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  1. Pretty rig, I have that same Motherboard and CPU. What kind of Temps are you getting with that H80i?, I choose a Phanteks PH-TC14PE and it keeps my 8350 down to 15C/35C Idle/Load. I wonder how an Air Cooled Solution would work in the Corsair Cube?
  2. Closing Thread with Reference to Rule 2.4 Full text: 2.4 Language, spelling and grammar All messages must be sent in English unless otherwise indicated. The user should make an effort to use proper grammar and spelling, meaning that txt-speak, 1337-speak and other exclusionary jargons are prohibited. -- Note from Aphox Please note that we've also closed more than one of these in the past. From the most recent:
  3. While you're right in saying that most games on Steam try to authenticate through Steam, KSP will still run successfully without it. This also works for some other games, you'll find a lot of people resorting to 'launching the exe from the game folder' in case they can't launch Steam. If you look in your Steam Apps Folder you will see the KSP folder, From here there is a .exe (Known as an executible) this is how we started the game before it was on steam. With this established you can copy/paste the KSP folder anywhere you please.
  4. To better help you, A specific model number of the laptop would be nice. Why not take this over to the KSP Computer Building Megathread?
  5. Why not take this over to the KSP Computer Building Megathread?
  6. I have been thinking of getting the Corsair 600T. How do you like it?
  7. Thread closure in reference to Forum Rule 2.2B
  8. Hard drives over 1TB just have to partioned on a different setting, the process is still the same in the same place. I would say go with these parts for that budget. If you can nudge it up a little more (~20USD) you can swing an A10-6800K.(Assuming you want to stay with the APU) Hard drives depend on some factors but I always recomend Seagate or Western Digital.
  9. Overclocking is relatively straight foreword if you do some homework on it. If I find some well written articles on how to and such ill put it in the OP.
  10. Here are the builds side by side. Here is the Intel Build. Here is the AMD Build. AMD is good at Multitasking and Productivity. Intel is good at per core performance. The AMD is fast as sin and can go a lot farther if overclocked. The intel has a locked multiplier, no overclocking. The prices are nearly the same so its now all personal preference and what you are going to be doing with the computer.
  11. It boils down to what you are doing with your rig. Upgradibility is good on both sockets. If i wanted to save some cash and get as much out of my build as i could, i would go AMD. I trimmed this list a little, better parts at a lower price.
  12. Build looks good, IF you can spend a little more in the GPU department you could get a GTX 660. Also might want to get an aftermarket CPU Cooler. As far as AMD vs. Intel. What are you going to do with this machine? If its strictly gaming only I would swing towards Intel, but if your going to be doing a lot of multitasking the FX chips are pretty darn good at it. Give some thought about what you are going to do with this machine.
  13. Why not join us on the KSP Computer Building Megathread?
  14. This thread has gone on far enough. If there was any sign of maturity here maybe it could have stayed open. There were multiple warnings to stay on topic that were unheeded. This thread will be closed for violation of Rule 2.2C, not because of the OP but because of the content of posters regarding the OPs content.
  15. Motherboards have a form factor, cases have a form factor they support. One of the measurements that determines a form factor is where the ports from the expansion cards will come out of. These measurements are all standardized, No need to worry. Just remove the metal tab that covers the expansion slot and you are golden.
  16. I hope you have a power supply that can power those cards, They can get hungry. The 7770 is 8.8" long. The 7870 IS 9.5" long. Take a measurement device and measure from the rear pannel on your computer and measure foreward, record the measurement and you will have your answer.
  17. Glad to hear progress in finding the culprit of your computer woes.
  18. A H100i *should* be able cool the 4770K enough if you were to do a crazy 4.6Ghz OC. But i dont think you are going to do that. If you can fit the antec into your case it has a nice density to its rad, The Corsair is a little on the thin side. I love corsair products but i would go with the antec. It comes with two fans while the corsair comes with one so the antec should breath better. Its up to you.
  19. If you can RMA your board and get a new/refurbished one, I would do that. It seems one thing after another, A bent pin doesnt exlpain the ram problems. But then agian, depends what that pin does. RMA it and then see if everything works. Well, Your current rig is LGA1155. You can go all the way up to a 3770K, Which is still good and can handle those flight sims and the ivy bridge chips handle OCs better. A 780 is monsterous card only slightly below the Titan. Why so low on the ram?, Why not 16Gb, sure its overkill but all those programs you listed LOVE ram. you could just upgrade your current rig 3770K w/ Cooling System / GTX 780 / 16GB ram. Assuming your motherboard has 4 slots. But if you need a computer at both places, Your idea sounds good but I would put more ram into the builds. like 8 in the first and 16 in your "Monster" . I have to say it, Fermi Furnace. Im on the fence with Haswell. Its stupid fast for mobile applications, But overclocking haswell has gotten mixed reviews. If your going to get one, leave it stock or have a really mild OC with a good cooling system.
  20. It depends on what you want to do with this machine and your budget. If your going to upgrade you might as well build it yourself, in my opinion.
  21. It gives no specifics on hardware. But based upon info given we can guess its specs. No Graphics card, Its running on intergrated Graphics. Dont expect anything more than browsing the internet. It has a slow hard drive. Not bad if your going to do Web Browsing. It does have expansion slots for a Dedicated GPU, so that is good. If the processor is what i think it is, its a socket LGA1155, which means you can upgrade it down the road if you want. Price right now is as close as your going to get to building it yourself price. Albet, in my opinion, building that computer would mean you get better quality parts.
  22. That PSU should keep the card happy, Make sure it fits though. Corsair gives you a bunch of cables of decent length making routing difficult, you may want to invest in the modular version of that PSU. You are going to get a lot of answers that are subjective in nature with that kind of question. If you want an honest opinion on what to upgrade you should get very familiar with your systems specs first. Info such as mobo, PSU, cpu socket, motherboard chipset, ect. Is it a prebuilt?, custom?, or Laptop?
  23. This should work. I have the bigger model of this and it keeps my my FX-8350 at ~22C while gaming. The fans are whisper quiet and are PWM so they spool down when your not doing anything. The mounting system is very well made. The cooler is made out of Nickle plated copper.
  24. OP, give your computer a nice cleaning, specificly the Powersupplys fan. Process count is not a good way to judge your computers performance. As far as an upgrade, dont upgrade anything, if you really want a faster computer, build a newer system. And here is why. Your CPU socket is AM2+, Far behind in AMD sockets. Your Mobo will only support DDR2 Ram, which is Slow, Expensive, and not worth investing in. Why not join us on the Computerbuilding Megathread?
  25. Why an 8320? Why not a FX-6350, or FX-4350. Maybe lower the processor to one of the aformentioned and put a little more into the GPU. You do realise your build as it stands is over 500USD. You can get a Closed Loop watercooling solution or a Heatsink/Fan Solution. How much room do you have in your case?, Is noise a concern?, What is your budget?
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