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  1. thank you for maintain this! what about the old big tanks? any chance to add them to the list?
  2. Sometimes in the editor when attach a part near of another, it goes bananas on the placement. this occur only with fixed angles placement. any chance you work on that?
  3. It is possible to weld one part to another, but without effect the collision mesh of the first one? so the welded part would be like a part that not interact with the world.
  4. >>>Pack ONE!<<< Pixelated Back Shades, Isaac Kerman Helmet, Full Glass Helmet, Potato Chips, Alcoholic Drink, Eye Protector, Mask Type A, Joint, Beret, Baguette, Bong, Bowtie, Rifle, Assault Rifle, Personality Core, Poncho, Mate Cup, Cheese, Eye protector, light-bulb, Sandwich, Soda Can. >>>Pack TWO!<<< 3DGlasses, 2001Helmet, Antenitas de Vinil, Black Shades, Crowbar, Dave Kerman Helmet, Hair Mohawk, Headphones1, Iron Kerman Helmet, Lago Space Helmet, Mask Type B, Mood, Mustache Prop, Smart Galaxy Phone, Sombrero, Space Janitor Helmet, Storm
  5. win75: thats sick! totaly looks like the stock art style. how would look a 1.25 version? KospY: amazing the thing you are working on! I have a tiny request for the next version. Could you make that when the right click menu is displayed, I can press G to grab that part? I did this intuitively very often with no results (with intuitively I mean that the menu says "press G" haha)
  6. Download here Is a helmet based on the game Dead Space. One that use the protagonist of that game. Actually it is just a part, that you can grab with the KAS mod, and it will be positioned in the head as long you have it. Put it outside your door, grab it when you get outside. Attach it near your door when you are done with it. If not, it will drop when you enter the vehicle. I also suggest the use of TextureReplacer mod, or otherwise you will have two helmets on. For the image, I edited the config file of TextureReplacer to have no helmet in 0 atmosphere. (and then I grabbed the new one) Nee
  7. And again Longbyte1 thank you! Works perfectly For any one that don't know, the predefined key is "Left Alt"
  8. this is something that I suggested since 0.18 (before forums wipe) I love that some one did it. I am really thankful! It's a basic mod for me from now on. Thanks!
  9. creo que dentro del juego hay un tutorial para eso. en todo caso, es solo un poco mas complicado que un Rendevuz regular. Hace mucho que no lo hago, pero creo que cuando seleccionas un asteroide y lo pones como objetivo, puedes ver cuando va a pasar cerca de Kerbin. en ese tiempo puedes lanzar un cohete y poner tu nave en una orbita con la misma inclinación. cuando sea el momento extiendes la órbita intentando encontrarlo en un punto, como lo haces con un Rendevuz. espero te sirva. Recuerda que siempre tienes los videos tutoriales que hay por internet. en todo caso, cuando lo logres, cuÃ
  10. hola esto es una prueba para ver si puedo borrar un hilo. creo que no puedo si es que se puede, alguien me dice como?
  11. well... the fact that I have to READ and obey the rules or get bad reputation. I was thinking that was enough citing the authors for the minimal version that I uploaded. I will read. I geddit Razorcane. I can deal with that.
  12. ok. I am still trying to understand those things.
  13. Download here You can use them when the kerbal is out of the vehicle. Needs Kerbal Atachment Sistem. This is a Part file. Put it in whatever part list you want. (Stock part list, or KAS part list, or whatever) but the Shades will appear in the Science section. If you want a full version of KAS download it from it place in CurseForge, or the oficial forums.
  14. Could you make the right click menus stay on screen? Quite often the right click menus appear off screen and some times (like when you are about to crash) can't save the kerbal o ship because of that. I think many people wil be thankful to have this feature in the game.
  15. Hello. I know that this is not the place. But your message inbox is full. I would ask you a mod because I think it is one that you can do. (Also, it seems your kind of mod) Could you make the right click menus stay on screen? Quite often the right click menus appear off screen and some times (like when you are about to crash) can't save the kerbal o ship because of that. Could you do it? I think many people wil be thankful to have this feature in the game So, Please. And thank you. And sorry
  16. can you transform this in trajectory predictions? I mean without the map vew.
  17. it's in your plans, to control the ship with the tilt of the device?
  18. love it! I had this idea when I created this large fuel tank in 0.17. In than time (and still) I had no idea how to weld models in one single part or extract them, then I had to create a new one (trying to match the stock) I am really grateful that you did this. could you teach how you did it? BTW: I can't play the game for a long time, and I want to know some thing: the long fuel tanks still have the super overheating problem? if not, how you solved it?
  19. my computer exploded. all suggestions are noted until I fix my pc: if you know how to solve some of the problems with the mod/pack, post it here. I will take no credit of it.
  20. I am using it. Check the last version update.
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