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  1. Aloha @nothke!

    I sent you a direct message concerning adopting.

    6S Tubes

    CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 - CurseForge - CKAN

    SLS textures

    CC BY-SA 4.0 - gDrive

  2. Hey Kerbonauts! I haven't been active for years, so it's nice to come back and say hi! TODAY IS 60 YEARS OF SPACEFLIGHT!! Isn't that amazing?! ..and to celebrate it, I am organizing a game jam this weekend, so, game devs ahoy! ..And not just experienced game devs, if you have never made a game, maybe this is the time to make your first!! You will find all info and submission instructions on the link: https://itch.io/jam/sputnikjam Use the hashtag #SputnikJam to tweet about it
  3. I won't, but the textures are licenced under by-nc-sa 4.0, you can rerelease them if you wish..
  4. Ah sure, TBH I couldn't find how to upload a new mod on Curse xD I remember when I did last time I needed like half an hour to dig up the right button.. (at least a year ago) But everything changed now, it's even worse! I don't get it... So, yeah, I won't even try next time.. It's on kerbalstuff =) https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1228/2015%20SLS%20CDR%20textures
  5. Nope, EVERYTHING is stock, just repainted. LINK =) EDIT: Ninja'd =)
  6. NASA just showed the awesome new SLS paint job! (flickr) (also see video below) Couldn't wait and had to try it out in KSP =) It is a repaint of stock parts. Once you install them, the originals will be overwritten.. BUT, the pack contains a backup in case you want to revert to the originals, so no worries Textures of these parts are changed: Big Kickback SRB, added the cool stripes 3.75 Cluster engine, deblackened it, added some umbilical ports 3.75 big tank, scraped off some paint from the tanks.. 3.75 medium tank 3 to 2 adapter Notes: It does not contain any craft files Couldn't play with specular on the tank parts, it seems tank parts' shaders are diffuse, even if the textures originally do contain an alpha channel. Download: Kerbalstuff: https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1228/2015%20SLS%20CDR%20textures https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6-Kp1pObiWgVkl5VWJLMXI0OWc/view?usp=sharing Credits: Original textures by Squad Repaint by Nothke Licence: I am not sure of what exactly licence it should be for modifying Squad's original work, so, I'll licence it under by-nc-sa 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
  7. What was exactly the reason why they painted this small piece? It seems kind of pointless.. (unless there is a good reason)
  8. I love the booster stripes! =) Aaaaaand... Almost done.. Mission control: Damn.. We shed too much weight by taking of that paint... (No Kerbal was harmed)
  9. Vertex normals! This is one of the most common issues when cutting round objects with round objects and you have to output evil triangles xD But the evilest thing here is the automatic vertex normal smoothing by modeling programs.. It is of course very helpful, but at this it simply fails. My method is to manually specify the normals (I am using 3ds max EditNormals, I am not sure if whatever you are using has that option). Here is an example that I encountered: In this particular example, the hull is cut in halves to be able to remove the inner pieces and to help obtain proper normal values, as it is easy to simply copy values from the vertices on the upper edge of the hull, where the normals have been properly auto-smoothed. By just making sure that all vertex normals on a vertical line are identical you basically solve the problem. You can see that these red selected vertices have normals copied from the upper edge (green normals on top). When looking from the top, the difference is evident.. Above is how the normals are pointing when auto-smoothed by max, and the lower one is when I manually specified them. For all rotary surfaces, like cylinders and cones such as in your case, you should just always make sure that the normals, horizontally, are pointing towards the focal point (the center of rotation) In the end, I export the model as .fbx and unity perfectly imports the model with the specified normals. Finished, no deformation, yay! (maybe not visible, but believe me, there are no deformations =) ) I do not suggest that leaving saw tooth pieces inside the window frame is a good solution, it is not, it will promote Z-fighting, but for now this is the solution I am using. ALSO: There is also a plugin for 3ds max called Normal Thief that can "steal" vertex normals from either a hole-less model or a high poly model and apply it to vertices on a holed model. Be sure to check it out. I did not use it in this example, but I used on some other things and it's pretty handy for solving problems like this. Once you master vertex normals, you can do a lot more cool stuff, like smoothing edges with just a single chamfer poly, without using normal maps or cramming in more edges..
  10. Minding all the how-the-rocket-works obviousness about LES n stuff that the producers might not know.. I am not even sure Soyuz could be able to hold on it's fairings supported by his tiny hands (also considering that the binding bottom has been ripped off) It would be cool if the spacecraft just fell apart the moment after the scene we see in the trailer xD But considering mini Antmanâ„¢ punches people instead of stinging them... Pure film pressure physics Edit: Except... I've got it! He actually picked up the fairing ONLY, WITH LES! and the astronauts plummeted into explosion thanks to that That would prove that the thing is light enough to be carried on his tiny hands and not disassemble
  11. PLZ revive kerbin city ;(

  12. Hay guys! Sumghai contacted me a few days ago to tell me about the UV changes and the licence problem. As I am working on my own game right now, I thought I could make a little break and work on some HD texturing =) It took me a bit longer than I thought.. As is usual xD Unfortunately, at the time when I already got Kombobulus and Konsequence ported to the new texture system, Sumghai pointed me to Bitterkoekje’s post, and I’ve seen that he already redone them =( Damn, should’ve checked the forum, would’ve spared me some ~4 hours =( With redoing the old textures, I also made 2 new ones =) I hope you like them =) You can see them here in the album: I have not redone “Kerpton†cause I’ve noticed from the mod that InsaneDruid already did MLI blankets, inspired by my textures. Nice work =) Donwload: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6-Kp1pObiWgU1JaUG8wa3ZhN0E/view?usp=sharing Note that you MIGHT not be able to run all the textures at the same time, the 32bit KSP will definately crash, check "issues" section below for more info. I am sorry that I was so messy with the licence back then, and the sloppy credits. I considered the old texture pack to be temporary, until the next map changes when they might be a part of the official mod. In the mean time I left the KSP “modding sceneâ€Â, so it basically went out of my mind. That being said, the licence on the texture pack is now CC BY-SA 4.0, you can find the details in the license.txt in this pack. I have removed the link from the old post as it's basically "deprecated", but if you REALLY want to use the old textures, know that they are under the same license as the new one, just there's less job for me as I don't need to repack it. There are some unfinished parts of the current textures, especially the icons (which I just experimented with on the Kirbo), and I am inviting anyone to finish them if they wish =) I am probably not going to touch these textures anytime soon. While working on the textures, there were some issues that I encountered: Memory problems - 4k textures are eating all the memory! With no other mods, I managed to have up to 4 texture packs (2 4k textures per pack, diffuse and normal) in my 32bit KSP, anything over that would just go over 4GB and crash KSP on load. Also, not only RAM memory is the problem, but also the graphics memory, sometimes the game would crash in VAB and the log would say that it was unable to allocate the memory on the GPU. I guess using “half†or “quarter†resolution in the settings would at least run KSP properly, but is not a solution to the problem. I suggest using 2k textures, or remapping the models to a tighter map so they fit into a 2k texture at the current size. I had to use .tga for the diffuse as .png does not save an alpha channel (note that “transparency†and “alpha†are two different things, 100% transparent pixel in a .png does not save color data, therefore using it for specular map is not possible). The downside of .tga is their big drive size (60MB for 4k texture), but note that KSP loads textures to memory at their uncompressed size no matter what format they are. Also, it seems that KSP doesn’t support compressed .tga-s, they won’t show to me in game. KSP also does not generate mip maps for .png-s for some rason, this is a long standing known issue, which not only makes a pixel jitter when looking at the texture from the distance, but also makes the game render the texture at maximum resolution all the time. Also, all .pngs goes through a decompression process when KSP loads them, which takes some noticeable time for 4k textures. Also note that when in a compressed package all textures together are ~20MB, so the only negative side of tga-s is the large space on the HD. There are some mapping mistakes that I noticed, for example here and here. Vertex normals should be corrected so that they follow the cylindrical shape of the modules. At some points, especially around nodes in a node module and windows, seams are quite obvious and really break the nice specular reflection (like here). I know that unity can import custom vertex normals, I have done it before with models from 3ds max, although I don’t know if Blender has an ability of modifying vertex normals directly.
  13. Hi there! I have repacked the mod to be functional with Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics - 0.19.3 and KSP 0.9. Also, I have added a CC BY-SA 4.0 license to it: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. - You are permitted to use, copy, redistribute contents of this mod as-is - You may remix your own derivatives of the mod, models or textures, and release them under your own name - You must credit Nothke, when publishing your derivatives. - Note that this mod does NOT contain, and the licence does NOT cover requirement plugins (be it Damned Robotics or Infernal Robotics) Also, I will probably not develop/support this mod anymore, but anyone is free to take over =) Also, there is an awesome IR model rework that has the same functionality as Dromoman and is actively developed and supported. Check the OP for more info
  14. Just to say I got it to work in 0.25, it looks like I was just using an old version, probably Razchek's original. I was just confused with the original post xD. I downloaded FASA and used the ReflectionPlugin.dll bundled with it, and it works like charm. PS. Yay, 800th post =)
  15. So I tried the plugin in 0.25 with my old model from 0.23.5. In 0.23.5 it works perfectly, but in 0.25, the reflection works, but it seems to bypass bump and specular. The model uses a "Reflective/Bumped Specular" shader, and is tagged with it in the reflective module in .cfg (ShaderName = Reflective/Bumped Specular). And in 0.25 in both 32 and in 64bit is the same, no difference. Left = 0.23.5, Right = 0.25 Is this a known issue?
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