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  1. Azimech

    Should Squad Priotize bug Fixes?

    Wut? You're saying there are multiple types of game developers? Oh no ... I always saw them as übertalented semi-machines capable of coding while texturing while drinking their tiny amounts of Jolt cola - because they don't need more. I think I'll find a cave then. Not worthy.
  2. Azimech

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Because my car has active suspension to cancel body roll (it beats the 2017 McLaren 675LT in the Swedish Moose test) I was interested if I could make something like this with stock KSP. Here I present to you my 77 Industries Anti-Roll Experiment, built into my Lowell XT. Testing was done at 60m/s and 2G lateral force. The anti-roll system works but because of the way KSP handles wheels, the increase in cornering speed was minimal (2.1 vs 1.9 G's). So I won't be building this into my cars.
  3. Azimech

    Should Squad Priotize bug Fixes?

    Didn't see a link to the video. So ... Squad/T2 ... please read the comments on that video as well. Summoning @JPLRepo to spread the massage (pun intended). Even on the largest unofficial FB group they're talking about this video. T2: you guys have deep pockets and this is a title with a bright future, maybe just not mere the niche of space exploration. The editor is the game's main selling point. Invest some more money. Even better: buy Unity and fix thát.
  4. Azimech

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I continued work on my 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine, which was on the shelf since July. Stock + DLC. Massive improvements in reliability and sturdiness. And I've finally got the valves working. It doesn't run on its own power yet, I need to tweak the timing a lot.
  5. Azimech

    Chrysler Victory Air Raid Siren Replica

    You might like my little mod.
  6. Azimech

    The Lightyear Blimp

    Very cool! I'll take a look some day.
  7. Azimech

    pure Stock Starship Enterprise

    That's really beautiful! If you'll upload it to I'll put it in the hangar with the other Star Trek ships.
  8. And again muchas gracias for updating my favorite plugin! Your work is incredibly valuable to me (I'll PM you soon about it).
  9. Azimech

    ModuleResourceConverter Documentation

    In my experience it does. Put a 5-star engineer on board and you'll see a massive increase in resource conversion and decrease in heat generation. You can observe the numbers for the lower classed engineers and extrapolate from there. I don't know about variables like stupidity.
  10. Azimech

    KSC Air And Car Show. [9-17 UPDATE]

    No problem. My hiatus is extended as well. Something weird called "real life". Can't really put my finger on it. Is it some kind of dream?
  11. Azimech

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Look who's back ;-) Recognize this shape? This is no stock turboprop. It's a stock jet with the looks of that (in)famous fighter of WW2. I'll upload it to KerbalX without paintjob. I can't paint the probe core (the head of the pilot) but maybe @DoctorDavincican do something about that? I'm using 1.4.5 for this one. Anyway, this plane is 3 times larger than the original and 20 times heavier. It still performs okay, its top speed is around 650 km/h at sea level. The original achieves that speed at 6300m. It's powered by 14 Wheesley's (!) giving it a 800 km range just like the original. But no, this plane doesn't really have a TWR >1. I've deliberately kept the amount of air intakes to a minimum. This means no UFO behaviour. WIP: the detachable canopy works fine ... ... the flameout works fine ... ... but the pilot falls apart during bailing out. Anyway ... another CPU killer (530 parts) and not useful at all. But maybe fun. Throw some balls at it or something.
  12. Oops. That's asking for more than a thousand words. Currently RL keeps me occupied. And this topic will be addressed when I start broadcasting with Twitch.
  13. Correct.
  14. Azimech

    I'm looking for 1 more race driver...

    I'm on a hiatus but short races every once in a while is a nice idea. The more rugged the terrain, the better IMHO. The only problem then is terrain detail, it's a totally different race for someone with low detail than high.
  15. Azimech

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    If you're over 35 like me, you might remember this one. No, I don't understand my brain but it's one of the better earworms. Quality of the recording could be better though. And let's finish with the standard "YEAH YEAH HIHIHIHIHI HRRRRM" "HUHUHUHUHUHUHU SHUT UP BEAVIS!"