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  1. Hey... I'm playing again. Using MFT, again. And it seems like it *really* doesn't like the FL-C1000 from Making History (Size1p5_Tank_05). The little 4 units of solid fuel *really* seems to throw it off. I'm constantly getting empty solidfuel, the solid fuel storage changed to 540 units (the size of the base LF tank), or even an extra oxidizer or fuel tank added in place of the solid fuel. it's... vexing, because I love the little things. No idea what the problemo is.
  2. The way it acts I'm about half tempted to think it's getting stuck in a loop trying to parse the staging, but obviously I can't be sure. The game hangs, there's a bit of an increase in memory usage. Not exactly 'explosive leak' level, but enough to indicate it's *trying* to do something and apparently spinning its wheels.
  3. Not sure but I don't think so? It only does it with Stagerecovery installed. with it doesn't seem to care *where* the parent part is.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have the broken version anymore... but I may have figured out another aspect of the problem just now. The root part for the lander was the engine attached to the plate, because it had to be to attach it to the rocket properly. I just re-added the plate to the lander for bottom cover purposes, and when trying to re-root it to the engine on the plate it's freezing up. Doing further experimentation now. Update: Yep, that's it. It's throwing a hang reliably with the EP-18 and EP-25 (haven't gotten to the others, as it's a slow process to test) if the plate's parent is attached to any but the 'top' node. Even just attaching it that way *without* a re-root causes an instant hang. Loading a craft set up that way, hang. Re-root it that way, hang.
  5. Separate Craft File. Which didn't have any problems loading. I'd combined it with the rocket via the 'merge' function on the loading tool, and the combined craft had loading problems. Fixed now.
  6. Immediately after updating to, I'm getting a game hang trying to load a rocket I was working on... that used a stock engine plate. Uninstalling or reverting to both fix it. Gonna fiddle around with it some more, will report back. Update 1: Removing plate didn't fix it. Only other craft I had which used a (different) plate no problems. Going through stage-by-stage to try to isolate the problem. Update 2: Problem traced to merged-in lander containing artifact EP-18 (Forgot to remove it after opting to only use one engine). Original lander file loaded no problem. After Re-merging a new, plateless lander, loads perfectly. Other craft with EP-18 had zero problems loading, so I'm confused as heck.
  7. Just a note to the people of the present viewing this old, old thread: The Pancakes don't work anymore. The stock aerodynamic model was VERY different at the time. I'll also mention something I didn't at the time: I had the entire fuselage of the Valkyrie behind the cargo bay welded together to reduce flopping and lag, which is why only the nose flexes when the nosegear hits. I'm pretty sure it would've taken the hit anyway but there would've been a lot more bending. We didn't have KJR at the time, and the stock joints were even floppier than they are now, so welding was the only way.
  8. I came up with a fix for the LV-T45's bottom node, that makes it line up properly with the bottom of the nozzle. Quick modulemanager patch, just throw it in a .cfg file (it's also set to not do anything if Ven's isn't installed): @PART[liquidEngine2]:NEEDS[VenStockRevamp]:AFTER[VenStockRevamp] { @node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -8.1, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0 }
  9. It was the dumbest thing. Taniwha's script for making the .version files left the build field blank on release builds, and AVC's parsing apparently can't handle null fields. AVC actually *does* pick up the version file, and adds it to the count of mods installed, but can't parse the 'version' construct because of the null field, and thus it doesn't show up in the list. the file in question is: ..\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads\Plugins\EL.version The problem is in line 5: "VERSION":{"MAJOR":5,"MINOR":4,"PATCH":0,"BUILD":}, You can fix it in about 5 seconds on an existing install of 5.4 by opening the file with notepad++ and changing it to either "VERSION":{"MAJOR":5,"MINOR":4,"PATCH":0}, or "VERSION":{"MAJOR":5,"MINOR":4,"PATCH":0,"BUILD":0}, Taniwha's modified his script so from the next version onward it'll automatically do the latter, and should work.
  10. I'm wondering what it does if you land at KSC, but not KSC. ...You know, like here: (Single Stage Round Trip to Duna that didn't have enough fuel to make it to the runway after Aerobraking.) There's a launchpad and everything (don't recall if it had launchpad biome, but it did have KSC biome.)
  11. I agree with the last part of the statement, although I'm unsure how much the fact you weren't around had to do with it Mostly me whining and Taverius pointing out there was an empty wiki that would be perfect for such things, and then awesome people jumping all over it.
  12. Mechjeb plugin also has the same problem with the obt and tgt submenus...and the same solution. Comment out line 825 (as opposed to 862 for VV.) It's exactly the same setup as the VV one, but in the 'pluginSmartASS' page instead of the 'pluginVesselView' page.
  13. Can't wait to see it. I got a lot of work to do on the planes still. The Delta-Deluxe replacement in the pre-alpha stuff works pretty well with it, the R8 replacement not so much (those being the two the planes were using...with NTBI wings from Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace, it matched pretty good. Not so much with Pwings, especially the B9 Pwings.)
  14. Ah. Nice. I'm having to re-wing my principal (space)plane design (all four variants, whimper) because of a FAR problem with part of my wing arrangement, and the winglets I've got on it don't really match...
  15. The heck stabilators are you using there and where do you get them?
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