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  1. Same here^^ Really got me over the edge of re-installing!
  2. Concerning this (and not considering Kopernicus' game patch incompatibility), do you have an idea of how savegame compatible coming JNSQ updates will be?:)
  3. I only really noticed when I got up into the upper atmosphere that the JNSQ Kerbin was...not there. Oops.
  4. Have started a new game with ea. this, Kerbalism, Realistic Recourses and Construction Time. Looking forward to re-acquainting myself with the game like this!
  5. I might get to launching KSP again this weekend and have a look around, I'll suggest changes on the github if I find anything too off in the aerodynamics section.:)
  6. Ah, good to see that this is still going strong!:) Definitely the go-to techtree!
  7. Both me and Probus have been inactive for months so have only been picking up recently. I don't use Ven's Stock Revamp so can't check those. I'll try to have a look at your RT and kOS ideas. Probus might've already rearranged the latter, not sure.
  8. @garwel We always need help! If there is particular mods that you would like to see added, by all means, try it out, test it and add it to the Github. At the moment I have added the following to the dev build: -OPT Spaceplane parts. (had a large update) -Reordered Retrofuture Parts; namely fuselages that were way too advanced for their node. -Added Kerbal Rotor Expansion. -Updated Airplane Plus. Starting WWI era engines still are more powerful than the ones in the 'aviation'node, so were placed in 'subsonic flight'. -Added Procedural Wings update. -Added Crzyrndm's update/version to B9's Procedural wings. -Added the new Smart Parts trigger. Rover science looks awesome; I'd say that the Rover Brain part would be a decently advanced sensor so I'd think it would go nicely somewhere in the Electronics (computers/ai) or Antennas lines.:) As to what I think would be nice to add: I'd love to have a stable integration of the Maritime Pack but currently lack the time to play around with the mechanics/parts to get a feel for it. Also Heat Management is long overdue for an update; many new parts were added. Let us know if you need help or run into problems.:)
  9. Incredible!:) Would love Kerbalism integration.^^ Edit: Also, is it possible to disable/change the '3' on the airlocks as to individualise them?
  10. Good news! Hopefully this will be the same for many firespitter dependent mods.:) Model looks wonderful! I love pusher aircraft. With the reverse Daimler-Benz I could make a decent SAAB 21.<3 Although that one uses a pretty fat one compared to the sleek design you have.:)
  11. So, I'm planning on nudging the entire fuselage line of FutureRetro up a node since they appear to far more superior than the originals they are imitating...logically I supose. Still, anyone who's played around with them in ETT that is opposed to this?
  12. Yeah, but I had hoped someone might work from these snippets to do something better. It really is a shame and I am frankly refusing to do much unmanned work without it.:)