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  1. I'm not at home by my computer but I checked the Steam website and it now say in my library, sweet, hopefully I have time to play a little tonight!
  2. I bought the game way back in .17 from the store, I later transferred to Steam in around 2016. My question is will Steam be smart enough to know I bought it before the cutoff date and download it? thanks
  3. thanks for the info, very helpful. I will have to change my vtol up a bit I guess.
  4. It works when I am moving, looks like when you move you get more intake air which makes sense. That pretty much makes VTOLs using a jet engine useless then doesn't it? My 1 VTOL engine runs without flameout but only produces about 40kN of thrust which won't list much
  5. I haven't played much since 1.0, did air intake requirements change? I had a VTOL jet that had 2 wheesley engines and 2 radial ramp air intakes that used to work, now it won't even power 1 engine with 2 radial intakes. I even did a test w/ just a fuel tank, 2 radial intakes and those 2 radial intakes won't even provide enough intake for 1 wheesley engine... is this normal behavior now or am I bugged?
  6. Better than being addicted to meth I suppose? I used to be addicted, been playing since .17, when .18 hit I played non stop. I don't play all that often anymore, getting married and moving kind of takes all your time away lol
  7. Thread slowed down for 1 of 2 reasons... either people are playing the per-release or they are participating in the self-entitled whining thread further down on the general board. GO HYPE TRAIN!
  8. For those of you just joining this thread, let me sum it up with a single quote that covers about 75% of the posts in it: "whaaa whaaaa whaaaa, I don't like it" 1.1 is not released, it is in beta. You will get the updated when it is completed.
  9. well, I was going to avoid transferring my purchase to steam but I bit the bullet and did it... now I wish I didn't have to work all day so I could go home and play/test it!
  10. hmmm, I have refrained from transferring my purchase to steam but maybe I should now
  11. Jet engines have reverse thrust... that is... win! Is it 100% of the thrust in reverse? According to the right click menu it is
  12. congrats edit: I just broke 400... have a ways to go before I catch up
  13. http://thechive.com/2015/10/26/as-monday-winds-to-a-close-heres-some-motivation-20-photos/ KCCO
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