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  1. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    If only we could build some kind of "electrostatic conduit" to transport the atoms from Earth to the Moon.
  2. Thanks! Great job! Can I ask for something? The doppler effect has been broken since KSP 1.1 and ... I really miss it. Doppler effect is part of Unity so it shouldn't be much of a hassle.
  3. Because I don't grasp the wonderful mathematics, I have to take a visual approach and it's pure speculation. What I see in my mind, slowed down millions of times, is localized fusion in the compression wave, starting in the chromosphere. The planet is atomized before it hits the photosphere, the gigantic ongoing fusion explosion pushes the atoms from their original direction into the shape of a funnel until their kinetic energy has dropped to levels too low to induce localized fusion. The low pressure region in the wake of the planet produces a new pressure wave, probably enhanced by the Kadenacy effect, possibly creating some more localized fusion in the convection zone. Looking at the fact the sun has the mass of 99.86% of the total solar system, I expect some waves to produce a short bulge, lots of ripples and solar flares and an increase in mass loss. The convection zone will probably absorb all of the kinetic energy and the end result would probably be not too dramatic.
  4. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    We know 3D printing of simulated moon dust into some form of ceramics works. I wonder if this might work too. I really love it.
  5. While I loved kerbpaint very much, it's apparently too much work to keep it stable and bug-free. The shaders are a continuing problem. It has a vastly lower memory footprint than DCK but that doesn't mean much if you're always getting half the result. So from now on I support the excellent DCK.
  6. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    Angry... Sorry, missing the cultural reference here. We don't need wires for remote control underground. Just some WiFi repeaters ;-) Besides, the Mars rovers are working semi-independent as well. So we can't use solar panels and RTG's are unwanted. Then maybe it's time for fuel cells or the revamped piston engine.
  7. Okay, I agree. What are your thoughts on this topic though? Is it worth your vote?
  8. Googling Moon Art

    Just did a google and these are some of the very beautiful results: The stuff of dreams and relaxation. Too bad reality is always less beautiful. Now I'd like to see your picks.
  9. JAXA used SELENE to discover a 100 m wide, 50 km long lava tunnel. If this is real, I think the next trip to the moon should go there. Now imagine real caves in KSP.
  10. Since development of 1.4 has only just started, we might have a chance to make these items popular.
  11. You can now vote for this on the bugtracker.
  12. You can now vote for this on the bugtracker.
  13. You can now vote for this on the bugtracker.