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  1. " Your sig, fix it lol." Only gotta ask once yo. It was a clickable when I first put it there, I had no idea it came up as a huge video now haha.
  2. "Please remove the video from your signature, it doesn't display correctly and covers half the screen " no problem, and thanks for saying please. "There's been some discussion on the GitHub page about getting the mod to work with DX11" I really hope some brainiac is able to make it happen!
  3. Bumping because the KSP VR mod has apparently been fixed to work in 1.4, but I think it might be for Windows 10 only. If anyone's got an idea on how to make it work in Windows 7, lemme know!
  4. Howdy - shot in the dark here, but I was watching this video, and the uploader says that they've gotten their mod working with 1.4! Which is great, but unfortunately the instructions suggest it'll only run in Windows 10 - part of the how-to is forcing KSP to run in DirectX12. Anyone feel like having a lightbulb moment and helping an old fool make this work in Windows 7?
  5. Yo, I promise I'm not feature-begging but I thought I'd ask a couple of questions about CameraTools A) is the doppler sound effect in there still, or could whoever is caretaking the mod conceivably get it back in, in future? B) if not, what was the last version of KSP where it worked? (I figure if I want to mess around with an outdated feature then I should just get myself an old install and stop pestering you guys, haha).
  6. Completely unreasonable request here, but I'd love it if a way could be found for future updates to be a little less destructive to mods. There's probably five hundred reasons that can't be done, at least, but there you go. The other way of looking at it is to hope that Squad picks up a lot of the "this should be stock already" stuff that is present in mods.
  7. Bummer! Not a deal breaker by any stretch, but it's a lovely little touch when it is working.
  8. I feel a bit of a dunce for asking, but did the doppler effect get broken again at any stage? I'm trying the aforementioned 'caretaker' release and it doesn't seem to work.
  9. Great textures, they look great. I'm having a weird thing where tall mountains are poking through the top of where Scatterer is rendering though, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't doing that earlier. Are there some obvious settings I should be changing to fix that?
  10. I just got an Oculus and I'll hold out the hope that VR support will happen for KSP, either officially or as a mod. People poo-poo this tech a lot, and maybe it's got a long way to go, but if you're not at all moved by the prospect of IVA missions & good 3D then I can't help you.
  11. ^ Should I interpret that post to mean that it's not 1.1 ready then? Damn haha. Can anyone tell me if there's another way to have a CV1 be headtracked and all?
  12. I might add that I moved my whole 1.0.5 out of the way and got onto the 1.1 experimental (so I could play 64-bit) and I finally have IVA for all cockpits.
  13. Yeah, I re-downloaded Camera Tools and then replaced that .dll with the 3 month old one, it causes Camera Tools to not show up in the button bar. Weirdly enough, I had both .dll's in there by accident before and that caused the plugin to be visible with the 'audio effects' button, but it had that issue where the UI wasn't responding to mouse clicks. Glad to hear it's not a 64-bit issue though! - EDIT - Camera Tools still works if I just download it and run it as normal, though
  14. Sorry for not elaborating. When I say 'not working', I enable Camera Tools (with the home key) and the camera does peculiar things like locking to a ninety degree angle, and none of the buttons in the Camera Tools UI respond to me clicking on them. I'll double check that I'm trying the same .dll. Not sure if this is relevant but I am using the 64-bit hack for KSP as well. I'll cry if that's the problem haha, the game was always crashing for me in 32-bit. EDIT - the three month old .dll was a different filesize to the one that I had in there already. If I slot that into my Camera Tools folder the plugin no longer shows up in the toolbar.