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  1. loving this mod. Longer rails would be awsome! Sometimes the simplest mods are the best Thanks!
  2. i need a little robot called Duey (or Huey) to help with the plants.
  3. still cant get it to run. get that damn 205_02 that wont load on start up. Ive tried updating everything but no joy.
  4. same here, I see the source page but there is no option to DL it. I can download the bit where is says "Branch Master" but thats about it, what do I need to add to KSP?
  5. love this mod! opens up so many ideas! Thank you!
  6. I heard women are less affected by G force because they are generaly (but by no means always) smaller. I bet thats why Kerbals can be subjected to immense G with no effects.
  7. In Career mode, Launched a probe to Duna, did lots of experiments on the way and past low over Duna and got captured by Ike and landed (the probe has no landing legs so I just touched down gently and left the SAS on to keep it upright lol) took off again and landed on Duna. Had small amout of fuel left so I did a suicide take off and crashed back down ending the mission. Got 2759 science points yay!!!!
  8. i normaly name mine after greek gods and thier familly members, some had horses with epic names too. just google =)
  9. First rocket in career was Helios 1 and was to go passed the sun. However I did not realise how much DV I would need so now my sole kerbal commander is slowly cooking as he orbits close to sun with no fuel to get home =(
  10. my least used part is the 2 year old sandwich that jeb "forgot" and left in the 1 man capsule. Im sure some day someone will find it =)
  11. ive only seen the goo in 2 place, KSP and McDonalds.
  12. after a flight i exit from the capsule and it says "Somehow you didnt need a space suit to get here" or something like that =)
  13. maybe doing science will eventualy unlock the secrets of the Goo.
  14. Imagination is a powerful thing. So many games gloss over this important part of life and are made to be played with no imagination at all. Same with toys. Remember when you just got some Lego blocks and had to use your imagination to make something, now you get just the parts you need to make a predefined item and you cant really do anything else with it. This is why I will always love sandbox games. Like Minecraft and KSP. Make your own story.