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  1. Game won't load past the Cockpit_HL part, any ideas why? I don't think it's ram usage, as it's at 2.23GB, though I have noticed that it would go up about 10MB and then drop back and continue doing this. According to the game, no mods are out of date. And it only happens when ModuleManager is patching stuff. I don't really want to get rid of ModuleManager as some of the other mods I'm using, requires it, I hope it's not an either/or situation.
  2. Sorry for late response, been moving, and the ISP were a bit slow to turn on the internet. Anyways, thanks for the help
  3. Hi, I would like to know how I could achieve what I'm about to describe. Ok, so what I want to be able to do is, have a part, an engine, play an animation and change which fuel it requires after the atmosphere density gets low enough, and then revert back, when the atmosphere density gets high enough again. I have everything ready to start coding. I have a some knowledge, although at the moment I am studying Java in my spare time. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Update: Added rear landing gear, modified the front to make it look stronger, as i do agree with Martonaut, it did look a bit weak and the wheels were small. Hopefully now it looks better. Still a few bits of detail left to do, the cargo bay and engines, just little bits of detail. Other than that, the model is nearly finished. On the rear landing gear, you may notice that it goes into the fuselage, it's that way becaus of the way i modelled the wing, basically, so it can be used on any other vehicle, the sides of the wing are completely flat. One goal for this is that many of the parts can be used for other things
  5. Ah right, and you're probably right about the rear rocket being an RCS. Edit: Update: Adding front landing gear, going to work on the rear. Resized the entire model, i had it too small, i think, 1 blender unit = 1 meter for KSP right? Also, at the moment the model is 5k verts in total so far, the highest is the landing gear with just over 600 verts, is this too much? Or just ok?
  6. I will try and add a cargo bay, not sure how it will work out, i would like it to simply be an animation, when in game you right click and choose open like on the Demv mod, where the pod opens. From the video that was shown in the request thread, it shows a rocket of some sort at the rear of the vehicle, and it seems it only activated while in space. Also, the engine does go from jet engine to rocket engine, maybe a bit of code to simply, change it's function? Can that be done? Basically, all i can think for the code would be, when less than 26km, it would be a jet engine, greaty than, it would be a rocket engine. And thanks for the feedback guys, all that left mostly is the landing gear, but i just can seem to make it look good, will have to do some research on the space shuttles' landing gear and base it upon that.
  7. Hey everyone!! I'll start off with an introduction to myself. My name is Ryan or bogieman987, I love KSP!!, I have been playing it since about a month or 2 ago, I'm 17, I know how to use Blender and Photoshop, My ambition in life is to own my own game development company, Nuff said. And so, i'm here, with my 1st project. The Skylon suggested from this thread. So far, i've just modelled most of it, still need to model landing gear and cargo bay. I will add smoothing groups, if i can remember how ^^ And obviously, it still needs textures. Rendered 3 simple pictures, here they are. Edit: Thanks Ferram4, that's exactly what i was looking for Things i don't know are, naming conventions, for the code and for collisions and so on. Any info on these will be greatly appreciated. The main use of this vehicle will be more or less the same as its real life counterparts use, which is basically to transport things to orbit, Be it satellites or passengers to a space station, or even components to a space station. The vehicle itself is unmanned. So any Kerbals would have to be in a pod within the cargo bay.