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  1. I support this Idea 100%, I have personally been in love with the russian space designs, The soyuz rocket mod does still work, and is very moon capable, in better hands i bet it could do more.
  2. Where would i need to go in the config files to increase the ammount of fuel carried by a part?
  3. Link to the DL link?, same install as Soyuz?
  4. Soyuz is very controllable, almost made it to the moon but overshot ever-so-slightly. What do you mean "Slingshot around duna"? not enough for a landing?
  5. Thank you very much for your help, It worked like a charm. Have you seen anyone do a Soviet N1 Rocket Mod?, Do you think the Soyuz is duna capable?( historicially i know there would be no way but one can dream.)
  6. Hello, has anyone had their kerbals not show up in the lander of their Soyuz Rocket mod lately? How do i fix this?
  7. It does fly. Cant seem to get it into orbit though, it has shed some weight in its Latests version.
  8. Well, I finnially fixed all the problems, And here she is. Any feedback, comments, hate-mail, or tips are greatly appreciated.
  9. I had the same problem, i just moved it farther up than i had it before.
  10. Ive been thinking about replacing the 3rd stage solid thrusters with nuclear engines, i have yet been able to get into orbit with this monstrosity, any ideas on how to have structual integrity with the ability to jetison spent thrusters?
  11. So i made this as a joke and she acctully Gets off the ground pretty quick, Any tips or improvements would be grately appreciated, i can upload the file if i ever figure out how to. An album if it works,
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