then back to a vessel the exception occurs. The issue doesn't happen the first time I load the game and select a vessel from the tracking station. Although after an exception occurs I have to completely close the KSP.exe for the problem to go away. I haven't tried directly switching from vessel to vessel yet. Also, the cryo chamber is empty. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. UPDATE: Might be an issue with RemoteTech compatibility. I removed the current RemoteTech reference from the source folder and pointed it to the recent RemoteTech.dll in my KSP folder. I also removed the code for the USI life support mod. After recompiling everything works like normal. If any else comes up I'll let you know! I need to test more.
  7. I'm getting an exception that causes my ship to fly off to no where when switching vessels. The error is in DFIntMemory and it occurs during onVesselChange when resetFreezerCams is called. I'm using the TAC fix that you posted. Here's my logs. Output Log. KSP Log. These are the mods I'm using currently. I'll try and get more info later tonight. Thanks for your time!
  8. Nice to see you're still plugging away, Cilph - and the people who're helping. I'll be interested in taking a look at how tracking dishes and animations will work. Been thinking about rebuilding my rover and maybe a dish or two.
  9. What I do is either select Store in Root or Store in Original Roots when selecting your rigging. Now place your object in the scene. After that select the parent part that will control a group of objects. Then select the animation file from the parent object, it will highlight in yellow the animation file you are using. Select that file in the project window and hit ctrl-d to duplicate it (rename if you wish). From there you can now edit the copied animation file, as you'll have read/write access. PITA, but it works.
  10. Yes and yes. I'd fix those too, but my mobo fried. Should be up and running tomorrow.
  11. I've personnally never experienced any issues. Just followed the instructions on upgrading part tools and that was it. I'm on my phone so I can't get into specifics atm - rebuilding my computer. But it seems like exporting and proptools/internals worked fine.
  12. Thank you! This helped me delete some prop objects that were causing strange behaviors in my game (random explosions).
  13. Why does Bobcat have all the luck? My cat rover never made any vodka for me! Just these crappy tasting almond roca bars. Fixed the MPSS internals! Sweet! I, well taniwah, figured out how to fix the internals (accessing the .mu file to be precise). Fyi - this is just a simple fix, so no internal lights. I could have gone wild with the props, but decided on the bare essentials. But at least the ship will not randomly explode and you get to use the awesome internals. Bobcat, did you want me to PM the .mu and internals.cfg to you? I could post a link here for people who want a fix, but not without your permission first.
  14. I think he's still busy working on his Bear Rover. Seen here.
  15. Try changing the internals inside the part.cfg file to something else. It stopped that issue for me, but I prefer the Nautilus internals. Deleting prop entries in the internal.cfg had no effect. My only guess is that prop objects were left inside the model when the .mu file was written. I say this cause my logs show that an "AxisIndicator" is colliding with my ship when the kersplosion occurs (blast awesomeness 0.5!!!!). You should only need them when you write the prop.cfg, as they cause strange behavior. Hopefully Bobcat can take a look at it. Please, please, please.