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  1. Updated Pack1 to show up props correctly in the game Updated Pack2 to show up props correctly in the game Updated Viking pack to show up props correctly in the game And the links of them
  2. Que gran noticia! Se nota el esfuerzo. Muchas gracias Badie ah, y por cierto, finalmente en el lenguaje natal!
  3. It still have problems detecting which part is payload and which not. Could you make a highlight when selecting the payload?
  4. It seems Not detecting well the payload. Here some examples. http://imgur.com/a/LvEbn
  5. I just found you, and I love you!. What you did with your mod, is what I had in my imagination for a long time, EXACTLY how it is. This will save me much game time. I really thank you.
  6. Is this a place to post found bugs?
  7. You must have KIS installed. Drop the part folder in a parts folder. In ksp directory
  8. Yea. some times I run out of imagination. I'll change that text later. In other news, I'm uploading this to the list.
  9. I checked, and should be on the start, and science (it shouldn't, ha) and in the category that KIS create. there is a "Parts" folder in the default game folder, try there.
  10. I talked with a guy for help in modeling (to fill the requests). He is currently working on the snoopy cap. Not sure when will finish. After that, is up to him if continue doing it.
  11. People. Theoretically you can make your own hats, without a modeling program. Instal the welder mod, and the rescale mod, then make a thing, rescale all, weld all, then fix the config file for the new part and add the KIS module in it. And that's, it. Theoretically. You should end with your own custom hat using only KSP and the Notepad.
  12. I didn't fuly tested KIS yet. Can you activate animations of equiped parts? If is so. How to do it?
  13. You can retexture some mask that already in the list. I recommend the "mustache prop". I'm going to make some gas mask but is not like the Bane. May other person could do it and drop it here.
  14. I made it. left to port it to the game. edit: it's up!
  15. Yea, any parts folder should work. If you still unsure, put it with KIS parts. The gravity force is all around you Is in the list. I can make only the helmet, and only the mask and one with no mask, if you want. About the Helmets on the female Kerbals: I found the problem. I sent a message to KospY to see if i can avoid to change the code in every not working part. The thing is that KerbGals use "equipMeshName = headMesh" and males use "headMesh01" If you are in a hurry change the line to this "equipMeshName = eyeballLeft" that way both will be able to use the helmet.
  16. good news everyone!! I got the model. still. Expect it to the next week
  17. In the config, the helmets are atached to the teeth. I think the kerbgals have modified teeth. I will check it this weekend or the next one. I still specting help or collaboration with this "Mod"
  18. That would be a cool thing to do. -- I did a thing planed long time ago. Pretty happy with the result. Doesn't move, sorry. If a modder want the models to make it move, send me a PM.
  19. There are many space suit/helmets I want to make (interstellar is one of them), but little time. so, for now I prefer be creative and do the ones I have planed first. Is more easy if you give me the model done. Also is really motivating if some of you do videos of tell histories with the props. No need to mention how grateful I am with any collaboration that you can give, like Nli2work did. Actually the idea is to be community based.
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