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  1. I believe your going to need to rip it out. I'm currently working on putting ASET props in IVAs but im going at a slow pace.
  2. Hi I've installed FAR like it says on the first page, but nothing happens, FAR doesn't get added to the sidebar or anything. I've uninstalled it and installed it a few times.
  3. I've been trying to make some interior panel props so I can use with them RPM and ASET. But something has gone wrong they show up in Unity and they show up in game kind of. I've been kind of eye balling it from the start I'm using an ASET panel as a reference. Both my Panel and this reference gets added to the interior the same way, but in game they both do something different. I suspect it has something to do with my model I've done something wrong within Unity itself but I have no idea. This is what happens, my plate doesn't show up in IVA but it shows up when I move the pod out of the way. While the reference panel is inside the interior. I've been searching up and can't solve the problem so I decided to make this thread. And I've posted it here because it's possibly a modelling problem but at this stage I have no idea. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure this out.
  4. is there an easy way to navigate through the ASET prop parts within Unity?
  5. Thank's for that. With the model missing error, I've been copying what I want to work on and go into blender and import it and export it as something like 3ds, models seem to load in Unity without a hundred errors, but that is prop overkill to what I want to do, I'll try out the converting the DDS into PNG. Is that flipped in the image editor before exporting it as a PNG file? I'm now running into the problem where if I close out Unity with part tools etc installed I have to delete that project and make a new one and reinstall part tools etc every single time, because for some reason it doesn't like to load.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone can help me, the MFD's are not crisp they have some artifacts on them, it appears low resolution yet when I see videos on it, comparatively its high resolution.
  7. I've been trying to play around with the internals and props within Unity. I have Part Tools set up with Unity, and I have it pointing at a fresh copy of KSP. But every time I open up an internal I get loads of errors stating that Textures are all missing, it also states that the models don't exist. I have searched around for a few hours with zero hope, so I thought I'd throw a thread to see what I have done wrong and how to correct it. Took some screenshots from Unity - The errors on the bottom say the same thing but for a lot of things. EDIT - I've fixed it. I don't have unity/part tools pointing at a clean KSP install, so when I work on a space im copying the internals over to my unity project. I've done what people below me suggested to do, is to save the textures as .PNG then the spaces loads up from parttools what I've also done is mimic'ed the KSP folders for spaces ( Squad/Spaces/internalsfolders) this seems to fix any annoying errors I get.
  8. Well I use a 360 pad for spaceplanes that cost me 15quid. Also you can have many controllers connected at once.
  9. With your switch board, are you powering it all through the USB?
  10. That looks amazing Mulbin. Because of reading through this thread. I've decided I'm going to make my own KSP simpit. But simplified and modular (i.e. disconnect it and stick it in a box for transit). I'm currently designing my whole control pad (yep every single key that KSP uses) Might look into making output devices a little later down the line. Keep up the good work Mulbin! For input you could hack a keyboard, buy a cheap one (for those living in UK argos does a 6pounds one) and follow this guide, its a little bit OTT but in the end I think it will look tidy. although its not KSP related but it gives the rough idea, as long as your using actual keyboard commands for your input or finding a stable workaround for a flight stick(s).
  11. being left handed or right handed, I don't think its nurture, I am right handed and have two brothers, one is left handed and one is right handed. He had no trouble with anything while looking and learning from right handed people, he just wrote with his left hand. I use both my hands equally, but I cannot write with my left or use a mouse with my left hand. And I also have 4 step brothers, and 3 of them are right handed. With left handed people their hemispheres(sp?) of the brain isn't switched around, the layout and everything is the same as right handed people.
  12. I take their safety seriously now with Career Mode. Currently I just managed to get on the moon, but Jeb is stranded, Jeb with the Kerbal that tested all my rockets and flown then, so I've been thinking of a rescue plan.
  13. Yeah but they are in a protective capsule. This is the first time a human going super sonic without being encased
  14. I also agree on this. Currently in England there's a crisis arising basically by 2015 the power plants won't be able to cope with the demands and so major blackouts in some places will occure also high in energy bills. But currently renewable energy is lacking and has a "tree hugger" stigma about it which it shouldn't do. I'm big on solar energy.
  15. Yeah I was thinking about using a 3D printing service to make prototypes for my table top game I'm working on. At the moment the best I've seen is £2 per cm cubed using ABS which is stronger than the other popular material. Your post could is 0 because your posting in off topic I think and I think that doesn't count