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  1. KSP Making History

    Superb! Is this free (at least for me) DLC based only on the history of space exploration or does it have a look even to the close future tech? Making history could mean even trace new paths with new technologies.
  2. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    yeah... i can understand now.... but where is Felipe? I have to admit there were almost no progress in the game once he left the chair. And pls Fix that damned "Drill-O-Matic" Mining extractor Once for all!!!
  3. LoL yeah and i remember Jesus was on implement it in... LOL!
  4. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    The bad thing is the "Drill-O-Matic" Mining Excavator is STILL bugged as hell.... looks like moved by the kraken force... twisting until all the craft is in pieces... WHO WILL FIX THAT???
  5. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    You can't image how deep can the dark side be...
  6. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    2012-08-01..... since i bought the game and yes... Squad is Squad. They had a product in mind and they released it after almost 4 years... every step, the Mun, Docking system, manoeuvre system, other planets has been added as promised without asking a half cent more. THIS is what i call having squared balls. TT is not a game development, they are money makers. They work as and industry... It's something really different from being over all the parts creating your own idea and project in direct contact with the community, and i have to say the best community ever. And More than that... TT has not wrote NOTHING at all in this forum, assuring, greetings themselves with the community. So... that's not good if they don't have even a PR to interact with people. They don't have even a plan... but Who need a plan when you have Money! a lot of Money! and more Money to cover your mistakes? Weapons, aliens... other solar systems FTL drive, prostitute and drugs. I think they have already choose the color of the Kerbal blood... Can't wait to have my orbital brother and to have Jeb sniffing the Mun dust... ... i have the game i paid for, now all this stuff is useless and if i want more i have the support of the community MODs... this game have already so much stuff to be implemented in the vanilla that i can't see nothing TT can do than it's already done. So... the only way to spill money from the ALREADY customers is to block MODs and force to buy their stuff... What do you think? they will declare such a thing now? They are far from being stupid.
  7. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    So, finally it happens.... my only question is... will i have to re-pay KSP to have the same contract i had with Squad? i want to say that Squad Always took UP the community requests as primary goal. I can't forget all the steps followed by KSP, and the Devs works as good as i fell part of the project. Thanks Squad no company will be like you. As i could see from the 1.1 the game progress are not enough. Feeling like reached the top of the cup. TT have nothing to do with a game like KPS. In all theirs games there are violence and guns. We will see: an impressive Graphic bump with an absurd system requirement. A new "no brain" game where even a child could build an SSTO with 100t of payload. new cool features to keep calm the most of the players and to reach new customers without respecting the soul of the game. (that as been kept clear until now). the TT logo instead of the squad one at the start of the game.... i'm already crying. TT have to place the hands and give a personal touch the the product. But i don't think they will face the fact that the game was Already amazing without them, and they will don't mind to change every line to repay this investment. Business is Business and we are just customers. From me, that was a really amazing trip with Squad. HARVESTER!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!! LET US EAR YOUR VOICE!!!!!!!! PLAESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Air Intake

  9. Air Intake

    i've tried to place intakes inline with the engine, and seems that the trust is higher than placing the same inline intakes laterally, is that the intake flow or just a matter of aerodynamic? who knows... how to get better performance? i get better performance with less intakes with this example, may your can explain better your tries please? True??!?! this is SAD!
  10. Air Intake

    Hello! Since the dawn i could understand how the intake influence the engines. Now i can't really understand how the air intake system works, really it look like faked in every test i have made. My tries brought me this conclusion: every engines have a altitude range were they works. you place a useless intake and the engine works as the same as with 4 or 6 more suitable ones. Rapier always stop to works at 30k, the trust always decade at the same altitude. Seems that the system is auto limited. So my request and my question: will be possible to have a more clear in game value to understand the relations between the engine and the air intake? apparently the system is totally broken. And i ask the community their experiences to understand better this odd. Have you some math to show? have you found a way to understand the actual system? what do you think about air intakes? Thanks.
  11. 1.3 - What will it have?

    Life support is the Huge missing of the game. Huge missing. And if you are worried about the 90% players saves... it's something that worn the pay. Restart a new whole campaign. Life support is important as it was the docking before implemented and will change the game as the resource harvesting has done.
  12. My idea will born with a Forum contest where Squad would choose : the most appropriate crafts (full stock, numbers of parts etc etc...) suited for each role (Station, spaceship, rovers, base...) and then: fit them in game as new kind of missions: ASAAA space agency Station (example) needs to be refilled with "ore" ( i'd like to have more resources in STOCK game like water/food DAMMIT life support should be THE really FIRST priority as was the docking once upon a time...) hem hem let's continue... As you accept the mission a ASAAA space station appears (the same as you have to save an unlucky kerbal) the where depends. Refill the station and the ASAAA space station will formulate a "refill contract" with you creating a trading route (that's WHY more resources are needed) you have to satisfy too maintain the contract and the "daily" income. Asteroids in full Platinum will increase (as a trading resource in kerbin) the will of drilling and the wallet. 1) STUPID SUGGESTIONS (neurons food) Ok here the fun... i don't really like ASAAA space agency i really hate them and i dislike the most theirs design.... I ACCEPT THE MISSION and fire a huge UltraHeavy Missile right on top of their station A#¶[@ò*.... unfortunate acting like this will make ASAAA space agency produce missiles against my precious crafts all around the space ( not just rise my killboard ) ... so new interception mission (intercept that missile before reach your station, save ASAAA spaceship from a pass thought the sun...) or defensive ( probe distorter signals... ECM..) or elusive missions ( change orbit trajectory )... or even boarding actions like old skull pirates... just to create a real no rules competition over space... just paint the space with green blood. beware from the dark side. Taking advantage of the actual kebals skills i will add mental and physical insanity (and the kerbals aspect give confirm): Sending Jeb in a 666 days sun orbit inside a can of beans will make him ask for chili... but the same trip with irina "the 30daysmonthmestruate" keman will transform you trip in a "New Horizon" style nightmare... consequences? any use in game? any fun? no of them... read point 1. Multiplayer. serious P.S. WE NEED STOCK LIFE SUPPORT!
  13. Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1 is live!

    ....Andvanced tweakable.... Carmageddon GOTCHA!!!!
  14. Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1 is live!

    maybe i've miss something but with the new patch i can't: -remove fairing decoupler from the stage tree. -no more autostruct. -no fuel turtle.
  15. First- This is the best Thread ever in this forum and should be always on top. Second- this thread have the pure KSP spirit in it. Hours of test, failures stress and work are replaced with a laugh of happiness. Third- the thread makes all the people who takes (wrongly in my personal opinion) the game too seriously apart (and that's a good thing). Calculations, MJ, hours of planning, cheats, "amazing projects" are nothing against the real happening of the fun (or the kraken). Fourth- thanks to all the KPS community for the shares!