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  1. I ended up using the debug settings to temporarily change gravity so his orbit took him within the atmosphere, with [no crash damage] and [no heat] but it turns out landing in the ocean at 80+m/s still killed him. w/e I cheated to get the money for the contract so it's fine. This is fine. Thanks for all the answers! I should have checked out hyperedit.
  2. It's a completely dead vessel it has no controls of any kind, I can not interact with it at all.
  3. Basically I went up to rescue the guy and he can't exit the vessel because it has no hatch. I'm a -long- way from unlocking the claw (and even if I could I would still cheat, or tell the guy giving me the contract to **** off for not giving me all information), and his life support is running out. I already queued up a mod to stop this from happening in the future. How cheat fix?
  4. Wait those contracts temporarily unlock the part?! WHAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!!? I thought it was encouraging me to unlock it myself! ...Again, why doesn't it say it will lend you the part in the contract xD
  5. Wait wheeley? Panther? Contract gifts? And while this may have been a mod contract I had the same issue (to a lesser extent) on actual stock contracts. But yeah, this one was from a mod.
  6. -- In response to airplanes -- It's above 70km so I have to use a rocket ship. I actually built a plane to do these missions before I realized that they had to be above the atmosphere (I don't have that kind of tech!) I've found most of the contracts for atmospheric flight have been too high for my planes to go anyway (18km is above what I can do without rockets/high end jets). Pair that with having to fly the jet around the entire planet to get to the location, and jets become useless really fast. Trust me I really want to build and play with them xD, but they just suck too much. Also these missions aren't always on Kerbin, sometimes they are on the MUN. The maneuver I'm trying to pull is completely necessary in missions like that. -- How SCANSAT helps -- Scansat shows your orbitpath predicted in the future, so I don't have to just guess where I'll be, which is REALLY nice. I'm just having problems because the target area is so small. -- What I'll do next -- I'll try coming in at a lower altitude, that might help (I was at about 83km?). I thought because it said "above 70km" I didn't have to worry about height though.. they should be more intuitive with that kind of stuff if that's the case. Will report back if lowering altitude helps! -- What I found out -- I went RIGHT over it this time, and it still wasn't close enough. You're right, I was too high-- god damned contract didn't say freaking thing about being too high just too low. That's such BS. Now I gotta align this crap all over again... #rage #ksp Edit: I did it. It's super easy when you know to be at the right altitude
  7. I'm using SCANSAT on a 1080 screen. The accuracy required to meet the contract is sub-pixel (aka impossible to eyeball). I have no idea how the heck I'm suppost to do this. Kerbin, above 70km, sub-orbital (I just drop my perapsis under 70km for a moment as I pass- works on the possible contracts.)
  8. Update because I tested that out a little bit. If you have empty stages -above- your current stages, the new rocket puts its stages there. That kind of allows what I want to do, but unfortunately making a bunch of empty stages above your rocket is a lot of clicking so that kind of sucks. Adding empty stages to the part to be merged does nothing afaik. Pretty much changes my reqeuest not at all.. Just prepend or append the stages instead of merging them together.
  9. Okay yeah that's what I'm thinking of. If there's a way to do it now I'd be super happy. If that is the behavior it still makes no sense. Why would I want to merge the stages of my mixed crafts? Is there any possible reason to ever want that? I like to attach my rockets everytime instead of just when they are built: that way if I apply an upgrade to a particular stage it applies to every rocket that uses that stage.
  10. Basically I keep each stage of my rockets as separate vessels so that I can use switch and swap them around, and they tend to be pretty complex. So I have a rocket to get into orbit and a payload each with their own staging, all set up. Merge the rocket onto the payload and BAM. Not only are the rockets stages messed up, but it's changed all the stages for my payload too (usually into one giant jumbled mess with no rhyme or reason at all). if you can't figure out the stages, don't mess with them lol EDIT: The best solution? EDIT2: (why does tab submit on this forum) Make a type of ship design that doesn't contain parts but other ship designs and the stages are the designs in order. I don't actually expect though.
  11. This was impressive. What got me was landing on the moon on solid fuel. Then taking off again. And getting to kerbin, and landing without a parachute. This guy is my effing hero.
  12. I prefer using them because they are more fun and more challenging. I have gotten an orbit with only them I do think, but it's usually a pretty crazy orbit.
  13. Hilarity is what makes us like watching the videos! Sure you can do it without killing one but where is the fun in that? And yes, edit out slow parts, or speed them up. There are some great tips and tricks videos from some pretty popular up-loaders, I think nerd3 did one. Definitely worth watching!
  14. well, our gyroscopes can't create rotational inertia from nothing tho. They just store it and stuff. Our current SAS is -magical-
  15. Is this mechjeb or your rocket?
  16. Very pretty! But too many RCS ports, imo.
  17. So basically, title. Even keeping the G's in the green on my current rocket results in explosions of some kind or another. The failure is almost always the connection between the first stage decoupler and the second stage engine. What do? I figure this will probably be rectified in the part re-balencing stuff in .17, but I'd like to know what stat thingy is responsible!
  18. Hot dayum. I usually try to come in at like, .1 or so meters per second but I come in from a million miles in the sky! Nice job!
  19. mechjeb any form of control assistance is for kribles. Kribles being a lame and wimpy kerbal off shoot race that I just made up and doesn\'t exist. They suck, don\'t be like those guys.
  20. You\'d have to leave something on it or have the command pod seperate from it, unless you want debree in your orbit.
  21. I got there without mechjeb/asas/regularsas/RCS.
  22. play orbiter if you want a REALLY in debt thingy of how to do it.
  23. I was just testing this. Yah, I used the biggest engine at full strength, and jut tried dieling it down from there. The big one launched him.. REALLY high. The goal was a slowing down system for kerbal re-entry.
  24. if what I\'ve heard is true.. you can position upside down rocket engines with tons of fuel and have their thrust push the kerbal upwords, breaking his otherwise fatal fall. This would be almost impossible. God speed.
  25. Make a space plane. That\'s not symmetrical*. And is launched from 50 meters in the air via launch clamps. *not hard. My most stable space plane was one that had all the wings on it\'s right half ripped off during launch.
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