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  1. I would like that to. But is a question to the creator of Kerbal Attachment System
  2. yeah. I think that line is a little bit confusing means that I added Docking-Strut to the pack, but I had to update it to 0.20.x
  3. They are just the stock parts with an asterisk. I added that just to know which have the "Attach Detach" properties. The Idea of this mod, is that you can uninstall it and still have all your ships working. Are you going to show this mod in the next brodcast?
  4. I'm trying ModuleManager. Can't get it work properly yet. The stock parts don't want to load some times. Edit: Done!
  5. I am making (at first) small parts that look light.
  6. can you do a mod to center the focus of the camera to a certain part of the vessel? instead the center of mass
  7. Exactly. If you can help me to complete the set, (Especially the wheels) I will be grateful
  8. This pack add the function of Grab a part and Attach it to a surface to some stock parts. Uses Kerbal Atachment System PlugIn (By: KospY). Include Docking Strut mod (By JDP). Uses Module Manager PlugIn WARNING: Make a quick save before detach or attach parts. Have a tendency to blow up things. WARNING: Do not time warp when you attach things to the ground. They will will magically desapear. WARNING: If you have grabed or attached things to your kerbals, you can make the objets desaperar entering the kerbals to a pod. Some albums about this Pack Stranded and Stranded2 Tell me here whatever is
  9. can you add a key to show the controls on screen?
  10. I really like the new car, but it's a headache arm it with all its features. Many times the ties do not bind. And sometimes bind if you only are placed in the correct order. Personally I prefer a cabin without hatch animated, as it is difficult to get inside the vehicle. Anyway, it's great!
  11. ok. the reason would be, to avoid a reduction in the frames per seconds because the number of parts
  12. Can you make a one piece version too?
  13. Like this? http://i.imgur.com/Jon1R.png http://i.imgur.com/bOFLH.png http://i.imgur.com/Rai95.png
  14. this mod alow you control your ships like an RTS game?
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