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  1. If you can save up ~$29USD more. This in my opinion is a better idea. I like the board being able to take AM3+ which means you can go to a FX later down the road. Look over the changes, Let me know.
  2. It looks like a good build. What do you plan on doing with it?, I would assume you would use it for mostly gaming and Classwork.
  3. You know why. /thread
  4. I would not invest in an AM2 Socket, it has lived its useful time. And that board is DDR2 so any upgrades for ram will be $$$. Personally, in your case i would get an AM3+ Board some DDR3 Ram and a Low end FX CPU, like and FX-4XXX or FX-6XXX, and then use the parts from my last build to make a working computer. Upgrade components as nessicary down the road. You could switch to a Socket 1155 intel board as prices are artificailly low as we speak becuase suppliers need to get rid of their stock so they can hold all the new haswell stuff. Haswell stuff is also artificailly low in price as well so maybe that peaks your intrest. Come up with a budget and what you want to do with the computer, i can help.
  5. This first ost of this thread has a nice Hardware Chart and some videos cover the basics. Other thna that if you can make sure you are grounded(static kills parts). Microfiber towels are your friend. Most parts fit in their slots/bays/plugs one way. If you can operate a screwdriver, you can build a computer. The manual is your friend.
  6. Presenting to you all My New Computer. Specs/Parts list can be found here. My 1Tb Hard Drive for it has been RMA'd so until it gets back i get to play KSP, Starmade, and Papers, Please. The Hard Drive was so Dead it was slowing down my SSD. On to SSD's It boots in 10 Seconds flat. Worth every Penny.
  7. Yes Yes, if you can get your hands on the manuals for your computer parts can be an invaluable tool for making sure your ram is supported and things of that nature. The service in question is quite good at doing that same task, not the same percision of a manual but pretty darn good imo. Not many people trust the grey PSUs that are synonymous with being better used as a paperweight. If you check the QR code you can see how good(or dangerous) your product is. It is always good to invest in a quality PSU.
  8. Maybe come join us on the KSP computer Building Megathread? We can help you. Here is a rig for the gamer who wants bang for buck, $21 out of your budget but if you can save a little more up for a rig you will not be dissapointed.
  9. I aquired a Samsung 840 Pro in the 128GB flavour.
  10. Ive been using that for a while and its a very good service. You can build a decent gaming rig for ~$550 USD. AMD Option. Intel Option.
  11. There was a good discussion of SSDs in the begining of this thread. Im on the fence about SSDs. I bought an SSD for my rig. Ill make my mind up when I see it in action.
  12. It would be relatively hard for the consumer market to find a board that can handle 220w through the socket without having problems. Let them tinker with it for another year, maybe. Maybe get an SSD and a Dedicated Graphics Card?
  13. The two new CPUs will be the FX-9370 and the FX-9590. Some decent info on them, Not much. They both have a TDP of 220W. There arent many boards that can handle that kind of juice going through the socket. I dont think they are worth it as they are going to be priced very high. Just get an FX-8350 and OC it to 5Ghz, Its more than capable if you have a good cooling system and power supply.
  14. That CPU comes with a stock CPU cooler, which is good if you dont plan to OC. With an Upgraded CPU cooler you can do some Overclocking, a Very popular thing with that CPU. You can take it off but dont expect to do some OC without some sort of upgraded heat sink/cooling system.
  15. This build. Is better all around still within budget. The processor changed to a Phenom II 965, Very Overclockable unlocked CPU. Threw in a CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212, large thermal mass good CPU cooler. Same speed Ram, little cheaper. Changed the PSU to a Corsair CX430, not familiar with the other PSU. This one will do the job a little cheaper without comprimising reliability or quality. Everything else stayed the same.
  16. Yeah, you should be fine, i thought you had gotten a GTX 770, My bad. Your PSU should be plenty to feed that beast.
  17. Thermal Paste can be a bit tricky. In the first post of this is a bunch of useful information for first time builders or builders in general.
  18. You could get these parts. As close as i could get to the budget. A CX500 Should be enough to keep it happy with room for more upgrades down the road. It is the same price a CX430. The Radeon HD 7770 is good performance for the price. Someone else may have another suggestion. Corsair makes great Power Supplys at good prices, XFX makes good cards.
  19. First step in making a decision for an upgrade is a budget. Well, first after you make sure you can upgrade.
  20. Okay, a PSU, is a Power Supply Unit. It supplys power to the System. PCIe stand for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, It is a slot where Add on cards are added, most noticebly a GPU.
  21. If it is the same computer that is here. And the one pictured here. Yes you can put a better graphics card in it. It has a PCIe slot as shown in the picture. I would recomend upgrading the PSU if you are going to get a Mid to High end GPU.
  22. Sorry, i had thought you bought a superclocked/Overclocked card. Im not too sure on how much that card uses under normal load. Thos amps values only would have mattered if you had got a OC/SC card. The Noctua will clear the ram modules, All you have to do is adjust the Fans when you clip them on the heat sink. I will have the same problem with my Phanteks. But they make a clip on fin system so that you can move the fans for clearance. I have always been on the fence about Ram with Heat Spreaders, Theres a lot of Opinion out there with it. The general concensus is that your average end user will never notice a difference, But at higher speed (2066+) the coolers make the ram ~10% better at dissapating heat compared to bare modules.
  23. Granted, But we didnt start the fire. It was always burning since the world was turning. I wish for a better mouse trap.
  24. That PSU doesnt put out enough AMPs on the 12v rail to keep a GTX 770 or GTX 760 happy. Sorry mate. That PSU only puts out 40amps. The 760 needs ~43amps and the 770 needs ~46amps.
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