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  1. I checked out now on stock parts ...You're right... i,m sorry ;/
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately it does not help . . . or I doing something wrong?! Video below 7.2 and 7.1 but I can live with that cheers.
  3. Hi I have one isssue with money display in 7.2... Version 7.1 works like a charm Video below and a list of my mods. Video Mods list cheers.
  4. OK the issue returns if I add RealPlume and SmokeScreen. I made another video that shows this issue. The first part of the video ( 00.00 to o6.1o ) shows the flight of a rocket, Mun lander and Minmus lander . . . everything works fine. The second part of the video ( o6.1o to the end ) shows what happened if I add RealPlume and SmokeScreen... I am doing exactly the same as in the first part of the video. If I delete RealPlume and SmokeScreen issue disappears and everything works fine. I do not know what to think!?
  5. So it seems to me that somewhere there is a conflict . . . or there must be some kind of load order mods for ModuleManager. If you have time to reinstall the game and start to install Mods starting from KerbalJointReinforcement . . . I did as I wrote earlier and that helped me.
  6. Hello I had the same issue earlier, and I solved this. Step by step what I did. 1- first I installed. KerbalJointReinforcement, ModuleManager.2.7.2, 000_Toolbar, VenStockRevamp 2- I turned the game and built a small Lander - use consol - destination Mun and Minmus - ground. 3- then I installed. DistantObject, EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, jool_rings, Kopernicus, KSP-AVC, ModularFlightIntegrator, PlanetShine, scatterer, StockVisualEnhancements, SVEKopernicus, TextureReplacer, Firespitter 4- I turned the game and test it. 5- then I installed. Chatterer, img_viewer, KerbalEngineer, MemGraph, PartCommanderContinued, PreciseManeuver, RCSBuildAid, StageRecovery, Trajectories, KerbalAlarmClock, KSPAlternateResourcePanel, TransferWindowPlanner, TweakScale, UbioWeldingLtd, WaypointManager, AmpYear, Docking Port Alignment Indicator 6- I turned the game and test it. 7- then I installed. [x] Science!, DMagicOrbitalScience, FP_DPSoundFX, KIS, NearFutureSolar, FinalFrontier, Olympic1ARPIcons, SCANsat 8- I turned the game and test it. 9- then I installed latest mod,s Asteroid Day for Kerbal Space Program 1.2, AviationLights, Coatl Aerospace, DMagicScienceAnimate, DMagicUtilities, FuelTanksPlus, KOSMOS, NearFutureProps, ReentryParticleEffect, StationPartsExpansion, SurfaceLights 10- I turned the game and test it. I hope that you will know what I mean. Below is the video . . . works very well cheers
  7. I had only two errors. It looks like that they are already fixed ! Correct loading of the probe on the surface of the Mun . . . (no jumps). No accidental rotation of the rocket during flight. Thx
  9. Hi I do not know if only I have the BUG with RCS 105-Model works fine but there is no Audio and Particle effects, the rest of the RCS is working well.
  10. No niestety nie ... ale może jak kiedyś dodadzą przeguby... to kto wie
  11. Hello Making AT-ST Walker ( stock parts ), it took me about 3.5h . What is interesting is standing on its own feet and the center of gravity is there where it should be
  12. Widzę że spokój na forum absolutny To dam coś na pobudzenie ... Zajęło mi to dziś jakieś 3.5h i jest zrobiony ze stock-owych części Oczywiście nie obyło się bez improwizowania i wyszło jak wyszło. Co ciekawe stoi o własnych siłach a środek ciężkości jest tam gdzie powinien być ( przypadek ). I na koniec skala do porównania Kerbal/AT-ST Pozdrawiam