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  1. Hi, I'd like to get back in to playing KSP again, but I'm more interested in planning the missions and building the ships than I am actually flying them. Is there a mod (or a game mode) available where you plan the mission out then watch it unfold? So build a rocket, then lay out how it'll launch and turn etc without having to actually do the flying manually? VFRHawk
  2. Ah, hadn't thought of putting it in the first stage, so I was releasing them manually! Thanks for the reply Taki.
  3. Hi, Been playing around with using the launch supports, and I've noticed that if you build your craft slightly off the ground in the VAB, when you go to the launch pad and release the supports the ship drops to the ground. Is there an easy way when you finish building a ship to move the bottom of it's lower-most section so that it's in contact with the ground? It's not always easy to tell whats touching the ground and what isn't in the VAB, especially with some of the more (moar!)... ahem... "ambitious" designs! You could then just add the supports last if there was simple solution. Graham
  4. I\'ve just done it by copying most of the satellite I wanted to use cfg file and it\'s .dae file etc into the mk1 pod directory. That way, KSP loads the satellite I want automatically when I start the game. Must say, much easier getting that into a circular 100km orbit than the sat and the pod, and some way to de-orbit the pod!
  5. Yeah, it just adds a chunk more mass than you need to be bothered with. Time to start digging into part modding methinks.
  6. Is there an option to work without a pod at all? I\'ve been trying to launch satellites into orbit, and it\'s a tad unrealistic needing to get the sat AND a pod up there and the pod back again! I guess I should just learn to mod the sat part into a pod, that\'d fix it as of the next release!
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