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  1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but, I doubt the processor is interchangeable. These are mobile processors and are soldered to the motherboard and are not easily changed if they are changeable at all. Sorry but you are stuck with what you have inside the device.
  2. Being an Astronaut is cool and all, but lets be realistic. If i were you and i wanted a secure future after the armed forces, get an MOS that makes you a mechanic, specifically working with jets and jet engine maintenance. Get as much schooling on this as possible. Be the most technical mechanic out there, know those systems like the back of your hand and be able to recite them in your sleep. The best part is that when you get out you can turn those years of schooling on jet engines or whathaveyou into college credits towards a degree. Then try to get a job at Southwest Airlines maintaining their 737 Jets. Spoilers, Southwest only uses Boeing 737s.
  3. You cant assume that, There are a lot of High end GPUs that use a lot of power that if you were to plop them in your system will cause these sorts of problems. Without proper consideration for that power draw you can run into problems like this.
  4. Accept ladders can easily be mistaken for banana peels and send you flying off into the distance. In all seriousness, stay away from ladders.
  5. I would grab a 750 Ti if i were you, The price/performance ratio is amazing, and it barely uses any power. Its a reasonable budget upgrade.
  6. To generalize things, 1600 is what you want, its kinda important but its all about CAS latency of the RAM. You wan't a CAS of 9 for good performance DDR3 RAM in your system. Intel systems don't benefit as much from having Higher speed ram, but the CAS latency is the important factor. As for How many DIMMS, there are two schools of thought, Dual channel is very important so if your end goal is 8GBs of ram some people will grab 2 Sticks of 4GB. The other school of thought would rather Grab one stick of 8GB. In my experience, some motherboards do not like just having one stick of Ram out of 4 available, i cant explain why they just do. To mitigate that problem i grabbed [email protected] of ram for my rig, that puts me at 16GB of ram and all fours of my slots filled.
  7. Get a Z87 chipset motherboard and be done with it, ASUS makes some killer ones that will have enough features to cover what you need. For the same price you can get a 750Ti, it is the new "I want to play games on my GPU, not break the bank. A lot better than the 650Ti, uses so little power that it is fully powered by the PCIe slot on your motherboard. They overclock like a dream.
  8. When you get into that price range you get into things like an ROG motherboard, they are tippy top of the line brimming with all sorts of features you may never use outside of extreme overclocking and things of the nature. I have a Crosshair V Formula Z and i love it, the build quality is second to none. For most people they are overkill for anything, and others its a show of how much they can put into a piece of equipment.
  9. Your endgame is to have 2 R9 290's in crossfire, so you will need a mobo with 2 PCIe 3.0 Lanes, you will notice that the 290 and 290X don't have Crossfire tabs cut on their PCB. They moved the crossfire bridge to the PCIe Lane, pretty neat stuff. Heres a motherboard that i would recommend.
  10. I know the difference Camacha, I know that ASICs cant be used for scrypt minning, yet. And that bitcoin is dominated by ASIC units. My point in that spiel was that other than bitcoin I wouldnt bother with other crypto-currencies. I mined some Doge with my GTX 660, the hardest part is cashing it out, you'll see that if you ever get to that point.
  11. The only way you are going to be profitable mining cryptocurrencies is by buying an ASIC Unit and mine Bitcoins. Yes their market is a little unstable, even with this serious problem Bitcoins still have a Value of $560USD as tihs post was typed. Sure its fun to do some other mining on the side, but building a rig for the purpose of minning Dodgecoins or other scrypt based cryptocurrencies will never be profitable once you factor in initial investment, power used, and other fees associated with setting up these systems. /rant My Advice, don't use your money on a high end gaming rig unless you want to do some gaming.
  12. If your worried about loosing data during a sudden power loss event, you should really invest in a UPS. These PLP Systems still have a chance of failing during a sudden power loss event. The Intel line of SSDs have better Power Loss Protection Systems than Crucial at this time. I found a decent article about this very problem.
  13. How does this build look?, it may be hard to get these parts in Europe.
  14. Your right future proofing is a little redundant. 3-4 years from now we will be doing this same song and dance. If your really going to overclock on modern CPUs make sure you have adequate cooling. Your second list looks good, your upgrades in the next years should only really be a better GPU if you start playing more intensive games.
  15. After doing some research, you could totally do this and be better off and well within your budget. Honestly all it takes is a modern architecture CPU to play KSP. The phenom II's are starting to show their age, The A-10s are a great budget upgrade from them, AND the AM2+ socket is still being developed on so you will have more choices for upgrades in the future(Kaveri).
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