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  1. Could it be added that the addon won't multi deploy experiments? Like when there are 4 thermometers it will only deply 1 and not all 4 and also check for existing results in experiments and stashs to not deploy any that are already saved? Another smaller thing would be to make the window "snap" to the bottom of the screen if placed there, but I think making the window expand upwards as it changes height would be not exactly easy, though I haven't messed with the new UI yet, last time I modded was when it still ran U4.
  2. Yeah of course, the only likeable submission is invalid : / Someone find that artist and make him enter himself xD While I don't like the idea of female kerbals do I really like this gal.
  3. Will contracts for non-present parts finally stop constantly unfolding on condition change? Oh and transponder fitting is not covered by 100% recovery, is that intended? Also why can't I use the strategies to convert rep to fund and science and also funds to science?
  4. That's KSP for you, not EE. Also if anyone cares: <-- still waiting to be added since 21th Jul.
  5. It should be mentioned at this point that the hovereffect is done by changing the buttons background image of the button, meaning that you will not get any at all should you make the mistake (like I did) of using a fully opaque image. Took me 2 days to figure this out now. It probably offers it's advantages by being able to use a custom hovereffect should you want to but given that this would require custom code for switching the image could the stock hovereffect as well be a layer on top of the button that get's turned visible when hovered and a setting to disable that. Just my feedback so far from trying to make ORDA use the toolbar. Aside of this little witch hunt for the reason why the hovereffect was missing is it very easy to use.
  6. I was trying to add interstage nodes to the couplers so they can be used with the interstage adapter. Sadly the top node doesn't seem to serve a good purpose as it does attach as intended but does not trigger any effect on the fairing's size: That's the topnode 4m up with 2m or more extra height so the fairing doesn't cut as much into the engines. The node I added to the coupler is right in the middle of the 4 normal nodes and a size 2 one. Interstingly though does it also not trigger shrouds when attached to engines.
  7. Having the choice between Nexus and Curse is like choosing between poo and a different colored poo. There's also KerbalStuff as alternative: Not that any of these would make TT change his mind as I'm pretty sure that he's not even checking in here anymore. Though he's free to prove me wrong anytime.
  8. Would it be possible to add a docking nosecone? Something like the shielded docking port just not as flat and more noseconey?
  9. Because due to the way how things work it will NEVER be fully inline with the CoM and always a fraction of a millimeter off and that's enough to confuse it. But you're right that it should use some kind of deadzone for these cases.
  10. You know what, this as a plugin so you can watch that list ingame with the percantage of completion in the fields would be awesome. Now the problem is just finding someone who'd code that XD
  11. It would be nice if the KM_Gimbal could read out the stock gimbal range parameter if yaw and pitch range aren't supplied. I want to use them as replacement (replacing them via MM) for stock gimbals to get roll authority but it defaults to 1° so not really that useful then. Edit: after some testing the next problem would be MJ compatibility so it doesn't matter that much. Though it's certainly easier to change the base class from PartModule to ModuleGimbal.
  12. Did you fix the bug for 1.2 where when you use the double chute nosecone and have the drogue chutes out you get the option to cut the main chutes instead? Instead of showing the option to cut the drogue chutes (secondary) it showed the option to cut the main chutes, and it successfully cut them before they were even deployed. Also the settings parameter "Parts used" as in the amount of chutes, doesn't seem to account for symmetry because when I enter 4 when using them in 4x I get the results I want with the numbers I entered, but by default it's 1 so then it should result in a 4x as large chute as needed per chute. Didn't test that though.
  13. Can you add some settings to the toolbar? The first is that newly added buttons from mods get added instead of needing manual adding. I think I already asked you in the chat about that, dunno anymore. The second is to allow mapview and inflight share their position. Size and buttons not since these can differ but I like to have them in the same place and moving them in the exact same place is a bit bothersome, especially after correcting their size, but if they're a few pixel differently placed my ocd ticks off, this setting could help with that :3 And maybe a third to tell it whenever it should prefer growing down or right when the size gets exhausted. Also it would make identifying which version of the toolbar is running if the dll's assembly version would reflect it. I have 1.7.1 and it's just showing the default
  14. Why is Tab still the key to switch the mode? I always get stuck then in the description input box and so I need to recompile it myself and use Y (german layout) instead