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  1. Excellent thinking! Thanks for the effort!
  2. Thank you! It really makes the whole experience of a fly-by more real. I made this short video almost 6 years ago. The sirens are my own mod. I think I still have that version of Camera Tools on my HD. Could take a while to find it. In case you need it, let me know.
  3. Nice! I remember making the very first edits in the configuration files of BDArmory to create the first prototype. I see all of the guns I created are still there. We tested it in combat and we liked it. Then I gave development away. Maybe, if I'll ever find the time, I'll compete again with dogfights. Maybe in KSP 2?
  4. Nice. Is the doppler effect working again?
  5. I agree. Imagine a planet where cloud cover is such that you can't use solar panels. At least you could build a wind turbine, which is a challenge in itself to maintain and control. Also ... sail a ship to conserve energy on Laythe. And let's face it ... flying an airplane above Kerbin is way too easy. Easy for me to say having used flight sims since 1983. So that's why it should be optional.
  6. I'm here, just checking every once in a while. Not active with the game atm. Waiting for KSP2.
  7. Well, I apologize. I've been inactive for a number of years now. The 1.4 update really threw me off and since then I've felt the game has been going in a direction I don't like. I've lost my confidence in the original KSP developers. And I certainly do not like hanging on to relics of, in my opinion, bad design decisions. But I could've written it in a less snarky way.
  8. Might as well let go of the whole endeavor of improving the effects of the rocket engines. Why improve graphics anyway? Let's go back to 2012. The graphics were good enough.
  9. I like the KAL-1000. But I must admit, I've never used it before. The thing always felt as "unfinished". Almost 5 years ago I needed some way of having an ignition system for my piston engines. I did it using scripts, using libraries to create sensors, transistors, and capacitors. It worked but I halted development. While piston engines are not the scope of KSP, hear me out. IMHO the problem with the KAL-1000 is that it can't use sensors like the angle of a robotic arm, the distance to a different part, energy levels, temperatures, the distance to the ground, the angle of a surface, difference in the amount of light etc. All RL robots use sensors, all we have is a timing based system. Coils and magnets: wouldn't it be nice to be able to build generators and motors? Could be simplified like the thermal system. Just omit some factors. Could be as easy as using an electric motor supplying energy when being driven, like a lot of them do in real life. This shouldn't be part of the base game to raise difficulty. Don't want to use it? No problem, you can "complete" the game. Thoughts?
  10. Thanks guys, looking wonderful. Can I make a plea for not having jet engine smoke at low altitudes? It has always bothered me in KSP. It's unrealistic and ugly. The only times you get jet engine contrails at low altitude is due to specific atmospheric conditions or if there's a problem with the engine.
  11. Well, it seems I have finally a use for my sails :-)
  12. Great job! I haven't been around for a while ... how do you import blueprints in the SPH?
  13. I have a stock SSTO helicopter. Could be modified to just use a scientist instead of a pilot. But you need an additional stage to launch it from Kerbin and get it to Laythe and back. If you're running career mode some parts might me above your tech tree.
  14. Strange nobody took an effort to compliment on your work. Maybe the community is on a decline? I must admit though, first time in many months that I'm actually here.
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