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  1. Is there anyway you could prevent water covered areas from having recourses under it? on Laythe there is almost no metal on land.
  2. Upload a log file, thats the only way we will be able to help you
  3. I always shoot overfloater a review through, he was pretty much the only one to say anything about mine
  4. Not satisfied, NOONE gave me any feedback. Plus pretty much everyone was only going to vote on this page.
  5. This is the PIP Mk1. It has interplanetary capabilities and is made of 200 parts. It is a beautiful craft to fly in the atmosphere. It ends up with about 6000 m/s of Delta V in a 100km orbit. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qliqwb096mh3wnm/PIP%20Mk1.craft?dl=0 *2 atomic motors *3 jet engines * Up to 6km/s of deltaV *Easy to Fly
  6. Yes the cargo and fuel hold was ingenious of you, I thought id start small though, and change the wing shape.
  7. http://imgur.com/a/3wOYI Here is my entry, 780 parts, 148.48 tonnes and interplanetary capable, with a decent payload. Havent recorded a payload yet, but i will get to it. It is similar in shape (But a lot smaller!!!) to what G4Virus did To see it do a non payload run go here >>>>>http://imgur.com/a/3wOYI<<<<<
  8. I do it more for the interplanetary missions, thats why i need the nukes. And yes it actually has a VERY low stall speed. The first one takes off about a quarter down the runway, the second one about half way. Landing is easy with these, even on rough terrain. And also I don't think the drag model is that complicated with regards to all that stuff. I do value your input though, and rep will be given. Thank you.
  9. Nice, but I've already got this This is BMF mk2 615 patrs and 140 tonnes, can take 20tonnes to laythe and 50 tonnes to orbit (taakes a while though) And this is another one...
  10. You didn't take that youtube guy seriously did you?? He was just trying to put you down.
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