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  1. I believe the definition of a cleared orbit is that the mass of all objects intersecting the orbit of the discussed body has to be significantly less then the discussed body. For example, the Moon is by far the largest object intersecting the earths path, but is only about 1.2% that of earth. Charon on the other hand is more than 12% the mass of Pluto, and we havent even discussed other objects intersecting Pluto's path. That is why it failed to be recognized as a planet. Its the exact same story for Ceres. So if Pluto gets made a planet, then there is no reason not to do the same with Ceres, and then Pluto will never be number 9.
  2. well, as an American living in Europe, I just filled out my old address. You're important to me.
  3. My ex girlfriend was named Miranda... xD btw, pluto isnt a planet mainly because of Charon, and I was calling for the utter destruction of Pluto, not a merger.
  4. but should we rename Charon to something else or (what I think is a better idea) crash the two together. Then there is no more discussion of whether or not Pluto is a planet.
  5. pluto is a binary system... So what about Charon?
  6. Its an ice planet, like Eeloo. Thats why it should be named so and why I created a petition to have it named so here:
  7. Kunok, those are the old the old ways. We are on the cusps of a new age of adventure and discovery. And someone in ancient Rome probably said Eeloo once, so good enough?
  8. By popular demand I have made a petition to have the recently proposed planet (commonly referred to as Planet X or Planet 9 (although I prefer Planet No. 9 because it seems like it would smell nice)) referred to in all official US government documents as Eeloo and legislation be passed to make it law. Will you sign your name and ride this to the moon?
  9. Hey, I really like doing science in KSP. But something I am slightly annoyed by is that you can do all the science, collect it, and hope to the next location. It really gives you no incentive to remain on the surface of a place. What I think would be a cool mod is if you have to give the science experiments time to complete. And if you spend less time conducting the experiment, you'll get less science. Also, it would also be nice if during the experiments electricity was consumed. And if you run out of charge, you have to redo all the science that wasnt logged and saved. An example: Goo Canister Time to complete: 1.5 hours Spent time: 1.4 hours Received science: 93% Another example: 2hot thermometer Time to complete: 30 minutes Spent time: 15 minutes Received science: 50% And again: Crew Report Time to complete: 2 hours Spent time: 3 hours Received Science: 100% What I want from this mod, if someone is kind enough to make it, is to have more realistic missions, that are harder and need much more consideration and diligence. Hope I can inspire someone to make something like it. I would if I could (and even had time to do so). Leave a comment below if you would also want this.
  10. Ahh, you arent the only one who has seen that xD But you forgot 2000 and the NT series, but since they were meant for buisness purposes the would be by default crap. Cant have your employees use something easy, right?
  11. I hope that this mod gets picked up again. Things that would be nice: - price of parts be revamped or based on something else, because the parts as they are now are out of proportion. - Sell science for cash - Buy science with cash - Recieve random contracts to put sats in orbit around Kerbin. - contracts should have mission specifications, like geostationary with visual at a certain longitude - Monthly wage, that you get money from the government every few days. - the amount of cash should diminish over time, but you should be able to hire lobbyist to raise the funding. - Also major achievements should be awarded, like first kerbal on the Mün or a rover to one of Jools moons
  12. lol, and that when I just got rid of mods. I've since exported my gamedata to a new ksp folder. I also got rid of things like protractor and part organizer. Works fine. If anything else comes up and I can locate a portian of the problem to toolbar, I will let you know. Wish I knew a bit more, but I am not very good software wise (but I am trying to learn, it is just hard without someone next to me to explain stuff)
  13. allrighty then. After that last crash I cant play KSP anymore. It will load the game. But when it goes to the main menu, the screen remains balck with the loading icon in the lower right hand corner and then the game crashes. Guess I cant help anymore. I will put the log files online if you want to read them. Thanks for all the help anyways. first crash crashes after that
  14. Hey, thanks for all the help I am getting! One by one: The mission ending bug was when I was deploying four Comsats. The deployment of them went fine. It was when I had deployed all of them, I wanted to disconect the capsual and return it on RCS. On this capsual was the one man pod (cant remember its name), 1.25m heatshield, 2x 1.25m decouplers, 1 rcs tank, 4 rcs thrusters and a parachute. It then started osscilating wildly. I tried to get it under control but it didnt work. The bottom half that should have detached but it didnt. I quickloaded and tried it again, and again it happend. This time I put on the RCS and it was able to stabalize pointing away from Kerbin. Odd thing, I made one orbit and it always pointed away from kerbin (by away I mean up). I was able te deorbit by rcs'ing to the side. with timewarp I lost the bottom half in a major explosion. I only had the capsual, parachute, heat shield and a decoupler left. The decoupler was stuck and wouldnt come off. When I tried to decouple the heat shield it also stuck. I couldnt stage to my parachute so I had to arm it manually. Eventually I splashed down and Jeb survived. This whole time I was getting about 5 to 10 fps. For comparison, I flew a ship with 550 parts and I still got about 25fps and now I had 4. When I time warped the sound would glitch out and sound like it was exploding. Looking in my gamedata, I noticed that Engineer wasnt packaged correctly. It isnt in its own folder. Going to try and fix that. About KAC, it is in there, but when I got a fresh update I forgot to take it out of its containment file. I just fixed it and I am going to clean up some of the messyness in my files. I'll also try out with removing one by one. Hearing what you guys said I will try with Kethane, Toolbar and engineer first.
  15. Hope that this works