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  1. Ok this is one of the best story's I have ever read. I say they ride that Krussian station straight home.
  2. I play a bunch of stuff these are off the top of my head: xenonauts, sword of the stars, minecraft, sins of a solar empire rebellion, FTL, and civ 5.
  3. Nuke if you want to learn about building robots, go look at first robotics, at the high school level it's FRC. Anyway back on topic I can't really think of any really bad teachers I have had.
  4. I only see chapter 9 where is 10?
  5. If you like a 4X game I recommend sword of the stars, the original one.
  6. If you look in a med dictionary there is no term ADD just ADHD which has four levels to it.
  7. I have ADHD, just not the hyper part of it and everything else that's been said in this thread pretty much runs in my family. And to labeling kids and being put into special ed classes, it has taken my family a little over 7 school years to get me an IEP. The schools I have gone to don't care, I look and act fine, so they see nothing wrong.
  8. I should have said this in the OP, I'm on team 4485 tribe tech.
  9. My school has a first robotics FRC team and I would like to know who in the KSP community has heard of First.
  10. Ok someone call Nasa for the specs, I think we could get something to talk to it.
  11. In my mind its postponed. Resources is part of career mode I say it's a good thing squad got the start of that first. In my mind if I were to guess to when we see the frame work of resources it be .25+ but hey that's my guess.
  12. Here is mine http://www.nationstates.net/nation=kazaran
  13. Oh roblox I remember those days. I have not played in a long time, my user is tiger33117.
  14. Bullies and people who act like 5 year olds in high-school.
  15. That's what I think as well makes sense. Anyway any eta on the next chapter I love this story!