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  1. So for the last couple years my computer performance had been getting progressively worse by a crapping out video card. When I started KSP I could play fine, then as the months went on and I got better at the game and more and more addicted my performance issues steadily got worse til I could no longer play the game and had to resort to watching youtube lets plays and being sad. That was 5 or 6 months ago. I just got a new video card and played my first session of KSP in 6 months! I had to start over because I also lost my game data. I designed and tested a mun lander on the highest graphics and resolution, set down at a mun arch, took a few screenshots and headed back home and let me just tell you on re-entry into Kerbin atmosphere I felt AWESOME! I jumped out of my chair with my arms up. I felt like id just had the best sex ever. Reflecting back on that moment I think I may be addicted to KSP and should seek help before I lose my job and wife and end up in a box offering sexual favors to strangers in exchange for an hour or 2 of KSP. Everything was made better while I got my first taste of all the new additions from the last couple patches. I can't wait to dock and learn the new navigation tools and probe... just... everything. Its good to have my KSP fix again and I just wanted to share my joy with the forum! I FEEL AWESOME AND YOU'RE ALL AWESOME AND I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!
  2. My space program is going fantastic but I thought a nice change of pace would be to dabble in the aerospace part of the game so I set about building a nice test plane and flying it and it can... fly... sorta... it just handles really really hard... Can someone who is a more experienced kerbal aircraft builder take a look at my plane and tell me what the problem is? Or if that's just how the physics engine handles flight? It seems really hard to make soft turns without ending up upside down. Are A,S,D,F, Q,E the right controls? Am I missing something? [ATTACH=CONFIG]34997[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34998[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34999[/ATTACH]
  3. Has anyone tried attaching the plane wheels to a lander? It'd probably roll down a hill pretty good then.
  4. I'd recommend that when you get to slideshow mode on your design, you don't say "oh, my computers having trouble running this, lets add more crap for it to process!". That said, 2 big lag makers in my personal experience (and I run a butt load of mods) are struts (they really bog down the FPS and parts count so only use them when necessary) and also there is a thread on here with a settings fix for the kerbin ocean. It helped my game a TON on takeoff. Search for it. But ya, this game is an unoptimized alpha so you have to know your limits on what your computer will be able to handle and stay within them. I went through a bunch of work setting up a mun base only to discover it caused unplayable lag when I started approaching it with mun landers so I uninstalled the game, reinstalled with a fresh persistance file, and only reinstalled the mods and parts that I regularly used. Game starts up way faster now and I don't have nearly as much lag. Once the game releases I'm sure it'll be alot easier on machines but until then, tread lightly. You are dealing with a physics simulation afterall.
  5. Where is the .craft and pics? Or is this just linking to the mods?
  6. Holy crap! Freaking transformers!
  7. On atmosphere re-entry. "Wait, did we remember to put a parachute ontop of the pod this time? ... awww crap..." I swear those things should be built into the pod for idiots like me. EDIT: or similarly. "Parachutes? Who lives long enough to deploy parachutes?"
  8. That and that moon orbiting Jool in the wrong direction. I think the devs just wanted alot of variety in there to keep us from getting bored. Also different orbit inclinations and gravities and atmospheres make this a ton of gameplay for an alpha product.
  9. The demo only allows 1 flight at a time, so a rescue mission isn't possible. Still, congrats on your escape velocity. Keep modifying your design! Maybe try getting it so that you can escape kerbin and then circularize your orbit. If you can get a good design with that kind of capability then once you (hopefully) upgrade to the full game you can jump out of the gate with an interplanetary capable design and head for Duna or Eve! While your limited to the Demo you should just refine your rocket designs, maybe land on the Mun and return, practice achieving and adjusting orbits around Kerbin or the Mun. These are all basic skills that will help you in the full version. Good luck!
  10. LoL great! Get her hooked while she's young so that she'll be a space geek when she grows up! Anyway, you should play the game the way you'll get the most enjoyment out of it. If that means using autopilot so that you can still tend to your real life responsibilities then as long as you're still playing and being a satisfied customer squad did their job! Personally, I think alot of the stuff that the mods do will be included with future versions of the game. They already have the ASAS which keeps you level so I don't think adding in the Smart ASS functions would be too far fetched of a possibility somewhere down the developement cycle. As for auto takeoff and landing, who knows I guess its down to what the devs want for their game but I'm pretty sure the big mods will be updated for at least until the final release of the game comes out so I wouldn't worry about it especially seeing as Mechjeb is the biggest most popular mod out of all of them and is open source.
  11. Looks cool. I tried to make a jet once and failed. I couldn't figure out how to get the flappy things to stick to the edge of the wing instead of ontop. Ya... flappy things... deal with it. Anyway, I seem to be having way too much fun launching rockets and doing space stuff to try again so far but I probably will eventually.
  12. 11 months old? Let him watch. Give him a disconnected keyboard and let him think hes flying the rocket. This game has cutesy characters, is educational, and tons of explosions. Seems like it'd be a great way to bond with your kid.
  13. My Kethane scout rover on the Mun. Came across this scenic vista and had to snap a pic.