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  1. Remember friend, Not all games come out on Console.
  2. Your banking on mantle becoming the standard, chances are it wont. Time will tell. Lets not get into an AMD vs. Intel argument, plenty of gross overstatements have been said lets leave it there. Saying Intel chips will flop because Mantle will make AMD chips better at managing workloads is silly. Saying AMD chips suck at gaming and Single threaded programs is silly, Modern CPUs are so powerful form both sides that the performance difference inside price brackets is minimal. Modern Titles, excluding some Indie games, are really heavy into the GPU, That is why when you build a computer you try to put a little more money into your GPU than CPU. Tl;Dr Version. Mantle is to young to say what it can/will do in the industry. Modern CPUs are stupid fast. GPUs are important.
  3. I really like all the research you have put into this build. Good Job. Take a look at this, Some better parts a little cheaper than your original list. I changed the ram form 1866 to 1600 Ram with a cooler, In the Bios settings you should be able to run that ram at 1866 if you really have to, and it is still blue. Changed the mobo to an ASUS one of the same chipset, A little bit more for better piece of mind. HDD is a very important part, Bumped it up to a Seagate Barracuda, They perform excellent and have very good build quality so it will last for quite some time. The 7790 is a decent card for entry level gaming, Good Choice. Cases are all Preference, If your patient and have enough zip ties Cable routing is manageable in most cases. Excellent PSU Choice. If you can wait a little bit, The AMD cards are going to come down in price to make room for the launch of new cards that are coming out so you may be able to snag a better card (Such as the 78XX series) for a little less. jfx makes good points, Maybe wait a little longer save up some more and then reevaluate the list.
  4. This is a way better use of funds in my opinion assuming you do bump up your budget. the Board is the good Z87 chip-set, It supports 2x SLI/Crossfire (Assuming you would ever get into it.) I don't recommend trying to push Haswell chips. They tend to run hot even with high end cooling once you get their speed high enough. The wireless card is just as good as the integrated one on that other motherboard, you wont see any difference using the AC nic on the board because your router isn't AC as you stated earlier. the cooling fins on the Vengeance ram doesn't do that much to cool the ram as, putting a piece of metal on the chips already maximizes out the cooling potential. Dont bother buying vengeance as the XMS3 is basically the same PCB and chips minus the large cooling fins. You even get the same lifetime warranty.
  5. I think this is better. The difference between the CX builder series and the PRO series of PSU's from corsair is limited, but the price gap is gigantic. I found the board i was looking for, It has 2x PCIE x16 3.0 and one PCIE 2.0 x16. The wireless add on card will be better suited for your situation that the integrated one, as you can not take advantage of the ac features.
  6. Ta-Daa? The 802.11 AC isn't faster on your existing wireless, to take advantages of it your router would need to be ac. I dont think you can justify getting the board with the system built in when the expansion cards by asus are just as fast on your existing network. I don't think the K is worth it, even with the standard you have a limited unlock so you can push the Haswell chip. Personally i don't think overclocking a Haswell is a good idea, you will need some serious cooling if you want to push them far. The Semi-Modular PSUs is Very manageable in the C70 case, all you will need is a 600W and the one in this list i currently have an i like it very much. I would trust the ASUS card over the EVGA one, they are both great manufacturers, but for the money, I would grab the ASUS one.
  7. The 802.11 ac wireless is backwards compatible with the previous interations of 802.11. Gains from overclocking can be mixed in terms of performance, in benchmarks it will say its faster and does better but in irl I don't think you'll notice it too much. If haswell kept the limited change multiplier like in ivy-bridge then you will still have the ability to give your cpu a little boost. Point Taken, Hows this tickle your fancy? Same Quality parts, I even bumped up the GPU to the ASUS model with its monstrous cooler it runs a little faster. Both PCI-e Slots on this board are 16x, so you can do a 2x SLI/Crossfire down the road if you wanted. Cases are mostly personal preference, i have that case and It is Superb, Everything is Steel, the cable routing is superb, and it comes with a good amount of fans pre-installed, and airflow is nice in that case. If you have another one in mind feel free to change it around, Well within budget.
  8. A handful of questions before i say either build, Do you need a wireless card? ASUS has a Z87 Mini ITX Motherboard with a built in Wireless card, it is pretty good. Do you really plan on overclocking your CPU?, if not skip the K series and the After market cooler. The only upside to the K series is that its multiplier is unlocked so you can overclock it. The stock Haswell coolers are keeping the chip temps very nice at stock clock. It bothers me that the other builds do not have an SSD, at your price point there is no reason why not to get one. Ive trimmed it a little and switched up some stuff. I personally wouldn't bother with an AMD build with your budget. This will handle everything and still comes in within budget. The 7850 is outclassed by the 760 and even the non-K 4670 is faster than the FX-6XXX chips. All the stuff on this list is of the utmost quality ASUS makes Great motherboards and EVGA makes very good graphics cards, Nothing to worry about with DOA stuff. The SSD is a Samsung 840 Evo, a very fast SSD at an amazing price point. The HDD which will act as a data drive is a WD Caviar Black, I recomend these over the caviar blues because i got a caviar blue and it arrived DOA. GPU is the same I added the selected keyboard. I have a TV running to my rig off an HDMI cord and it works just fine, i see no problems with this. Just in case, does it have a VGA Port or DVI Port?, The card will come with an adapter so that you can run it to the card. Mechanical Keyboards have faster inputs and are usually geared towards gamers and some towards typing. You will be fine with the one you chose, Logitech makes some rock sold peripherals when it comes to reliability and build quality.
  9. ATX, Mini ITX, EATX, Micro ATX. They are all the different form factors that Motherboards come in. Your Mini ITX and Micro ATX(Assuming you get a small case) Are geared towards your people who want something that doesn't take up a lot of real estate and excel in mobility but lack features such as SLI/crossfire more than 1 expansion slot, though a lot of manufacturers are getting over that problem rather creatively. ATX is what most people get for their builds, can be refereed to as a full sized board, usually have plenty of Lanes for expansion cards and some of the higher end boards support Crossfire/SLI. Your EATX, or Extended ATX motherboards, are usually for your super high end enthusiasts who want features such as Quad channel memory, 4x Crossfire/SLI, and sometimes even provisions for an open loop water cooling system. SLI is Nividias name for their Multi-GPU system. Crossfire is AMDs name for their Multi-GPU System. Personally, i would rather have one high-end single GPU, their are some compatibility issues that i think haven't been sorted out yet, and not all games perform better with it. As jfx stated earlier it is the 3570K of Haswell, They are bench-marking and performing very well with the right GPU combination. Now the fun part of Peripherals, This will/may effect budget depending on what you want. Do you want a Mechanical Keyboard?, or is just any ole rubber dome keyboard going to suffice your needs? What about Mouse?, i wouldn't think you need a gaming mouse but everyone has their own tastes. Displays are where things get fun, is a 1080p monitor good for what you do?, Interested in 1440p? Any other games outside of Civ and KSP?
  10. My side of the AMD v. Intel would be that it all depends on what you are going to do with your rig, Modern CPUs are so Fast/Powerful that telling the difference between them from machine to machine can be difficult. If anything the GPU is becoming the defining area of computers. Here is a Stupid Fast Intel Haswell Mini ITX Rig. Im not the biggest fan of Watercooling, I personally like High End Air Cooling. The 760 is a Very Nice Card for the money, The CPU you can drop it to a 4670 non-K and not mess with overclocking and drop then Aftermarket cooler to save a little cash. This build is assuming that you have a separate budget for peripherals, such as monitors/keyboard/mouse. At your budget, there is no reason not to go for an Intel Solution. UNLESS you are going to be doing a lot of Streaming using programs like X-split or OBS and need the extra power to encode video on the fly, for some reasons those programs love the high-end AMD FX Processors. The OP of this post has some great info for a first time builder, If you can operate a Screwdriver you can assemble a computer. This list is pretty good at sorting out parts to a level of performance.
  11. Nividia may drop the prices of their cards when AMD releases their new cards so i would wait around that time.
  12. Honestly, you will see a drastic change in KSP with any set of modern hardware. To do that will require a New Motherboard, CPU and RAM. Are you Partial to AMD or Intel? Asuming that you can transfer everything you use onto a new Mobo, and sticking to a ~$200USD Budget. AMD Option. Intel Option.
  13. Make up a budget, I am sure it can be done.
  14. Personally, I like having a good Chipset so maybe a good ASUS Z87 motherboard would be in order?, What kind of games do you play? Maybe bump up to a Nividia GTX 760, they are very cheap lately and should only get cheaper towards the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. I wouldn't bother getting a Nividia GTX 6XX at this point as the 760's on the market are only a couple dollars more than say a 660/670/680. What is your budget for your upgrade?
  15. Depends, what do you want to do with it? Personally, i like having a good Chipset so maybe a good ASUS Z87 motherboard would be in order? Maybe bump up to a GTX 760?(Very cheap lately, will only get cheaper towards Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I wouldnt bother getting a GTX 6XX at this point.) Depending on what your doing program and game wise, maybe bump up the processor?
  16. It has to bee the large quantity all at once on the page.
  17. Closing thread in reference to Forum rule 2.2B.
  18. Honestly, I love my FX-8350. I run a healthy amount of stuff while running OBS, Its a very good chip.
  19. The best way to do it is to go forth and try it. You'll make mistakes, but that's how you learn what to do. /thread
  20. Multiplayer is not currently a part of KSP and is not planned for the near future, discussion on the subject is therefore off-topic.
  21. Good thing i Use HW Monitor and not the AMD Tools. The Power consumption depending on your area and factors as such is barely a factor in MOST situations, at best it as a facetious talking point, This is not the place for such talk. I think more of his concern is those Cards pilling tons of power, That would really be the killer. Look at your options before jumping on a cooling solution, The NZXT Kraken Series have been getting good reviews maybe look at them. Maybe look into a Heatsink/Fan. I honestly do not think the 9590 is worth its salt, But to each their own.
  22. The Cooler is of monstrous proportions i assure you. 59F/95F Idle/Load. Im switching to a larger case today a Corsair C70 Vengeance in Black, more fans so i may see better temps form other components. Ill post pics when i am done.
  23. That went right over my head, you are running at 5Ghz?, Whats the TDP at that Freq?
  24. Its all about Surface Area and Heat Pipes when it comes to Air Cooling, Two things the massive phanteks does. Then agian the PH-TC14PE can compete and beat the H100i. Certianly a ton of air moving in that case, I could only guess if an aircooler would do good in there. I need to look into getting a wider case, This Cooler barely fits in my current one.
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