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  1. Great mod ! I feel the same about contracts as it force you to do things to get money. IMO ksp is all about your own challenges. Remember me a old mod in wich building rocket cost science. (!) It was fun and very challenging with a cool gameplay loop (you needed to spend science to launch rockets to get more science) and was all about making profitable mission and effective designs.
  2. Hello there!

    According to KIS credits you are the one who have created KIS manual (an awesome work, btw). I'm now an official maintainer of the KIS code base, and I've made two major changes in the last version which need a description in the manual. So, the question is: are you still up for supporting of this mod and can update the manual? If not then could you please suggest how can I change the manual myself? Afaik, PDF format is very hard for reverse-engineering so, I may need some sources from you :)

    1. winn75


      Sure i can sent you the indesign file + fonts if you need them.
      Mail me at [email protected] and i'll send you the files.


  3. Old KAS part attachement have been updated to Kerbal inventory System. To attach a part, your kerbal need to be a engineer and have a tool in you inventory (wrench or electrical screwdriver) and equip it. To do that, you can right click on it in your inventory or use the keyboard shortcut (1-8). You can now attach part by pressing (and holding) "X" key when you are in "place mode" (= the part you want to place is green). I'll work on a new KAS user guide next week (I planned to do it earlier but I had to finish some freelance work first ). No (not yet). You can transfer your crew through pipes thouth.
  4. #playtime post# I was just chatting with Kospy about futur plans for KAS/KIS and fun things that could be done with winches and we talked about this idea : Cable-car! It works fine, using two winches, plugged attachement, one winch in "inverted control" mode and using 5 and 2 Keys of the NumPad. If someone tries to make a big one near a cliff with edited maxLenght in .cfg we'd love to see the screenshots
  5. Does the part break/explode? : My guess is to raise the value partBreakForce, staticBreakForce, breakingForce or breakingTorque
  6. It become a problem when one part remove the purpose of other parts. As if you'd have an ultimate engine (high/isp+power ; low profile/mass). It would remove a lot of interest/complexity of KSP. IMO even best parts need to have drawback even in sandbox mod ( it's easy to create something overpowered and add it at the end of the tech tree or set an high cost for it). So, what about something like that? Inline container (mostly used for : space stations, cargo ships etc...) advantage : keep you ship center of mass balanced, can be accessed from IVA. disadvantage : low weight/cargovolume ratio (have extra mass). Max volume limited (have smaller version as you sugested). Radial "crate" : (mostly used for : ground operations as truck payloads) advantage : high weight/cargovolume ratio. Bigger max volume (maybe extra volume bonus?). Can be interchangeable using mounts. disadvantage : Need "weight symetry".
  7. The problem is having many version of inline containers will make them too versatile and will decrease the use of radial one. So I didn't planned to make a smaller version of inline container yet but i'll keep the idea in mind
  8. I'm writing the user guide and noticed that problem too. As I'm going to explain in it, you need to use the CC-R2 Connector port under a winch to attach your payload on it in the VAB. But on this version there is a problem with attachment rules (i'll ask kospy to change that for next version). Until then you can fix this yourself pretty easily by editing in the cPort1 part.cfg Just change the line : "attachRules = 1,1,0,0,1" by "attachRules = 1,1,1,0,1" Now you can attach another part under a connector port in the VAB and create (sky)cranes
  9. My PB is only around 25 - 30m/s for now, so actually no I was just extrapolating (a bit). It doesn't seem much but this is fast and requires a good timing. I'm not gonna tell how it ended but I wouln't recommend you to do the same IRL Well, the part has a very high crash tolerance (200m/s) but game physic have limitations so unfortunatly very high speed attachment might be tricky However I did many cool experiments and this part give nice possibilities (as the hook grapple) with a new design without being overpowered. I'm eager to see what players will do with it
  10. Want to catch an asteroid flying by it at 200m/s? I added a last minute new part : harpoon. - Act like a grappling hook with a more compact design. - Winches and nodes attachable. - Can be used as landing legs for high speed / slope landing on small ships. - Rosetta like missions purposed and anything else you can imagine Coming soon!
  11. I took some time on my sleeping time this week to update KAS models and textures to have them ready for next update. Its something I wanted for a while but then KIS happened Here's a preview :
  12. - [Feature] Part snapping on stack nodes (electric screwdriver only) Don't forget to change your attachment point with "R" key to select the node you want to use for attachement. I updated the guide for more explanations about new features. (Just taking advantage of your comment to highlight this one in the forum before people ask )
  13. Well you can store much in the 20 000L container but not everything Here's a screenshot : Ho and btw, I just finished the user guide update. It will be very helpfull to explain the new features
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