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  1. Well, it seems I have finally a use for my sails :-)
  2. Great job! I haven't been around for a while ... how do you import blueprints in the SPH?
  3. I have a stock SSTO helicopter. Could be modified to just use a scientist instead of a pilot. But you need an additional stage to launch it from Kerbin and get it to Laythe and back. If you're running career mode some parts might me above your tech tree.
  4. Strange nobody took an effort to compliment on your work. Maybe the community is on a decline? I must admit though, first time in many months that I'm actually here.
  5. It's been years I've invested time in these things. But I have a V4 and a V8. Since I stopped with KSP @klond is the main man to watch with piston engines. I'm waiting for KSP 2.
  6. I've been unsatisfied ever since the 1.4 update because it wrecked more than 100 uploads to KerbalX.com. Since the devs never seem to listen, I have given up hope and won't invest any future money into KSP 1. So its a goodbye to the "original" team. I'll put my money in KSP 2.
  7. Ah, head of production. Well sorry but not sorry to attract your attention right now but I feel my DLC is incomplete. Very nice to have electric motors, turboshaft engines, rotorblades and propeller blades. But somehow it seems you guys forget that these are meant to function in an atmosphere. Where fast physical interaction with gaseous molecules produces an experience. I've produced mods myself. Never would I release them without that vital part of the experience: sound. Can you convince me to sell me the next DLC? Maybe just spit-polish the last one The alternative is just l
  8. Thank you for this patch. Could you guys please take a look at the wheel bugs please? We've been asking since the appearance of 1.4. Seriously.
  9. This is in 1.7.3, it actually works but tests are without BDA, NAS and DCK. There is hope. I'm not sure yet I want to invest a lot of time in this ancient thing. Real Ships is a lot more modern and I haven't touched that one in years as well. I don't even know if the NAS guys are still busy. https://imgur.com/B1MDawG That's hilarious! There's a reason it's version 0.5 and not 1.0 The "Very Large Keel" is not "too large" ... it's just for aircraft carriers and megalomaniacs. Your tutorial is excellent and I really want to share it with the rest of the community.
  10. I love it! Takes me back almost 5 years, the pioneering stage of this topic. I can really see you're going through the same stages of development and you're showing talent. Welcome to the club!
  11. Good design, low part count, the manual is lacking although I didn't watch the video. I myself like complete written manuals. I was able to control it after some research. Upvoted in advance, reply later to claim it once the problems with the voting system are gone.
  12. The first non-stock was my own, with my own, never released mod. Without a DLC: nonexistent.
  13. This definitely needs more attention. Excellent job! It's the first stock+dlc piston engine powered plane to achieve flight!
  14. I never published it ... it really is a lot of work and in the end the best performance would that be of a ship's diesel. Unity and PhysX just suck.
  15. The DLC really is a game changer. With 100% stock parts this is impossible. The only other piston engine to achieve flight is with my own created mod - without infinite fuel btw.
  16. This might help: Also I'm not aware of a 160 rpm limit. That's 40 higher than I can achieve with this old engine.
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