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  1. RLA and SpaceY both add 0.625m boosters, as well as a bunch of other parts. If you're looking for a mod with just the SRBs, Phoenix Industries: Boosters might be more your thing. hope that helps
  2. SETI-BalanceMod adds a hybrid engine, which can also be found separately Hybrid Rocket Booster.
  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. Although it would be nice if the scatter was properly attached to the ground. (no more floating rocks/trees) It would also be really cool if you could pick up terrain scatter with the docking claw, although I'm sure that would be way more complicated to add.
  4. Being able to collide with terrain scatter. Also, buildings as terrain scatter.
  5. I support adding more mechanics in place of or in addition to the current KSP difficulties. Though I feel having actual levels of difficulty isn't quite the way to go about it. Similar to the current model, where each element is tweak able individually, I think that harder mechanics should also be able to be toggled independently. Say, for example, you want life support but not reentry heating.
  6. This looks quite amazing. Is it possible to change the size of planets individually, I'd love to be able to have a tiny jool and a massive gilly
  7. Day 3 of my attempt of kerbin is out. You can check that out in mission reports, or my signature.
  8. Day 3 is now up. Also, school is a thing I have to do, so future parts may take longer. as it's harder to find time for driving.
  9. The rover is amphibious. The fins are so I can steer it on water.
  10. I decided to to start a circumnavigation of kerbin and its moons. You can check that out here.
  11. I recently decided to try my hand at one of the challenges on the forums. I decided to do the Elcano Challenge, which involves ground and sea based circumnavigations of planets and moons. I've set my sites on kerbin, the mun, and minmus. My goal is to circumnavigate all of them. I will be using quicksaves/quickloads for these trips. I'm going to quicksave every 5 minutes. I'll be updating this thread as I go. Mission 1: Kerbin I'm starting with kerbin for no particular reason. However, I'm putting a little twist on things. I'm not starting at the KSC. Okay, not much of a twist. I plan to fly my vehicle in a plane and air drop it a decent way away from the KSC. Here is my target drop zone and planned route. Mission Stats (Kerbin) -Tires Broken: 24 -Flags Planted: 5 -Vehicle Crashes: 15 -Game Crashes: 7 -Refuels: 0 Kerbin Day 1: "Final" Design and Beginning of Journey It wasn't a good first day, but it was something. After flying my vehicle, the Badger, over to the drop zone, it immediately began rolling down a hill. It kept going even after I turned the brakes on and crashed. Because it was moving, I was unable to quicksave and have to repeat the flight again. I thought I'd be smart and slapped some landing legs on the Badger. Turns out they were upside down. Fortunately, the badger was able to come to a stop this time and I was able to quicksave. To add to the chaos of the initial landing, they area I landed was incredibly hilly. I was unable to time warp or turn on the propeller without crashing, making progress slow. I was still crashing frequently, turning a slow journey into a painful one. Eventually I made it to some flatter ground and was able to go at a faster pace. After my first game session (I'm not sure how long exactly) I made it 22 km. Let's hope things get better. Kerbin Day 1.5: Preparations and Wasted Effort Why day 1.5? Well, today I didn't actually do any driving, I merely tried to set up a target to aim for. The key word here is "Tried". I read Fengist's circumnavigation of Eve, and really liked the idea of setting up a target to aim for. My plan was eventually to visit the second space center, so I figured I'd send a small probe there. I put it in a plane and sent it off. The plane was pretty slow and took about half an hour real time to get there. I took pictures per usual, but upon jettisoning the probe, the game crashed. I was quite flustered and because of time constraints, had to call it a day. Kerbin Day 2: A Rather Uneventful Journey Today I decided to give up on the target drone and continue driving. Nothing to horrible happened today, the ground was flat and I made good distance. Although I did notice some strange things. For one, I noticed a strange bright spot on the ground when I loaded a quicksave. Not really sure what caused it, but I suspect it is similar in nature to the bright spots encountered on Fengist's Eve circumnavigation, linked above. The second odd thing I noticed was a circle of missing trees. When I zoomed out I noticed It created almost a cresent shape, when combined with the load distance. Other than that nothing much happened. Kerbin Day 3: Now with 60% more Mountains I'm sorry I'm not able to upload these as often as I would like. School is a thing. Today I went started my path through the mountainous interior of the starting continent. It allowed for some interesting night driving, before I finally decided that kerbals do indeed need to sleep. Some odd things did occur on the way. First off, game crashes. I installed a couple additional mods between sessions and noticed the game was almost unplayable. After some hard work (deleting some folders), the problem was fixed. Another thing is that there were more bright spots. They seemed to happen at 6 km intervals, similar to Fengist's obsevations of the eve bright spots. But it does make me wonder what exactly is coming out of the exhaust of this thing. While driving I experienced some slight issues with the craft, none of them important though. When I began for today, I realized that the propeller was producing almost no thrust at all. I figured I'd make another rover and airdrop it in, after upgrading the design and testing it, I found the source of the problem. The engine was throttled down. With that embarrassment out of the way, I continued driving the original badger, which is actually already the second iteration. Another 'problem' that developed was that whithout my knowledge, the two front landing legs and underside light broke. There are multiple other lights and the landing legs were upside down, so this shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Looks absolutely stunning so far. Can't wait to see what you do with other parts.
  13. Awesome mod, once this is more compatible with PF I'll definitely download. Can't wait to see how this turns out:)
  14. Also possibly having to unlock sas capabilities for the manned pods, probably the same time you research actually sas
  15. It would be great if there was an alternative RCS thruster that used intake air instead of mono propellant. This would allow for free RCS while in atmosphere on Kerbin or laythe.
  16. Meta material cloaking could redirect the laser around the object, although you would have to know what part of the electromagnetic spectrum the laser is beforehand.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metamaterial_cloaking
  17. My personal opinion is that, assuming there is a higher rate of crashes and shipwrecks. It is because of a higher rate of air and ocean traffic. If more things fly/sail though an area, more things will crash.
  18. I like this Idea as well. I usually also add a blank stage between as a failsafe.
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