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  1. Anybody know of a video that explains this a lot better?
  2. Would an Ion engine count as cheating? It is just an engine that turns electrical energy into thrust. So you could have solar panels to power it. The downside is that it only has about 50 thrust, so it is slow. Here is the mod : http://kerbal.net/mod.php?id=4
  3. I have been having some trouble with the planetary transfer. I get into orbit around the sun, and I hit the button to transfer to Duna. It begins to time accelerate at X10,000 it should be doing it at X100,000 due to how slow it is. Then after we get to the point were it begins to transfer, it suddenly stops time acceleration, which breaks parts off of the ship. It would be best if it were to suddenly time accelerate down to X5, then wait a few seconds, then go back to X1 speed. Doing so should stop that bug that is in the game. It has happened to me when I wasn't using MechJeb, so it is a problem for the game, not the mod.