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  1. lukerules117

    Stupid things you've made to do missions in career mode

    I've had missions to test landing gear escaping Kerbin and with a sub orbital trajectory.
  2. With .24 adding missions and money you have probably built some pretty crazy things to either save money or make missions easier, so post your screenshots of them here.
  3. lukerules117

    Will you Grind or Dare in Career mode?

    I'll do grind missions while I'm doing a dare mission
  4. lukerules117

    International Youtube Mun Space Station!

    From what I've seen OBS is a good free recorder and can be used for live streaming but for a good editing software you can just use windows movie maker(unless you know about one that's also free and has more features).
  5. lukerules117

    I'm getting that KSP update vibe. It has to be here soon.

    Why is everyone so exited about the asas overhaul?
  6. Do I get bonus points for not using rcs or sepratrons
  7. lukerules117

    Warthunder - WWII Vehicular Combat Sim

    @kevin really? they seem more agile to me.,
  8. lukerules117

    Warthunder - WWII Vehicular Combat Sim

    What's everyone's opinion on the German biplanes
  9. lukerules117

    Why is AI so bad in many games?

    I thing part of the reason is that good AI is hard to make, but the main reason is that it might make the game to hard.
  10. lukerules117

    IRL Inception? My Weirdest Dream Yet

    I once had a dream where I fell asleep and had a dream about having a dream where I fell asleep and had a dream and it kept repeating for about half an hour.
  11. lukerules117

    Warthunder - WWII Vehicular Combat Sim

    US:almost 6 Germany:6 Britain:almost 6 japan: half way to level 6 Russia: probably close to 6
  12. Just to show I am willing to help folks; a full tower has a lot of room, which helps cooling, cable management and simply fitting parts inside. The major drawback is its shear size; a mid-tower simply uses less room. What is important to you only you can decide. thanks, size isn't a problem so I'll be getting a full-size and I only asked here because I couldn't find any reason not to get a full.
  13. I think I should get a full but my computer teacher thinks I should get a mid what are the pros and cons
  14. lukerules117

    If you were the first person on mars, what would you say?

    This is my planet now and there is nothing you can do to take from me NASA.