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  1. yea. would love to have that. adding to your request: -Would be good to do it without right click in the capsule. May be from a new bottom or place where always display your ship name and icon. Could be placed in a small place where doesn't bother visually. -Would be nice to have custom icons too. Or access to the ones used in the VAB parts lists.
  2. Basake. you should use Texture replacer, and get in the configuration files, and set the minimum atmosphere to remove helmet, to 0. then grab the new helmet. I use EVA followers, but I don't know if let you remove helmets in space. Until KIS is launched, (or other) is all what we have. --- ha. I saw some maverick runs in reddit and forums wit exposed cockpit, but no one with my helmet. Actually.. I had some time last weekend, and played a little bit, launched two airplanes at the same time, flyed side by side, some loops. Just drones. Also had some time to model. Nothing to show yet.
  3. Still no time to do more. But I did a little test in the seat. I'm surprised that there is no trespass of the head through the helmet.
  4. thanks Ahappy Tripod27. I think the no-neck thing is matter of perspective. Look at my avatar, is taken from the game. What I could do is change the model of the fishbowl helmet, in so way that the neck is never seen.
  5. yes Ahappydude. Half the day I spend thinking about making more models. But hardly I have a little time to do something in the day. Even this, was just an adaptation of a model, and it took me three days. (better don't try to modify much more that the name area in the texture. The layout was rushed.) I'm not in the best conditions. If it were in my zone it could end in a couple of hours of continuous work. Nice Boogaman! haha, if that kerbal don't turn around his helmet, will be soon in the KIA list.
  6. I am uploading this to the list today. Better done than perfect.
  7. yes SpriteCoke. it was removed from the list, but I'll add it again. and to everyone: Sorry, I am not in the best place to make more models, the pace has been severely reduced. sorry (I have noted the broken links)
  8. So nice Darren9! (Data of the day: the Mate drink is like a tea. Is weird to drink it with salted foods like chips, preferably with sweets like cake.) you can download the guitar from the list now. Curious thing is that I was listening Daft Punk Interestela 5555 while making the final touches.
  9. I wrapped up the Pack two! In it also include a hat I had forgotten to post, Sombrero!, Xmas hat, and the Space Janitor Helmet.
  10. Las-pen: I would like to play the game first T.T LVL: ok leave a link when you do. with the little time I have. I worked on this. it comes with a layout to retexture if you want. I critique myself over and over. and I never happy with the result. but I have to move on. So I will left both versions on the pack. If you are a modder or someone that know how to improve the layout or the model, just PM me and I will send you everything I have for it.
  11. Sorry guys that I didn't posted no new thing yet. I was going to start a few days back, but also wanted to do other things (+ relax, laziness and boredom ) To Space Scumbag: The chrismas hat is the first hat ever existed made by KospY. I will ask him if I can add it to the list and to the second pack. The hat should have a download link somewhere in the forum. I have to search it. For a beard; try your had re-texturing some other pro-props like the Mask type A or B or or the Mustache prop. Better don't wait for me to do a full model of a beard. To Scart91: Thanks for sharing! I hope to make th
  12. Yea. is some kind of bug. they should be recognised as debris, and if you have a good good amount of allowed debris shouldn't be deleted, but id does, along with any other debris, because that bug. and for the next helmets you do. add a drop distance in the config file. Is funny that pops out when the remove it without using the Attach command, but if doesn't have a good collision resistance, will explode when it come back to the ground. also sends your kerbal flying away when you are floating in space. Some kerbals remove theirs helmets when are in space (don't ask me why).
  13. Awesome work nli2work !! Actually that was the first helmet I wanted to model. And I totally forgot. I have the planetes helmet in the fist line of my inspiration folder. I will.
  14. Actually I want to do all the tools you see handled by Kerbals in the VAB. (and headwear) But I will wait to KospY to release KIS before making many more hand objets. The exams week ends soon. I will improve the texture layout of the DaveHelmet first before wrap the second pack. You still will be able to download individually. (as usual)
  15. sure!. to the list. (i think the Kerbal helmets are based on that)
  16. Nice Scart91. I will to a better layout to the texture, when I can. I can. But without damage. I'll put it on the list. KospY (the KAS guy) is working in a inventory system. You will be able to do that. And the props will be attached better to the kerbal.
  17. I made some fixes in: (for now, available in the individual download of each one) Mask Type A Assault Rifle 3D Glasses Dave Kerman Hemet (still room left to improve) what else I need to look?
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