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  1. On another note, could you make a black and orange variation of the GSI black and green suit? I'd do it myself, but GIMP doesn't want to load properly.
  2. One question though. Does this work with your BurnTogether mod?
  3. Could the OP please reupload the old download? After the Spaceport was taken down and replaced with Curse, the old one was removed. :I
  4. Yeah, that works, thanks. I was using version 0.1, not 0.4, from the thread.
  5. Yeah, I have 1 DYJlibrary.dll, and I installed the mod to the game's source folder, with the DYJlibrary.dll in the GameData. Do I need it in the source folder?
  6. Hm, I'll try to do another reinstall, and see if I did it wrong.
  7. I was wondering if there was an alternate mod that uses the same model and source code, as it's outdated and doesn't work ingame.
  8. Where are all the procedural fairings located? I can only find the KI-7000 Stretchable Conic tank, and none of the German interstages.
  9. Recommended doesn't usually mean necessary, since it's only a recommendation to improve the game's experience. I don't like most of the recommended mods, so I didn't use them. I tried a reinstall with Planetfactory, retextures for making them look like the real planets, TextureReplacer, and That's it. EDIT: Here's what I have installed: http://gyazo.com/63d81f1ec2d131e0cb1b2450ea19f4c2 EDIT 2: Removing TextureReplacer does nothing, the game is still stuck halfway with only RSS and PF with retextures.
  10. I installed RSS, with no other mods installed besides BurnTogether and KWRocketry, and the game stops halfway into the transfer between initial load and menu screen. It crashes windows, and I can't interact with any open window without restarting my PC. Any ideas?
  11. When you're done sorting out a lot of the bugs, could you add support for KSP Interstellar? This would probably fix the issue as stated with really long-range drifting by making the trip as short as possible. I know it's asking a lot though, with how the warp drives are coded, and all, but I think it would be really cool to have a large fleet of ships warp into Joolean space at once, as opposed to one ship, or all of them arriving several hundred kilometers apart.
  12. I know it's buggy and outdated and all, but my HUD won't display, like the button to name your craft, weld it, etc.
  13. Would it be possible to get a download of the ship that you posted on the welding plugin thread?