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  1. HI all, first off thanks to all those who've inquired after my welfare, as to the reasons I'm no longer active on the forum or releasing mods, they are many and numerous, primarily it's health issues, I've been fighting a mystery virus for several years,  and as I've become older the effects of that have become more difficult to live with, tbh it's really difficult to be creative ( or sociable) when you feel like crap. Along with that, the frequent KSP updates combined with the size of my mod catalog meant that just keeping them all updated or even working became a chore, much more like unpaid slavery than fun, and guys it needs to be fun.  There are of course other reasons, some to do with the forum in general and some  to do with mods that have been a cornerstone of SM mods since the very beginning but we'll leave that there.  
    Regarding the closed threads and broken links, when i decided that enough was enough I was not in the best frame of mind, and certainly was not in the mood for explanations,  so perhaps a final message was in order, but honestly forum interaction had dropped to a point that it hardly seemed worth the effort.  Shortly after closing the threads i became aware that certain parties had without my permission, or even asking for it, taken  parts of various mods, the simple solution at the time, and to prevent further unauthorised use of assets,  was to simply pull the mods from the various locations, and while it was perhaps a bit heavy handed, I do have a serious amount of time invested  in that lot, as any of the guys on the team would tell you, and somehow i don't feel like just giving it all away.

    Which brings me nicely to the current SpaceDock situation I'm aware that SM Armory and SMAFV's are back up on SpaceDock, this is completely unauthorised, they are not supported . I've not been contacted by the user RecoverMod regarding them, and such publication is in breach of the license. I and others are taking steps to have them removed, something I shouldn't have to do.

    As to the future,  difficult to say, but after playing KSP since 2012 and making KSP mods since 2014, I think a break is in order, but the sad thing is we, the team and i, know pretty much where KSP outer limits are, we know what can be done and where, and while the game remains unity based they are very unlikely to change in any great way, so where's the new challenge? the idea of doing the same thing over and over just in different ways is not something that appeals

    Thanks again to all those who supported the SM mods in any way, particularly those who got my gears spinning.
    Happy travels guys

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    2. Olympic1


      I removed the mods from SpaceDock due to license violation. Thanks for letting us know.

    3. Nightside


      Hey Spanner, I just found this note, and I wanted to thank you for your work over the years. You are the king of the tinkerers. I never really got into the military stuff, but I very much enjoyed the boats and statics pack. 

    4. Giancarlo Kerman

      Giancarlo Kerman

      farewell Spanner, you were and will still be a legend in the KSP community! Hope you can find some form of peace!

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