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  1. Nice mod! It almost does what I wish it would do a few of request/suggestions: Could you add the vessel itself as a frame of reference? or it center of gravity. The mouse camera controls change when you go start the camera mode. Could you make an option to make the mouse control as it is by default in the game? With two things I would be able to play the game almost as it comes, but it would be able to target a vehicle part, instead the center of the craft. This is what hoping to do. And again: really cool all the mods you do!
  2. haha, I was just finishing. : ) I was testing a smaller size, but I think this one is nice. I left the classic face of lego minifigs. You can change it to the movie version. So with this I will wrap up the second pack. First I am going to do a revision of both. After that I will start to get creative. I have some helmets started and projects in mind. Litle list of some of them. -Sci-fi helmet -Sci-fi helmet -Horse head -Starlord mask -Mr. Freeze like helmet -mask type c
  3. not long beard, just a beard, if you use the correct texture. later I will do something for that. but you can move the mesh with the config file. use the KAS secret menu to help you. in the config file says how to access it. try inverting the "mustache prop", or move a little the "mask type b". about the second: with KIS probably you will be able to do that. but Kospy hasn't revealed that details yet. would be nice to have both things in the same mod. i will PM Shaw later. I think that MSD (the guy from Eva followers) told me that he is making something integrating KAS.
  4. bad mood or good mood? horns or halo. you choose replacing the texture.
  5. Who doesn't watched it? May be for christmas or january, when kospy release KIS you will be able to carry many items as you want. and they will be attached to the body parts. not as I faked it. For now you can edit the config file and attach parts to the kerbals, but the parts become permanents. (at least when I tested it) btw. the viking helmet is up.
  6. There are 6 on the list before that. The model it isn't hard to do. I guess I could move it up a bit.
  7. Now, this is better. It is so delightful how it fits. The file it is Updated, download from the list. This helmet still beta, (At least I'm not ashamed of it, like the previous version). rest to fix a little the model and use a better texture. Or you post a texture. I would love to see it
  8. Thanks. Transparency and textures are easy. when finished, the glass will be transparent or translucent. I have put more work on it. (I feel compelled to finish it.) I am making it by parts, the top is almost done. also I'm discovering tools of Blender that I never used. The thing is, that I have front, side and back pictures of it, but no top view pics. And the photos I have, all have different measures. When I finish from one side, from the other viewpoint is different. So I was thinking. If someone have a request of a complicated object, I would prefer a draw of it with orthogonal views.
  9. This thing is a pain in the arse. First time trying this modeling metod. I think I'll move it to the bottom of the list. A shame, I like that helmet. if you wanna help, send me a PM, I will give you the file to continue where I left. OK I will finish that thing later. the link to the helmet is up. is very crappy. and kinda scary. you have been warned.
  10. I prefer this ones better. also, first time I make a flag since they came out. ---- I left a link to the texture for this. I will do a proper one later
  11. the best I can do is a Samsung Galaxy (because it name scream Space) Now you can enjoy the brand new slippery bright red mohawk wig! Now, if someone can make the skin with stars on the head, and post it here, would be nice. dude! Bobak really sound like a kerbal name.
  12. i hope you don't bother with this little bug the link is in the list. I know how to fix it, I think. I will do that later. Also is kinda a preview of the MaskTypeB, that is coming
  13. I saw the missing texture on the assault rifle. I will left that fix for later. I was going to do horns. I guess I will add a helmet under it
  14. that gave me shivers. I will look what can do. EDIT: ok fixed that. also now you can have translucent texture. another tipe of mask is on the list, and a old 3D glasses too.
  15. Ok then. I added the new images It seems (how NecroBones said), that when you not not specify a rescaleFactor, the model goes to 1.25 And then, I was wrong. By moments I was thinking that the tank size was wrong, but then I saw the 1x1 plate, and if that is meant to be 1m x 1m then is the reference that the tank is ok and it diameter is 1.25
  16. Please, do it. I would really like to add collaborators.
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