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  1. Always watching eh? WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH The user below me will continue making bad puns.
  2. Well, I'm am merely Human After All. The user below me will make Bad Puns.
  3. 4 is indeed not prime. There are no brakes on the mod train. The user below me breaks the train.
  4. FALSE. The user below me is a mod.
  5. I had a build very similar to this before my rig. Do you really need 16GB of ram?, 8 is plenty, even with a large number of tabs, streaming with OBS and playing a AAA game i don't use anywhere close to 4. Maybe invest in a better GPU?, 460 is a little dated.
  6. How about this? Keeps Intel, Droped the CPU cooler. (You wont be overclocking, no need for it. Stock cooler keeps Haswell plenty happy) Fixed the ram predicament. If you want to, you could grab a Seagate Barracuda 500GB for a little less than the Caviar Blue. R9 270X > 7770
  7. You have the Regular 4570, the stock heat sink fan is perfectly fine for cooling the chip at its stock values, even with the limited overclock-ability of the Non-K chips.
  8. Do you have it installed in the correct PCIe Slot?
  9. Building a computer is Very Easy. If you can operate a screwdriver, you can build a computer. There is plenty of info in the OP that can help you when it comes to building a computer. For about the same money you can build this which performs better than the ibuypower prebuilt at nearly the same price point.
  10. Too answer your question about what if something DOAs and wont work. Many times when people build a computer they have parts that arrive Dead. This is a fact of computer building, the probability of it happening and you not being able to complete a build is rather low, the list of parts we have recommended is nothing short of quality parts. Components most likely to arrive DOA are things like the HDD, Ram, and probably the GPU. The Hard drive could have bad sectors but the company will RMA it and send you an equal or better product to replace it. Mushkin has a good RMA policy and i dont read about their products arriving to people dead so you will be fine, GPUs can go wrong for a multitude of reasons but that one doesn't seem to be ruining peoples builds. If your HDD goes bad, use your SSD until Seagate RMAs it. I had to do this with my build because my WD Caviar Blue arrived DOA. 120 is plenty for the OS, plenty of programs, and a couple games depending on size. If your GPU goes bad the inegrated GPU on the intel chip is plenty to keep doing day to day things, i don't recommend gaming on it but it seems to be reasonable at it. If your RAM DOAs you will be out of luck as you need that fro a system to post, i doubt this will happen but it is a possibility.
  11. Yeah, that is the one i linked a couple posts back. They are quick as sin, reasonably priced and don't use the dreaded sand-force controller.
  12. The Kingston SSDs use the sandforce controller, i do not recommend sand-force based SSDs. The Samsung 840 Evo uses samsungs controller and is a little bit more than it but in my opinion is worth every penny. I felt the same way about SSDs but now that i have one, there is no substitute. Why Windows 7 Pro over 7 Home Premium?
  13. Britain's prices are silly at times. The 7950 is plenty quick, shouldn't have a problem there. The guys across the pond don't seem to have the new cards from AMD. I don't see the need for 4TBs of Space, but if you need it you need it. I dont think you really need an aftermarket cooler, but if you want one here is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo on Amazon UK. Its a good cooler for the money. Here is an SSD i would recomend, Very fast for the price. only ~£20 more than a regular hard drive. Be weary of your power needs.
  14. Thread closed in reference of Forum Rule 2.2B.
  15. Very simple OP, One's different but both are the same. /Thread You guys know the rules about chat threads, If not please follow this to the rule.
  16. Go here, the lists read from left to right. European prices are like night and day compared to US Prices, This list is always nice and full of good suggestions. Samsung are making good SSDs right now, Their 840 Evo Line is stupid fast at a great price. As for HDD's go with Seagate or Western Digital they both do good. Price out a good monitor, ASUS and Dell make Good Monitors. Keyboard depends on if you want Mechanical or if Rubber dome is good for you. Mice depend on how you like your grip, how many macro buttons you need, things of that nature.
  17. Thread closed in reference to Teds Decision on Fan Threads and Megathreads. /Thread
  18. Take a look at this. Got the cheaper Corsair XMS3, Still has the same warranty and quality as Vengeance Ram. Changed the PSU to a Corsair CX600M, cheaper than the Seasonic but has the same level of quality and has a little more power. the Seagate hard-drives are just as good as any WD, you are fine there. Are you sure you want a Razer mouse?, they aren't doing to well reliability wise lately. The Logitech G series is doing really good and is rock solid reliable. Razer isn't doing very good these days, reliability wise. The Non-K processors have limited overclockability, plenty to keep his system happy without venturing to the K. Admittedly Corsair Ram is a little more expensive, The piece of mind brought by higher quality parts justifies the price IMO. Nothing is more frustrating when building a computer is parts that arrive DOA or Malfunction. The GTX 760 is a very fast GPU. There are only a few of the New cards from AMD that beat it, the only one of these cards worth getting is the R9 280X which is a little pricey in this budget.
  19. I assume this is a laptop? If your really need portability go for it. If not spend that chunk of change on a rig, Plenty of Mini-ITX stuff out there that takes up barely any space and is quick as sin.
  20. Closing this in regards to ruling on fan threads by Ted.
  21. These issues are KAS related, I understand that Majiir is now curator of said mods but these issues should be reported in their respective threads. Here is the correct place for you to post these issues.
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