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  1. I never published it ... it really is a lot of work and in the end the best performance would that be of a ship's diesel. Unity and PhysX just suck.
  2. The DLC really is a game changer. With 100% stock parts this is impossible. The only other piston engine to achieve flight is with my own created mod - without infinite fuel btw.
  3. This might help: Also I'm not aware of a 160 rpm limit. That's 40 higher than I can achieve with this old engine.
  4. Not interested in the challenge but I decided to upgrade my almost 2 year old stock V4. With just aerodynamic changes I was able to increase its top speed from 12m/s to 16.6m/s, which is close to the top speed of my V8 (18m/s). Specs: Dual overhead camshaft. Cylinder bank angle: 90°. Piston drivers: 4x Panther in dry mode. Stroke: 90cm. Bore: We don’t have compression so it doesn’t matter. Conrods: fork/blade type, this way the cylinder banks are evenly placed. Main crankshaft bearings: 3x6 RCS balls. Crank bearings: 4x20 RCS balls. Max engine speed: 12.5 rad/s (120 rpm). Economy cruise: throttle at 50%. Top speed: 16,6 m/s. Propeller: 7 blades, fully adjustable. Power output (estimated half of the V8): ~388KW @95 rpm. The Goliath is just the air intake. It doesn't produce power.
  5. Good work. For temperature management and efficiency may I suggest jet engines? This might help. Don't know if it still runs under 1.7.3, it's quite old.
  6. Yeah ... I do support the idea of weather, life-support and all the other things. I've wanted them for years as well. For the krakentech ... I'll have patience. But I do hope a seed is planted in the mind of the devs.
  7. Okay ... mods it is then. Or maybe ... a specific DLC? For the console players. We can't leave them behind.
  8. I understand your vision. I appreciate it. And I'm on the opposite side. For years. I am a fan of astronomy and all technical stuff. I am however ... not a fan of spaceflight. For example I dislike the idea of humans going to Mars. There's enough work to be done over here. I'd like KSP to cater to a much larger potential base ... because we need minds to confront the problems we have on this world. Not just a game but something that inspires. Spaceflight is such a niche. It's boring, most of the time. Most people don't care. I'd build a game based on KSP's editor and physics: racing. Design your own engine, gearbox, chassis, aerodynamics. Race them or have a driver. Sell the designs ... bestseller on Steam. My own mod:
  9. Yes for alternators. Coaxials we can build ourselves. They're not as hard as they used to be.
  10. Welcome into the insane world of the KSP helicopter :-) Take a look at what we've been doing before the DLC. And try this one.
  11. I'm not going to do this but ... I admire the time and energy you've put into this. Thank you for making this. The series brought tears to my eyes.
  12. Interesting but using those hydraulics you're never gonna get any useful speed out of them.
  13. Never said it was a hyper realistic aerospace simulator. [snip] You know this game has a very steep learning curve. So what is wrong with some extra complexity ... because we're talking about the DLC here. The DLC added stuff most users have never used before and maybe never will. Infernal Robotics paved the way. So aside surface features, the DLC is aimed at exactly that userbase wanting to do more. Do complex stuff. And I'm glad Squad recognizes a lot of people actually consider KSP a powerful design tool, much more than a game. Because in ways, the editor is the biggest selling point. Not career or science mode. The gameplay is flawed and I haven't had the interest to complete the tech tree since 2014. Watched a video ... really like it. Thanks.
  14. You can guarantee? Very interesting. Where are your survey results? What do you think of the complexities with this DLC, where the props, motors, hinges and cylinders are part of, with the programming of the controller? Tried it yet? It's new territory for me and I don't know nothing about it, but it's exciting. For example, I never asked for these things, didn't know they were coming. But now I'm glad they're there. How can you say then, you know the playerbase? Even if you are in this community since 2012 like me, you are unable to know what the playerbase wants. Only a vague idea, based on personal bias and the amount of information you were able to gather (which is always insufficient). What about the fact Squad shared my creations thirty times on their official FB and twitter. Do you think most of them were simple designs?