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  1. The New shader with EVE clouds pic is spot on. That's where I would love to see the final version of this end up. Wonderful work Blackrack. As always, take your time
  2. Unfortunately since there haven't been any official updates to EVE, there's not much I can do. Thesonicgalaxy did all the configs and technical work and it was his original vision. I was just doing art assets. When there is a new version of EVE, I'll take a look and see if it's something I'd like to tackle again but for now I would consider this mod on permanent hold. I'd be happy to release assets to anyone who wants to use them for their own packs etc. I've looked at the work in progress EVE and what people are doing but there's a lot going on that I'm unfamiliar with. I also don't anticipa
  3. Thank you for continuing work on this mod! I've missed it a lot and look forward to using it again.
  4. Just wanted to chime in and thank NecroBones for your hard work. This is my favorite parts pack and I'm grateful to see you're still on board for updating it for 1.0. Take your time and don't stress over it
  5. It's wonderful to have you back Rbray! Please take your time and don't stress over these projects. I burned myself out working on the Better Atmospheres pack so I know how it can go. I'm glad you are well and look forward to what the future brings.
  6. Better Atmospheres is on hiatus until there is a new release of EVE. When and if EVE gets an update, I'll be revisiting this pack. Sorry I can't offer an estimate.
  7. I'll make a new thread for V6 once EVE gets to the point where I feel like I can really bite into it. I'll certainly do everything I can to beautify Kerbin's Atmosphere within the limits of what EVE can do and keeping performance manageable. KSP still has its memory limits since the 64bit version is too unstable for me to want to mess with. Doesn't mean it won't work but I'll be focusing on the 32bit version for now.
  8. Yeah, if there were another gas giant, I'd throw a ring on it but I've always been partial to a ring-less Jool I don't see keeping that for the next update.
  9. I don't believe Rbray has plans to support bump/normal maps, but one can dream right?
  10. Hello everyone! Erona here, one of the creators of Better Atmospheres. So I've got all these lovely textures from this pack and would enjoy making more but Thesonicgalaxy was the creator and ultimate visionary of what Better Atmospheres is. As EVE nears it's next update, I would like to check it out for myself and see what I can do to continue where BAV5 left off. However this would mean dialing back its scope. TSG was in charge of all the technical stuff involving EVE, KittopiaTech Ingame terraforming tools (planet rings), and Custom Asteroids. I am pretty confident once I get my hands on the
  11. Glad ya'll like them I'd like to take over Better Atmospheres but the scope of it would be smaller than TSG's vision since it was his baby and he handled all the technical stuff and pack presentation (I'm just the art guy hehe). Anyway, I'm getting off topic so I'll move this discussion off this thread and continue it on the Better Atmospheres thread. Worst case, I'll make the textures all publicly available for whatever folks wanna do with them.
  12. Been playing with my city textures and particles from Better Atmospheres and am loving how they look in this overhaul! Thanks Rbray for all your work. By the way, I haven't heard from Thesonicgalaxy in a while and don't know if he's continuing BA. If he's not, I'd be happy to offer up my textures for your pack. The cities and cloud particles I worked on look really nice in the overhaul (bias opinion hehe).
  13. I haven't been in touch with TSG in a while and have just been observing where EVE is going waiting for its next release before persuing any more updates to BA. I did mostly texture work on the BA package but might be able to work on actual configs once I get my hands on EVE when its done to continue work on BA. Thanks for all your hard work as always rbray!
  14. Thanks for the update rbray! You're doing fabulous work.
  15. Hello! I've been around the whole time. Just lurking Been busy with summer things and since EVE doesn't have a release time frame at this point, I didn't think I'd be able to contribute much until it's out. Hoping it's still chugging along.
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