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  1. In blender. Cube 1x1x1 In unity. (scale is set to 1) Same model different config files in game Conclusion: When you Not specify a rescaleFactor, the model goes to 1.25. Addendum for modders: Take the 1x1 plate is the reference to the sizes, because it is made to be 1m by 1m. It config file have a rescaleFactor = 1 If you want to see the model in game exactly as you model it, then add rescaleFactor = 1 If the rescaleFactor is not specified, it will be automatically rescaled to 1.25
  2. I ended up importing the model from another site. (the one of the rifle models) test it
  3. Frog trooper? how would you call it? the model is really complicated. might not be good when I finish it.
  4. box selection. sometimes it is so hard select a distant craft, or one on the surface.
  5. could you make that the required textures only load with the press of a button?
  6. added to the list you can do it. open the folder of the part. there is a image there. you can edit it.
  7. I added 6 (or 7) more. I need is feedback, especially for the config files. what I lost? what is wrong? do you have a fix for that? an alternate position? post it! ALBUM of those 6 new ones.
  8. I am currently using KAS. for that image I attached the beret to the helmet. the coming system will have inventory added to the list. If you are in a hurry, use the Mask Type A. it is up there.
  9. I stopped adding images because, is ugly how the front page ended Up. Here, have some.
  10. could be configurable buttons for the actions in the next version? (the middle button feels unnatural) and a suggestion (I totally don¡t know if only if its possible) You could override the keyboard while the kerbals are selected, (or some of them) to avoid conflicts.
  11. totally! my mind is blowing. I wake up with 3 Ideas, and I get 2 more during the day. every day. at least I can forget them some times. haha. so I decided to focus on speed, not quality. which is difficult, because I tend to be perfectionist. (that helmet could be improved, for example the base is a little crappy, and I could ad some alpha layer, to with textures some one could do a virtual HUD inside of it.) this thread is my ideas list. so, pile it up!. I am finishing a bread today. so, you add your ham. haha
  12. how you order a kerbal to walk to a spot? (like you show in the video)
  13. oh. I remember you. You should update those mods. Booo. testing testing. this would help me to align and scale things better faster stronger. anyone want that thing?
  14. I can't find the one you are talking about. I found KerbolQuest that had chairs with jetpacks. Fun mod btw. KIS (that stands for Kerbal Inventory System) is an inventory system that will allow me to show or not the items that I have in my inventory. Made by KospY the same guy that made KAS (which i am using of now) you should follow this thread to get the news about it.
  15. I will stop with the food kind, for now. light? press L wile you are in EVA. Strobe light? there are mods for all kind of light, just edit the config file. or post the light mod. and I will edit it for you.
  16. hey. It works for 0.25. I was using it without know if was aproved for that version. haha. btw. great mod!
  17. I would like to do it, may be after KospY releas KIS is planed. I would like to know how to extract the models of CS1.6 I reduced the size with the config file. check out the "rescaleFactor = 0.5" line
  18. tonight. I will make a can with editable texture. and a bottle too. not by default. edit the config file of the part.
  19. It is out of the scope of the game. But a way to interstellar travel similar to the movie was planned. It was going to be invisible tho. It was going to be something like this: you search in the planets some clues that there is some strange in the the current star system, then you use some device to track the location more precisely, you go there, and bam! you are in another star system. The new star systems, or even the starting one, was going to be random.
  20. almost. I want to be able to pass thru the attached part, like if it were a ghost. like it happens with the strut strings. As if it had no mesh collision. like chance the model but retain the original collision mesh
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