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  1. The G25 and G27 from Logitech are about the only ones worth their price. Logitech has rock solid quality so if you can grab a G25 grab one, if not save up for the G27. Others may be good but im not familiar enough with them to recommend them.
  2. What is the exact model of Motherboard you are using?
  3. I see your predicament. That hardware should run nearly any game you throw at it. 60fps as your standard would mean you may have to turn it down on some of the most demanding games.
  4. If you aren't overclocking then you don't really need a Z87 chipset mobo, unless you plan to do SLI or Crossfire down the road. For that matter you don't really need to grab a 4670K or an after market cooler. a 4670 is plenty for new games aswell as the GTX 770. Is this close enough? Do you have a defined budget?
  5. Maybe try a clean install of the drivers?, much after that i am stumped. Are you really going to be overclocking?, if so i would grab a better cooler than the one you have listed. Grab a Caviar Blue or Black over the Caviar Green.
  6. What is your case?, cases either have them preinstalled or have them in a little bag.
  7. Fractal Design Makes a handful of cases with sound deadener preinstalled, Zalman also makes a nice Passive cooler. Most of your noise will come from the GPU and case fans. There are ways to get a build pretty darn quiet, I would say 15-30 Decibels would be quiet enough for someone to not notice when you add in background noise.
  8. What am i saying, R9 290 Money is the exact same ballpark at getting a good GTX 780 or maybe a GTX 780 Ti? if the person wants a R9 290 maybe float the idea of a GTX 780.
  9. The 290's are strange right now, If you really want to get a 290, I would recommend grabbing one of these. And then grab a closed loop watercooler for it(compatibility list on the page), That way the 290 wont throttle and would be worth the price.
  10. With a new Budget of 1500$USD, I would go with something like this. Is he going to install Windows via USB?, if not he may need to grab a Optical Drive. Or just find an optical drive laying around with a sata cable just for installation. Change log: Bumped up CPU to the 4670. Bumped up to the ASUS Direct CU II 280X. Bumped up the motherboard, more Expansion slots for upgrade-ability and older slots for usage of older cards and such. Added Corsair Neutron GTX SSD, 120GB Flavor. Can change it to the Samsung 840 Evo or 840 Pro if desired. All are great choices with SSDs. Changed to desired case.
  11. You can use AMD catalyst to get the correct versions or you an go through here and get them.
  12. Run this by the guy/gal, it should be a little better. Changed the case to their new series of Graphite cases, for 70USD it doesn't get any better. Even has cable routing holes. Wiggled in a good 280X
  13. This List would be better for his price range. Without having a lot of information about the person in question, above is what i would recommend. Droped the CPU down to the 4570, trust me it is plenty fast for this build, i lowered the GPU to the R9 270X and went with the Direct CU II Top edition form ASUS, Quality Chips and the cooler is one of the best out there. The card is easily push-able to 1.2ghz+ if speed really becomes an issue. The 280X is just not in the price range of these kinds of builds, unless the person can raise their budget a smidge, then a sapphire brand 280X will fit perfectly. Good ASUS Mobo, no need to splurge for something overkill. SSDs aren't really good for this price range, especially one that is only 120GB. The caviar blacks are pretty quick and Western Digital has great warranty if something goes awry, 1TB is becoming the minimum for gaming and general computing. Does the person realize how Massive that case is?, i mean it says Mid tower but having handled one IRL that thing might as well be a full tower with how massive they are. Why windows 8.1?
  14. Did someone say Mod Post Train? The poster below me will not be a moderator.
  15. Mouse lift should be adjustable in your mouses software.
  16. If its still working better knock on some wood.
  17. One thing i love about Logitech is their warranty and their customer service. Both are top notch. They also have good build quality, not some shoddy piece of plastic like some companies. They really put a lot of thought into their products. Before my Corsair M95, i had a Logitech M510 for about 2 years.
  18. DPI isn't everything of course, you really don't want to use 8200 DPI on a daily basis as a slight twitch will send it across the screen and that isn't fun. Your higher quality sensors are the ones that have insanely high DPI numbers, quality come with a price and a performance gain in these situations. Their number seems inflated but i'm not here to argue semantics. I have a Corsair M95 in black, i really only use the full 8200 DPI for FPS games where i want to be super precise, anything else its around 6400-4800 for moving around my two monitors. I also got it because i like to bind stuff to my mouse instead of all over my keyboard. I go between the fingertip and palm grip, i like a mouse with a nice backing with a quality feel, also i am a fan of heavy mice.
  19. Actually that is just the opposite, Wired mouse have a better response time and are preferred by a professional gamers. Especially if you use a PS/2 connector which acts as a hardware interrupt, this can be explained very simply, When you use a USB interface you interface device should have a polling rate, this polling rate is how many times the CPU asks the mouse or keyboard "Hey, are you doing anything?", this process is rather slow in terms of milliseconds and actually puts a nearly unnoticeable hamper on your CPU. With a PS/2 interface the CPU no longer polls the input device as soon as you press a key on your keyboard or move your mouse the input is sent directly to the CPU and interrupts what it is doing to send your input to where it belongs. giving you a slightly better reaction time. The other advantage of using PS.2 is you can have full N-key rollover, this means simply that if you were to press all the keys on your keyboard they would all register. Wireless mice are really for comfort, Logitech has gone to great links with their G602 to make its input lag very small and almost unnoticeable to trained eyes.
  20. It seems to be becoming a crowd favorite. I also have the C70 in Black. Build quality is exceptional, Just about everything is made from Rolled steel, which is very nice. It has holes w/rubber grommets for cable management. Its nice to have a case with carry handles, and Latches instead of the old screw method of holding the sides on. Every intake/exhaust point on the case has a washable dust filer, keeps the insides nice and clean.
  21. High end gaming mice, or gaming mice in general, usually come with a assortment of special features that one would usually not find on regular consumer mice. Features such as, Adjust-ability, Polling Rates, macro buttons, and of course better sensors for movement such as high DPI Lasers. And yes they are usually more appealing than regular consumer mice. Marginal Benefit you say?, Well in terms of economics a mouse at the $80 price point usually has an 8200 DPI Laser Sensor, a handful of Macro keys that you can bind to in game actions, or actions on your computer. Your $40 price point mice come with a 4200DPI-6400DPI Laser for their sensor, and maybe two mouse buttons for binding macros. This usually depends on what brand you are looking at as they all do things differently. A Budget would be nice and then what you plan on using the mouse for, Do you play a lot of MMO's or RPG's?, do you play a lot of First Person Shooters?
  22. Honestly, if your going to sacrifice Quality for Looks, why not go ahead and buy a Razer Ouroboros? Joking aside, i can only recommend two brands to someone in good conscious Logitech and Corsair. Logitech makes some rock solid units that will last forever and their Logitech Gaming software is exceptional. They offer reasonable DPI options and are usually very comfortable. Logitech's product line can be found here. Corsair makes some rock solid units as well, Their software has gotten better. Their units have exceptional build quality, most feature an aluminum uni-body construction instead of plastic like most manufacturers. They are also usually sporting a high DPI laser, which is nice. Corsair's product line can be found here. These brands command a premium but are honestly worth the price if they fit what you are looking for. Do you know your grip style?, Your preference on grip material?, Do LEDs matter?, Wireless or Wired? These kind of decisions are very personal, you are going to be using the piece of equipment. Sometime its better to "Try it before you Buy it." The Rat series is nice, I like their idea of being able to customize it to fit your hand, But that all goes out the window when it stop working.
  23. Look at some of the Fractal Design cases, Really good build quality. Do you have a Microcenter near you?
  24. The 4670K is the one that is missing the features such as VT-d. If you really want VT-d you have to make sure your motherboard supports it. As for case, i cant think of one off the top of my head that has no top vents, that is such a odd problem to worry about. I understand the problem of them accidentally turning your computer off, but pouring liquids into it? Has this by chance happened before?
  25. Let me clarify, When i said, "Your only plus side to getting the K version is that you have an unlocked multiplier, there are no stripped out features." i should have probably put, "Your only plus side to getting the K version is that you have an unlocked multiplier, there are no stripped out features on the non-K processors." I understand that the K units do not come with a lot of specialty features. Even so most of those features do not apply to the average consumer who is trying to simply buy a computer to play video games and what have you. If we are being honest here, Current Gen CPUs such as Haswell and even Ivy/Sandy-Bridge are so powerful that the gain in performance between them isn't that amazing. Whats really changing is power consumption which is necessary for the After-PC Market, lets face it a day will come where a tablet will do everything a laptop can do. An example of this is the Microsoft Surface 2. The time is coming where Tablets will satisfy consumers need for a computer. Maybe is Intel can get their Broadwell Chips to stop melting the 14nm process will be worthwhile. There is a reason why many people are buying Haswell for new machines, one of them is that Intel's pricing scheme barely makes sense, Instead of old processors becoming cheaper they stay the same price. But this are all side issues.
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