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  1. Cheers for the reply. Had the game since 2012 and I don't think the patcher has ever worked. Wonder why they even release it!
  2. It's possible I'm the only person left who hasn't transferred my purchase to Steam, but how on Earth do I get the patcher for 1.9.1 to work? I've downloaded it and got it to run, but when I enter the folder that KSP is located it just says "Please select a valid Kerbal Space Program folder". I know the patcher was always a bit... patchy in the past but does it work at all? Anyone got any advice? Cheers.
  3. [quote name='Hcube']I always wonder how these people think everyday's objets and tech, like GPS, TV, cells phones or even toasters work. Magic ?[/QUOTE] They don't think. It's not in their mindset; they are not curious about how these things work and take absolutely no interest in them.
  4. In an average year, all of the world's volcanoes combined produce about 1% of the CO2 that humans do. What point are you trying to make? The planet will be fine, that's for sure. Humans might not be though...
  5. I've often wondered how expensive other forms of energy would be if they were as safe as nuclear. We're ridiculously paranoid about any sort of nuclear accident (and that's a good thing as it increases safety), yet take such a blasé attitude towards fossil fuels. "Oh a giant tanker filled to the brim with a highly toxic, combustible material circling the globe in treacherous seas? No big deal." "Air pollution in cities is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide? Meh, it's inevitable." A few years ago 47 people were killed in Canada when an oil train exploded. I wonder what the media and public reaction would have been if that had been a train carrying nuclear waste that had exposed 47 people to a fatal dose of radiation. Of course that couldn't happen, as nuclear waste carriages are unbelievably strong. Shame the same can't be said for oil tankers...
  6. You should see our first and second most-read newspapers...
  7. Even with early 60s technology, surely the USA would have been able to tell what the Soviets were up to? You can hardly launch a massive rocket without someone noticing, unless it just went boom on the launchpad. And even then, you'd probably notice the smoking crater. It's the same with the Moon landings - someone would have noticed if there was something fishy.
  8. 25% of all animal species are beetles. Therefore there is a good chance that one of your neighbours is actually a beetle.
  9. Is there any particular reason that nearly all extrasolar terrestrial planets are considerably larger than Earth? If this thing is five times the mass of Earth, then that's likely greater than the total mass of rocky bodies in the entire solar system. Is it just the case that we can only find the big ones at the moment, or is our Solar System an anomaly in having 4 relatively small terrestrial planets?
  10. My mum came out with a good one: "If they really landed on the Moon, why did they only do it once?" It's not as if she's even too young to remember, she was an adult throughout the entire Apollo programme! She was genuinely surprised to learn that there were 6 missions that landed and a further 3 that flew by the Moon.
  11. Not a bike rider but as a motorist I've seen a few suicidal bikers. One overtaking me in a city 40 mph zone (whilst I was going 40 mph), just avoided oncoming traffic by ducking in front of me by what must have been millimetres. I have no idea how he didn't hit my bumper. There's also a few moronic bikers in my town at the moment who drive at ludicrous speeds. Last year one of them came towards me at what I'd estimate 150 mph whilst doing a wheelie. I only hope he carries an organ donor card and takes no-one else with him when it goes wrong. Less impressive but a few weeks ago I was following a guy on his chopper tailgating a bus. Must have been at most 2 m away from the rear of the bus. Good luck if the bus suddenly slows down... Stupid car drivers I can kind of understand, as they can have a false sense of security by being in a big metal box with lots of comfy airbags. Cyclists too, as literally any idiot can buy a bicycle and ride it on public roads with no training, so you're going to get your fair share of fools. But I just don't understand motorcyclists who seem to have a death wish. They must know how squishy they are and how easy it is for things to go wrong. Is it just a false sense of immortality?
  12. What's wrong with that? Pluto the dog was only named about a year after the ex-planet. Edit: Ninja'd. Well, by 13 minutes. So maybe a ninja on a mobility scooter.
  13. An abomination? The Start menu is a bit silly, but it's hardly an abomination. It still runs smoothly and stably. Now Windows ME, there's an abomination...
  14. You should be careful with conspiracy websites. As these people often have warped ideas of what is right, their sites can be pretty malicious. I was once reading a free energy one and it refused to let me leave unless I bought plans to their miracle device. I had to power down my PC to get away as even Task Manager wouldn't close it.
  15. Considering their measurements are "about knee level" and "someone crouching down" I doubt very much that they did the maths correctly. These are people who are trying to disprove centuries of observation and experimentation with a laser pen and someone standing on a beach. And getting paid for it. There is nothing you could possibly say to convince them.
  16. I got my last PC just before the launch of Vista, so it came with a free upgrade disc to be shipped on launch. That disc still remains in its sealed box. I've reserved Windows 10 but I'll wait a while before installing it, in case it's another Vista. Windows 8.1 works well enough, except it can't run some of my ancient games. Hopefully 10 has a better compatibility mode.
  17. Ah, I see - I didn't realise there was a 2 GB non-Ti version. Seems an odd card to make, as there's already a small gap in price between the 750 1 GB & 750 Ti that it's a bit pointless trying to fit another graphics card in there.
  18. Bought Back to the Future and Race Driver: Grid, as they were cheaper/DRM free respectively compared to Steam. Also got a free copy of Sim City 2000, so if you bought anything from GoG don't forget to claim your free game(s).
  19. 750 is 1 GB, 750ti is 2GB. From what I've read the 750ti is pretty much the best nVidia card in terms of performance vs. cost, so if your budget can stretch to it then it's recommended. The standard 750 is by no means a bad card, it's just more into the lower end of the mid-range gaming cards. There's not a huge difference, but it's worth it.
  20. Indeed, but for whatever reason the Corsair 450W is the same price as the 550W, and it seems to difficult to get anything smaller than a 430W in a decent brand.
  21. That's almost identical to my set-up and it's a perfectly acceptable mid-range PC. Your PSU seems a bit overpowered for the build. Modern nVidia cards are very efficient and I think you could quite easily get away with 550W, although you might want to check your overclocking doesn't do something ridiculous to the power levels. However I would suggest going for a GTX 750 TI rather than the plain 750. The price difference isn't huge but the performance is apparently significantly better. The GTX 750 Ti is seemingly the best mid-range card around. But I can understand if you want to just stick with a 750, as when building a PC it's easy to get carried away with making every component slightly better, and before you know it you're at twice your budget. Maybe by getting a less powerful PSU you could afford it. I am slightly surprised at the price. Your processor is a little better than mine,my graphics card isn't overclocked and you've got an extra 1 TB, but it only cost £435, which is around $690. And that was around 8 months ago. I thought things in the USA were cheaper? Although mine was a ridiculously good deal, and you have got fancier case.
  22. You should watch a British soap. People cheat, steal and even murder each other, but the worst thing they ever say is "flipping hell". 'Cause you know, you wouldn't want the kids to pick up any bad habits from Barry, who has just murdered his beaten wife in a staged car accident so he can run off with his 18-year-old step-daughter. Similarly, KSP is kind of a Kerbal torture simulator. You're often gleefully sending little green men (and now women) to their untimely end, entertained by their tortured, anguished faces seconds before impact. There, I think I sensationalised that enough. And remember that any kid smart enough to find this piece of text is also smart enough to delete their browsing history and cookies...
  23. Vulcan bomber, otherwise known as the "I wonder what happens if I stick the giant wings on the Mk1 fuselage. Then add 4 engines." As an added bonus, it also sounds as loud as KSP does before you re-adjust the volume levels. And is it too soon to make a joke about SpaceShipTwo being the "Kerbalest" aircraft?
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